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wholesale dealer of bicycle parts

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by barba338, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. barba338 New Member

    hi friends....I would like if a German mother tongue speaker would like to help me in translating this short sentence in German Language.

    English: wholesale dealer of bicycle parts.

    German: Grosshaendler Fahrrad Teilweise.

    I am a bicycle sale retailer here in Italy....and I would like to surf in google.de to look for wholesale dealer of bicycle parts, directly there in Germany.

    is it my translation in German Language correct???

    thanks for all would like to answer ..

  2. nievedemango

    nievedemango Senior Member

    alemán / German
    bicycle parts = Fahrradteile / Fahrradzubehör (Fahrrad teilweise doesn't make sense)

    You can look for Fahrradgroßhandel / Fahrradteilegroßhandel / Fahrradersatzteile / Fahrradteile-Lieferanten... surfing in google.de
  3. barba338 New Member

    thanks a lot...friend.

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