zur Schule gehen

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by JohnUS77, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. JohnUS77 Junior Member

    USA, English
    Hello all, I was wondering about the phrase "zur Schule gehen" if someone could shed some light on this. Why is it zur? Could one also say "in die Schule gehen."?
  2. drei_lengua

    drei_lengua Senior Member

    Hello JohnUS77,

    "zur" is used for 2 reasons:
    1. zur = zu + der
    2. It is "die Schule". However, the preposition "zu" dictates the dative case. Therefore, "die" becomes "der".

    zur Schule gehen = going to school
    in die Schule gehen = going into the school

  3. Ralf Senior Member

    That's correct. On the other hand both are used to express to attend school/ to take classes.

    Example: Unsere Nachbarn haben drei Kinder. Laura ist die Jüngste und geht noch in den Kindergarten. Die beiden Jungs sind älter und gehen schon zur Schule/ in die Schule.

    However, Laura geht in den Kindergarten ... as used in the second sentence is a bit different, although it can imply either that she's on her way to the kindergarten or that she's not old enough to attend school. Both meanings are possible, while Laura geht zum Kindergarten means only that she's on her way there.

  4. DerDrache Banned

    Montréal, QC
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that "in die Schule gehen" also means "going TO the school". If you wanted to say into the school, wouldn't you use dative, "in der Schule gehen"?
  5. Henryk Senior Member

    Germany, German
    No, accusative.

    Ich gehe in die Schule.

    Dative would just mean you go within the school area.

    "going to the school" is "gehen zur Schule" (zur = zu der [dative])
  6. DerDrache Banned

    Montréal, QC
    Ah, thanks for clearing that up.


    Ich gehe in die Schule. = I go into the school.
    Ich gehe zur Schule. = I go to the school.
    Ich gehe in der Schule. = I'm going (by) the school.

    If you wanted to just say "I'm going to school" (without the "the"), would you say Ich gehe zu Schule, or is the der necessary?
  7. Henryk Senior Member

    Germany, German
    The latter, the definite article is necessary.
  8. drei_lengua

    drei_lengua Senior Member

    Guten Tag DerDrache,

    Wie Henryk darauf angespielt hat, bei der Bewegung verwendet man den Akkusativ und beim Mangel an Bewegung vermendet man den Dativ.

    in die Schule gehen - Akkusativ wegen der Bewegung - in diesem Beispiel ist man noch nicht innerhalb der Schule

    in der Schule gehen - Dativ wegen des Mangels an Bewegung - in diesem Beispiel ist man schon innerhalb der Schule


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