What we do in life echoes in eternity

Discussion in 'Lingua Latina (Latin)' started by Piccio23, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Piccio23 Junior Member

    A citation from the movie "The Gladiator"

    I thought that this phrase could be cool for a tattoo if it sounds good in latin.

    Could you translate please?

  2. Hamlet2508 Senior Member

    The exact translation would be something along the lines of

    Ut vivimus, sic in aeternum resonamus

    There are several other options as well

    Vita nostra memoria posteritatis tenebitur

    Ut vitam agimus,memoria tene(bi)mur

    Vita nostra in memoria est posita posterorum (Cicero)

  3. Piccio23 Junior Member

    Oops, a little mistake "What we do in LIFE echoes in eternity" but you understand the sentence, i guess ;)

    Thanks Hamlet!
  4. Hamlet2508 Senior Member

    You are most welcome.
  5. Joca

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    Yes, Hamlet, but a more literal translation might read as follows:

    Quod in vita (nostra) agimus (/facimus), in aeternum (/aeternitate) resonat.

    / stands for "or". Nostra can be left out.
  6. Piccio23 Junior Member

    This version sounds really good compared to the italian version "Quello che facciamo in vita, riecheggia nell'eternità" !

    Thank you Joca! :thumbsup:
  7. Hamlet2508 Senior Member

    I do realize this and it's perfectly correct , but in Latin "to do in life" translates as "vitam agere" (idiom.)

    So I suppose you could say

    ut vitam agimus, in aeternum resonat.
  8. Fred_C

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    Are you sure?
    To me, "vitam agere" rather means "to spend one's life".
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    They are rather good.

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