Who knows what does "monkeys' island" mean in Hungarian?

Discussion in 'Magyar (Hungarian)' started by franknagy, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. franknagy Senior Member


    »What does "majomsziget" mean in Hungarian?«
    :)> It does not mean a tropical island where many monkeys are living.

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  2. Zsanna

    Zsanna ModErrata

    Hungarian - Hungary
    A group of young men forming a "non dancing group" in a dancing event/ball - as far as I know.
  3. franknagy Senior Member

    Bingo! You have got it!
  4. NagyKiss Senior Member

    Chode crystal in English, haha))
  5. franknagy Senior Member

    You have taught me a very interesting word meaning a special small part of the masculine body.:idea:
  6. NagyKiss Senior Member

    Well yeah, but in this context it means "a loser".
  7. franknagy Senior Member

    I think the boys of "majomsziget" mean rather cowards than losers.
  8. Zsanna

    Zsanna ModErrata

    Hungarian - Hungary
    I agree with franknagy about the Hungarian, although it depends on the situation even in English.
    It can be a fairly "innocent" grouping.. and the English term doesn't refer specially (or just) to dancing events. (See this explanation.)

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