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You´re very welcome

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by riancharles, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. riancharles Senior Member

    USA, English
    How would you say " You´re very welcome" in spanish?

    Obviously you say " de nada" for "you´re welcome", but how would say it to really accentuate that you are glad to help out etc...
  2. stranger_08

    stranger_08 Senior Member

    fue todo un placer.
  3. ERASMO_GALENO Senior Member

    Lima limón
    Perú, Español

    I agree with stranger 08,

    You're welcome
    De nada
    No hay de qué

    You're very welcome
    Fue un placer
    Encantado de ayudarte

  4. Fuenmayor Junior Member

    There's not an exact translation...Erasmo and Stranger are right. I'd just add "Con mucho/muchísimo gusto", wich you can say to mean "I'd/I'll be happy to" as well.
  5. nv1962

    nv1962 Senior Member

    California (USA)
    es, nl, en-us
    Just popping in to agree with the offered suggestions; also, to note that translation of (especially) highly idiomatic and common expressions is not a linear exercise. Looking for / finding an equivalent doesn't necessarily lead to exact equivalents; many times, approximations will have to do.

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