1. RZT Senior Member

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    I'm translating a show called Wind at My Back and a little girl uses this expression after coming up with what she thinks it's a great idea. ¿What does it mean?
    I'll give you a little context: (talking about how absurd is going to a future teller)

    "Yeah. Paying a pile for Madame Hooey-dooey to rub her crystal ball and speak to your dead relations. But a picture! Yowza."

    The picture is because she thinks she can get a picture of a ghost, which would be much cooler than anything else.

  2. Bil

    Bil Senior Member

    English USA
    Parece ser un juego de la palabra "Wow!" al extremo.
  3. astur_pecha Senior Member

    Oviedo, Asturias
    Español España
    No creo que tenga una traducción en castellano
  4. RZT Senior Member

    A Coruña (Spain)
    Spanish/Galician - Spain (Galicia)
    Muchas gracias a todos.

    Además, acabo de encontrar algo bastante útil en esta dirección:

    urbandictionary define.php?term=yowza

    A ver si os sirve para algo. El diccionario está bastante bien.


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