Words specific to the region of Mexico

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  1. peaches2002 Senior Member

    United States

    Can someone give me some common words that are specific to Mexico in reference to addressing a boyfriend. I know there are many, but I am looking for the ones most commonly used in Mexico. (Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta etc.)

  2. tatis Senior Member

    Spanish, México
    Addressing him by his name would be always appropriate.
    Do you mean things like "sweetheart" or "honey"?
  3. omedina

    omedina Senior Member

    Arround the Suquia river
    Argentina - Spanish
    Please, check this link
  4. peaches2002 Senior Member

    United States
    Sorry :( That is what I meant.

  5. peaches2002 Senior Member

    United States
    I checked the link, but I didn't see any words like honey, love, baby, etc.?
  6. Bilma Senior Member

    Spanish Mexico
    bebé, gordo, cariño, mi amor, mi vida...
  7. pejeman

    pejeman Senior Member

    Papacito works all over México.
  8. azif Member

    Mexico, spanish
    I think it isn't an easy question, since most of the names there used are a product of intimacy and the specific events you have lived with the person.

    Perhaps a bit more detail would let us be useful to you.

    I've been called, for example

    * pochonguito
    * papacito
    * amorcito

    etc :p

    It really depends on you :)
  9. peaches2002 Senior Member

    United States
    What is papcito all about? It sounds sooo rap video.

    Amorcito sounds nice. What about that?

    It is for my boyfriend, and he speaks spanish, but I am just learning. I don't want to sound dumb, or way out in left field. We've already said the "I love you" he calls me "bebe, mi amor, corazon, carino" and I just don't know what to call him. He used all the words

  10. scotu Senior Member

    Paradise: LaX.Nay.Mex.
    Chicago English
    Maybe you should just use the words you would use (in English) if your friend was from Virginia. He will like it in the same way you like what he says to you in Spanish. It will help him to learn English and you will know exactly what you are saying.

  11. silvester

    silvester Senior Member

    Mexico, spanish
    corazon, mi amor, mijo (very common in Mexico), cielo.
  12. azif Member

    Mexico, spanish

    I completely agree :)
  13. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    Yeah, I agree too. Very sound advice.

  14. parhuzam Senior Member

    Los Angeles,CA
    I will add my two cents.... you can use most of the "names" he calls you..
    try them. And you may be pleasantly surprised... if not it will make for a good laugh.
    BTW... papacito means daddy ......an endearment used widely.
    Like others have suggested.... help him with his English.
  15. peaches2002 Senior Member

    United States
    Great ideas. I think I will use the words I would use in English. So simple..I don't know why I didn't think of that.

    Gracias todos : )

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