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  1. D.Alex New Member

    How can "when it comes to smt..." be translated in German ? If you could give me more expressions I'll be very thankful.
  2. Schimmelreiter

    Schimmelreiter Senior Member

    When it comes to your question ;)

    Was Deine Frage betrifft, [gibt es mehrere Möglichkeiten.]

    Was Deine Frage angeht, ...

    formal: ​Was Deine Frage anbelangt, ...
  3. D.Alex New Member

    And if I want to say for example when it comes to the dream holiday...?

    Thanks for your reply!
  4. Sowka

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    It would help if you could post the complete sentence.
  5. D.Alex New Member

    When it comes to the dream holiday, a recent study shows that people prefer USA instead of Europe.
  6. Schimmelreiter

    Schimmelreiter Senior Member

    Besides the phrases I listed above, another one has just come to my mind:

    Wenn es um den Traumurlaub geht, sind die USA beliebter als Europa, wie eine aktuelle Studie zeigt.
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