1. Hiboudolly Junior Member

    Canada - English
    In English, when someone does something nice for you or gives you a compliment, you can respond by saying "You made my day," meaning that what they did or said made you feel good. Is there a French equivalent?
  2. kbbylily

    kbbylily Senior Member

    france, français
    I don't think we have a equivalent.
    but you can express it ... like " grace a vous ma journée sera plus agreable" ou quelque chose comme ça
  3. freakshow Senior Member

    I'd just say "ça fait plaisir" even if it's not quite the same...
  4. Arrius

    Arrius Senior Member

    English, UK
    J'en suis ravi, serit un peu plus fort.
  5. quentin75 Senior Member

    "j'en suis ravi" me parait bien trop soutenu et classique pour ce genre d'expression." ca me fait plaisir" me semble plus pertinent.
  6. Sitaa Senior Member

    France French
    I don't think there is any equivalent
    But depending on the context, you can try:
    "tu as sauvé ma journée"
    "tu m'as fait gagner ma journée"
  7. kbbylily

    kbbylily Senior Member

    france, français
    Je toruve que le sens est different dans ces phrases qui sousentendent que la personne nous a rendu un service, et que sans cela, la journée aurait été gachée.
    mais dans "you made my day"
    cela dit juste que la journée sera plus agreable, mais pas forcement qu'elle aurait été gachée sans l'intervention de la tierce personne...
  8. Hiboudolly Junior Member

    Canada - English
    Thanks for the help.

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