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withhold from

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by Lokits, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Lokits Senior Member

    ¡ola a todos! No comprendo cómo traducir "withhold from" / withheld en este texto de un contrato:

    The Contractor shall not damage or endanger a portion of the Work or fully or partially completed construction of the Owner or separate contractors by cutting, patching or otherwise altering such construction, or by excavation. The Contractor shall not cut or otherwise alter such construction by the Owner or a separate contractor except with written consent of the Owner and of such separate contractor; such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. The Contractor shall not unreasonably withhold from the Owner or a separate contractor the Contractor's consent to cutting or otherwise altering the Work.

    Mi intento es:
    El Contratista no deberá dañar o poner en peligro alguna parte del Trabajo o una construcción total o parcialmente finalizada del Propietario o contratistas separados al cortar, arreglar o de otra manera alterar dicha construcción o al realizar trabajos de excavación. El Contratista no deberá cortar o de otra manera alterar dicha construcción del Propietario o un contratista separado excepto que medie consentimiento por escrito del Propietario y de tal contratista separado; no se puede negar ??dicho consentimiento sin que medie una razón aceptable. El Contratista no debe sin razón aceptable negar el consentimiento del Propietario o un contratista separado al cortar o de otra manera alterar el Trabajo.

    ¡¡Muchas gracias desde ya!!
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  2. jackaustralia Senior Member

    Australia English
    Sí normalmente uno "withdraws" dinero o algo material y una traducción puede ser "retener" pero en este caso es el permiso y como dices es "negado". Es un uso formal de "withdraw".
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  3. Lokits Senior Member

    ¡Gracias por tu comentario! A mi me sigue pareciendo rara toda mi traducción de ese párrafo. No me suena bien.
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  4. Aristocles56 Junior Member

    Español. España
    No debe privar, sin razón de peso, al ... del consentimiento

    Es como yo lo veo...
  5. Tochka Senior Member

    Mi español no es bueno, pero si comprendo lo que dice, eso me suena bien--con uno "caveat".
    Fijate: Under American (and probably English) law, "reasonable" is considered to be an objective standard that an imagined "reasonable person" would understand as acceptable under the circumstances. So when the contract states that consent will not be "unreasonably" withheld, it is invoking an "objective" standard of what is "reasonable" under the circumstances. Still, razón de peso captures the general idea that it must be a recognizably important reason to withhold (or deprive the person of) consent. If you are trying to create a translation that merely captures the general idea of the English, "razón de peso" might work, but if this is to be a translation that will be relied upon legally, then it would be prudent to find a Spanish equivalent for "reasonable."
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  6. litiga8or

    litiga8or Senior Member

    Oregon, USA
    Rainy Oregon! USA
  7. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

    SF Bay Area, California
    American English
    I think that translating the last sentence as though it read "The Contractor shall not refuse to give to the Owner or to a separate contractor consent to cutting or otherwise altering the Work unless the Contractor has a good reason to refuse giving consent" would give a correct sense of the sentence and would be easier to translate directly.

    N.B. "withhold" can mean other things in other contexts. For example, to withhold taxes from a paycheck means to deduct the taxes from the paycheck, a somewhat different meaning than "refuse to give."

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