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Words my dad said

Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by Tedro, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Tedro New Member

    Louisville, Mississippi, USA
    English (American, Deep South)
    When I was little, my dad used to say something that sounded like this:

    HEE-mee JEE-mee joe POT-a-moe EH-shee bah-LOO

    I don't remember when he would say it. When he was clowning around, I suppose.

    He died a few years ago, and now things like this come back to me. Does anyone know what language it might be and what it means?

    My guess is that it is a poor pronunciation of something in Korean, as my dad was in Seoul with the US Army after the Korean War ended.

    I know it's a long shot, and besides, I'm not sure I remember it correctly, but thank you for humoring me.
  2. L'irlandais

    L'irlandais Senior Member

    Dreyeckland/Alsace region
    Ireland: English-speaking ♂
    Hi Tedro,
    Welcome to the forums. I'm unable to answer your question, perhaps another member may be able to help you there.

    Perhaps it's not Korean, but rather "Bamboo English".

    Source : taken from articles of "American Speech" various volumes.

    As an aside, there are alot of on-line memoirs which may be of interest to you.
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  3. Tedro New Member

    Louisville, Mississippi, USA
    English (American, Deep South)
    Thanks for that information, Irlandais. I had never heard of Bamboo English.

    And thanks also for the welcome. I had no idea these fora existed until recently. Since words -- in whatever language -- fascinate me, I hope to be an active participant.


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