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  1. VicNicSor

    couldn't get out fast enough

    Preston is telling Jessie about the lives of probably their former classmates or old friends. And then says: — Nothing's changed, really. Marriages and mortgages. I can see why you couldn't get out fast enough. Jessabelle, movie Does that mean she actually got out of there very fast? Thanks.
  2. Lechatnoir

    fast enough

    I'm very sorry if there is already a thread that answers this, but I did a cursory search and am still having trouble putting together this sentence: How would you say, "I couldn't leave [somewhere] fast enough!" in French? I'm trying to translate "I couldn't escape the theater fast enough!"...
  3. I

    Couldn't apologise fast enough

    Hi everyone. A man is talking to his wife's mate about his marriage. He thinks his wife cheated on him because he realizes something has changed. In particular, he says that when they have a fight, they normally don't speak for a couple of days, but then she usually apologizes and that's it. But...
  4. Fay44

    I couldn’t get my response fast enough

    Bonjour, c'est un jeune homme (le narrateur) qui apprend que son père va se remarier. Sa réaction: "-What?" I couldn’t get my response fast enough. Que veut-il dire? Que sa réaction était spontanée? "Les mots sortirent tout seuls?" Quelque chose dans ce genre? Merci de vos éclairages!
  5. A

    fast enough pitch (screw)

    Hola, por favor si alguien me puede ayudar a decir la palabra pitch en la siguinte frase qué significa: We couldn’t fit the ball screw and nut into our existing design with a fast enough pitch to suit the higher speeds No pudimos encajar el tornillo de bola y tuerca en nuestro diseño...
  6. S

    I couldn't get my grubby little paws on it fast enough

    Hi all, Here's a quote from a book collector who ordered a very rare item at a secondhand bookstore that he would visit every Saturday: So, I waited.... and waited...until one fateful Saturday as the sun was about to set the postman delivered the owner a box. And there it was. I couldn't get...
  7. Yichen

    all of us couldn’t understand what he said

    Hello everyone, He spoke English so fast that all of us couldn’t understand what he said. = He spoke English too fast for us to understand what he said. = He spoke English not slowly enough for us to understand what he said. I think the answer is not correct. It maybe He...
  8. VicNicSor

    I noticed how you <couldn't> drop everything fast enough in order to help her out

    Mulder's agreed to do his female colleague from England a favour, with whom he seems to have had relationships. He to Scully: -- That was over ten years ago, Scully. -- Yeah, I noticed how you couldn't drop everything fast enough in order to help her out. -- Oh, I was merely extending her a...
  9. G

    He didn't climb up fast enough, and he got blown up

    i tried to remember how to say this, but i couldn't, soo.. How do you say "He didn't climb up fast enough, and he got blown up." I know it's a kinda weird sentence to ask how to translate, but that was part of the reason it got put back further in my mind. :D I subbed in a bad quality sentence...
  10. Oddmania

    couldn't get out fast enough

    Hi, I understand "I can see why you couldn't get out fast enough" as "I can see why you couldn't wait to get out (as fast as possible)". In this context, "you couldn't get out fast enough" does not mean "you were unable to get out fast enough". It's an idiomatic turn of phrase. (Just throwing...
  11. RM1(SS)

    Couldn't get out quick enough

    "I disliked Athens so much that I couldn't leave fast enough." ("No matter how fast I left, I would still be there too long.")
  12. J

    couldn't get out fast enough

    First of all, if the sentence were better constructed, it would have been: "I can see why you felt you couldn't get out of there fast enough." It could be rephrased (unnaturally) as: I can see why you felt that no matter how fast you could have gotten out of there, that would not have been...
  13. VicNicSor

    couldn't get out fast enough

    Then could you please explain to me how "couldn't get out fast enough" grammatically means "you were in a hurry to get out"? Because the idea that you couldn't do something fast/good/etc enough sounds like you failed to:confused:
  14. S

    fall behind in the line / drop behind in the line

    "He couldn't keep up" means he started with the others but was slower and fell behind. "He couldn't catch up" means he was already behind and couldn't go fast enough to join the others.
  15. Loob

    I noticed how you <couldn't> drop everything fast enough in order to help her out

    Yes, that's the basic idea, Vic.:thumbsup: Now you have to overlay it with the emotional message being conveyed: You couldn't do X fast enough! = You were desperate to do X really fast! = Your desire to do X really fast was a bit pathetic....
  16. Loob

    I noticed how you <couldn't> drop everything fast enough in order to help her out

    No, she couldn't. The basic idea is: however fast he reacted, it wouldn't have been fast enough for him - he'd have wanted it to be faster.
  17. L

    enough and too

    There is a grammar rule about "enough and too" in the English language. Here it is: too/enough.... for somebody/something + to do smth. Let me give you some example sentences using them: There weren't enough chairs for us to sit down. So we sat on the floor. There wasn't enough money for the...
  18. Copyright

    I couldn't get my grubby little paws on it fast enough

    He probably grabbed it and immediately tore it open. "I couldn't <whatever> fast enough" means that there's no way I could be too fast – it's about overwhelming desire and wanting something so badly that you'll grab it as soon as possible.
  19. M

    It is/was all one's doing.

    I would say: "We couldn't get to the store fast enough, and buy the book, it was sold so quick. It was all his fault".
  20. S

    Do some speak faster?

    I think we do speak fast. I was once in an enviroment with people all around the world, I was really surprised when non-english speakers complainted that spanish spoke english so fast they couldn't understand. Since then I've notice that it is true. When we spanish have level enough to...
  21. Lilithniahm

    Couldn't get out quick enough

    Thank you, but then it doesn't make sense. I didn't stay long in Athens because I couldn't leave fast enough :confused: I don't get it.
  22. forgoodorill

    a new hope to find a treatment

    HI, everyone! I saw a description below a video: There may be a new hope in the desperate race to find a treatment for coronavirus and it couldn't come soon enough. President Trump says he is slashing red tape ordering the FDA to fast track the use of two drugs for sick patients. Ben Tracy has...
  23. L

    Shape of you vs your shape

    God preserve us from Mr. Sheeran. I don't like his shape or the shape of him.:D The three lines you quoted are ALL unnatural and serve the purpose of rhythm and rhyme and little else. The first time I heard this song I was driving. I couldn't change channels fast enough....
  24. rrose17

    Qualcuno ha dimenticato...?

    Well since I couldn't delete my post fast enough...:) Sorry Mary you're right it was Matrap. I started thinking "Has anyone left an umbrella at my house?" sounds fine since it's still there. "Did anyone leave an umbrella at my house last night?" as Mark says is better for an action that has been...
  25. rrose17

    L'accordo prevedeva..

    The between was a typo!! I edited it but not fast enough, obviously.:) To say would have been split makes it sound more hypothetical than would be split. I told you I would be here and here I am. I told you I would have been here if I could, but unfortunately I couldn't.
  26. Matrap

    Qualcuno ha dimenticato...?

    I agree.
  27. bennymix

    I noticed how you <couldn't> drop everything fast enough in order to help her out

    I think 'pathetic' is possible, Loob, but it should be said this is a guess, not a solid inference as to meaning. I think it can be said, as you do, that the attempt was, very likely, seen as desperate. My re-wording of the statement would be: "You seemed in an extreme hurry to help her out!"
  28. E

    turn the ship

    A ship has a lot of momentum and cannot be turned quickly. (That's why the Titanic hit an iceberg: it couldn't turn away fast enough.) Turning a ship has therefore become a metaphor for changing anything that resists change. Here, it refers to some sort of change in business. We can't tell what...
  29. AntiScam

    Fast speech elided letters in the word "generally"

    All, I was listening to an interview of a UK speaker when I couldn't recognize a word the speaker said. Fortunately, I had a the script, and it turns out that the word was "generally". However, even with the script the pronunciation wasn't clear enough to me. I could recognize the word but I'm...
  30. A

    get wires up

    Un agent infiltré explique comment son équipier a fait échouer un gros coup de filet. Je ne suis pas sûre de comprendre. He was using disposable phones. We couldn't get wires up fast enough so he was taping them with a portable. You know how thorough he is. He had a file for every call except...
  31. sdgraham

    bottleneck of sorts

    I share Bluegiraffe's opinion that the expression is completely out of place here. To me a plant that is a "bottleneck" would be one that couldn't produce cars fast enough. That's not supported in the report, however.
  32. Nancy !

    turn the ship

    Great! Thank you!
  33. R

    in the zone

    Hola a todos: A mi entender, traduciría "in the zone" como "en su salsa", pero necesitaría saber si todos lo entienden. Desde ya, gracias. Aquí les doy un poco de contexto: Athletes and performers often describe flow as being “in the zone.” Writers and artists will say they feel like the work...
  34. E


    I had a link to the video, but it was edited out. Supposedly it's promoting a website. But if you want, you can do a search for the video, called "Un aperçu de la Guyane Française." Hopefully this post won't be edited, since seeing the video would put things more in context. The part I'm talking...
  35. M

    as narrow as they are

    Thanks for answering. :) The expression sounds correct to me too. But the translator (in a translation book and talking about a translation exam) said that a pedantic corrector would find it wrong if we translate the sentence by "as norrow as they are". My question is, why would it be...
  36. C

    EN: I don't like you/your + V-ing

    I do not like + (the thing I do not like) I do not like (you driving my car so fast). Any personal emphasis that you feel is created is, I'm afraid, imagined. Whatever follows 'I do not like' is taken as an entire concept within the one clause, there is no aspect of disliking one part of the...
  37. V

    a place for pace alone

    Context: this man is talking about a potential replacement for the currently vacant three-quarter position in a rugby team. I have absolutely no idea what the last part refer to. Could someone explain it in layman term please? Source: The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
  38. D

    not so much momentum that they’d reach [] .. and <take off>

    Hi, forum members! Quotes are from "Top Gear" published by BBC. In the first sentence it says that the momentum was not enough so they couldn't reach the top of the dune with too much speed and also couldn't take off into air. Right? But in the second sentence, it says the truck flew 96feet...
  39. Einstein

    Deep + asleep [adjective + adjective?]

    But "fast asleep" is way, way more common than the others (including "sleeping deeply"). Yes, but more as an explanation than as a synonym. Only for students who speak a Romance language, obviously. :)
  40. B

    Yerba Mate

    These posts sure tempt one to want to try it. Or even grow it. It appears to be some kind of tree. Would it grow fast enough or could one harvest some while it is still small? Is there a certain variety one should look for? If you can find some in a health foode store, are there likely some...
  41. jacdac

    like a soft liner to second

    And waited. Then he launched fast, at a run, his left hand up, palm open, fingers spread like a baseball glove. He burst around the corner and saw the kid sputtering to life, confused by the change of pace, locked into slow-motion waiting, so that his triumphant right hook was so far coming out...
  42. AntiScam

    to speak in tongues

    Hello, Well, I don't exactly understand what speak in tongues mean. However, I know enough that someone could speak in a language they've never learned before; languages could include angels'. What I don't get is the use of the expression in situations other than religious ones as the...
  43. greeneire

    CM and RC

    Ho cercato in tutte le salse, e tutto mi porta a Riding Club. :) Guarda il contesto (mi scuso per le parole un po' pesanti): "Preacher's on the move," Reaper growled. "Takin' that f:warn:n' deal with the Russians right out from under you. Why the mother f:warn: didn't you snap that shit down...
  44. Auryn

    Wearing a school uniform in your country- common?

    Yup, my neighbour's teenage daughter and son are always walking their dog or bouncing on their trampoline in their school uniforms. I don't get it. You couldn't get me out of that polyester stuff fast enough. £200? What kind of outfit are we talking about here? I wouldn't spend that much on...
  45. B

    um größere Mittelzuflüsse zu verhindern

    That's what I would write. @Jana: The reason for a fund manager to close a fund (i.e. not to accept any new investments) is that the fund's strategy does not support net asset values above a certain limit. This can be either because the fund is operating in a niche market where lucrative...
  46. B

    keep up with the changes

    I thought I couldn't use "keep up with" in this context, because I thought it could only be used referring to people. I looked the expression in the Freedictionary and it said the following: (often withwith) to move fast enough not to be left behind (by) Even the children managed to keep up...
  47. F

    Sindhi's influence on Karachi Urdu

    I second the opinions above, especially having lived there at length. This too I noticed! Many, particularly amongst the younger generation and esp. the 'elite', are using English words even when quite adequate Urdu alternatives would do. I was in Lahore long enough to notice this. There are...
  48. C

    <too> important (for us) <to> overemphasize

    Threads merged. Cagey, moderator Thanks so much for your responses :) , but please read the following examples from Too…to and so…that The news is too good to be true. The news is so good that it cannot be true. The thief ran too fast for the police to catch. The thief ran so fast that the...
  49. A

    I didn’t have an angle on him

    I wouldn't like to venture a translation but I think it would be good to nail down the exact sfumatura of 'I didn't have an angle on him'. Then it would be easier to get closer to it in the Italian, so here goes... In all the cop films and cop shows I've seen (since the 1970's!), when they...