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  1. JUNIO

    like to like

    ...Lydia’s care. Despite Lydia’s affection, much to her disgust, he instant he’d reappeared the hounds had reattached themselves to him. Like to like, he’d told her. She’d sniffed and taken herself off, but still sneaked treats to the pair. Pero entonces, Napoleón había escapado y había...
  2. T

    like to like

    Hola Estoy no acabo de entender lo que significa esta expresión. La frase completa es: Part opposites attract, part like to like. Mi intento: Los polos opuestos se atraen, los iguales se gustan. No me parece que tenga mucho sentido porque en realidad los polos iguales se repelen, ¿verdad...
  3. S

    Like returns to like

    ¡Hola! Me gustaría saber lo que significa esta expresión "Like returns to like" y si hay un equivalente en español. Esa expresión aparece cuando una persona habla de un hombre que empezó estando en una posición social muy baja y consiguió ascender, pero al final acabó enfermo y pobre. Gracias...
  4. Meritzias

    like calls to like

    Hello, What is "like calls to like"? Could you please explain and give some examples? Thanks.
  5. Y

    as like to like

    Escribió W.B. Yeats que su daimon (algo similar a la musa) le llegaba "not as like to like but seeking its own opposite. Man and daimon feed the hunger in each other's heart". ¿A qué se refiere con "not as like to like"? ¿"No como si quisiera gustar"? ¿"No como un semejante"?
  6. Normandete

    like-to-like replacements

    I came across this sentence which do not clearly understand: "The purpose of this book is to record all the changes, including like-to-like replacements." Thanks
  7. Republicana

    Like to / Like -ing

    Hello, I am completing a placement exam and found the multiple-choice question below. My preference is C, but why would A or B be wrong? Thanks for your help! 8. ________ to Rome at Christmas? A) Do you like to go B) Would you like to go C) Do you like going
  8. C

    Like to/like ing...

    Para decir " Que tipos de deporte te gustan practicar" como tendría que decir? opciones: Primero digo la que diría naturalmente, o al menos la que me sale 1 - What kind of sports do you like to do? Y las otras que me hacen dudar... 2-What kind of sports do you like to doing? 3- what kind of...
  9. P

    like gravitates to like

    Hola necesito saber cómo traducirían "Like" gravitates to "like" Me parece que es como que las personas similares se buscan o se atraen. ¿Qué piensan?
  10. VicNicSor

    Like to .......

    — That loudmouth Black Student Union bitch that's been in the papers complaining about the police — she was there. — That fucking cunt? — Like to close those monkey lips permanently. — Hey, don't say that. Not until I get her lips around the head of my dick. BlacKkKlansman, film It seems to me...
  11. J

    like calling to like

    Hola, estoy un poco perdido con esta expresión. La frase completa es la siguiente: "Something by Mozart would have been more suitable, with its implication of like calling to like..." Muchísimas gracias.
  12. C

    like to/feel like

    Hola a todos!!!! Necesito una vez más de su ayuda!!!! tengo la frase: "Do you want to go out tonight?" Ahora bien, cual de las siguientes tres significa exactamente lo mismo? a.- Do you like to go out tonight? b.- Do you like the idea of going out tonight? c.- Do you feel like going out tonight...
  13. S

    to like

    Hi there, can someone give me some more formal synomyms of 'to like', as in: I like the emphasis the study program has on.... <Second question deleted.> Thanks!
  14. J

    Like calls to like

    Hola de nuevo! En el texto que estoy traduciendo me he encontrado con esta expresión "Like calls to like" en español conozco lo opuesto "Los polos opuesto se atraen". Entonces podría ser algo como "Los parecidos se atraen", pero me suena un poco forzado. ¿Alguien tiene un mejor traducción...
  15. F

    to like

    hi could you help me to translate : I do not like you - Tu ne me plaît pas? thanks
  16. R

    to like

    how would you say i like them to travel with me is it me los gusta viajar con mi or me gusta viajarlos con mi ??? Thanks
  17. O

    To like

    Hi, how can I say in French: "I hope you like the samples", but in a formal way. It feels strange to use the verb aimer when writing to customers... or maybe it is just me? Thanks
  18. K

    like to

    Necesito ayuda a transducir la siguiente frase a español por ambos singular y plural (plural for el número de personas spoken to). Would you like to go there? Estoy tratando comprender usa de la palabra gustaría. Would 'le' precede gustaría for both singular y plural? Gracias de antemano.
  19. C

    like to do / like doing - like to play / like playing

    Dear Gurus, Can we say that these questions (Q1 and Q2) and answers (A1 and A2) are interchangeable and have just the same meaning in common conversation, say, between two people: Q1. What do you like to do? - A1. I like to play with my dog. Q2. What do you like doing? - A2. I like playing...
  20. G

    to like

    i need to know "Il aime parler francais"... but using a word other than aimer that would not change the sentence meaning.
  21. nemo eve walle

    Would like to and like to

    Do 'would like to' has the same meaning of 'like to'? I think maybe it is but relatively more polite because of the word 'would'? Like say, I would like to buy some wine. I like to buy some wine. Are those both correct?
  22. mapica

    to like to vs to like -ing

    Buongiorno a tutti, che differenzac'è fra: I like to chat with you e I like chatting with you. Grazie a tutti quelli che mi risponderanno ciao:)
  23. MateuszMoś

    Should like to/would like to

    Hello, is it possible to use the pharse: I should like to instead of I would like to? I got to know that the construction should like to is more popular in British English. I ask for your assistance.
  24. YueWei

    would like (to?) and like (to?)

    Hi, there! The following is from a book called Advanced English Grammar in Use: 1.After 'want' and 'would like' in if-clauses and wh-clauses we can often leave out a 'to-infinitive' or use 'to'. In other clauses (not if- and wh-clauses) we include 'to'. 2.In if-clauses and wh-clauses we usually...
  25. A

    To be like/ to look like

    I have some doubts related to those verbs. The point is I don't really know how to use them. Here are my examples: - What is he like? He's intelligent and funny. - What does the building look like? It's quite small, and it has a wooden door and white walls. Therefore, I'd like to know why in...
  26. Xander2024

    to act like / to behave like

    Hello everyone, I'm a bit puzzled as to which verb to choose in the following sentence: "Stop acting(?) / behaving(?) like a child". Are they interchangeable here? Thank you.
  27. C

    to like or not to like

    Por favor, puede alguien decirme como se dice si alguien no le gusta alguien otra? Como ese: he doesn't like me or he doesn't like her or i don't like him. Estoy confudida cuando usar los direct objects con gustar o si hay otras palabras que debo usar. Gracias para su ayuda.
  28. R

    to like more / to like better

    Hi, please help me with this: "Which do you like better, fish or meat?" "Which do you like more, fish or meat?" I don´t know which is the correct way of asking. Thanks a lot!
  29. W

    to like better / to like best

    Hello, could you tell me which one is right, please? I like this one best or I like this one better I´ve heard the first one in a film today, but I have also heard the second one in many other occasions. I never know which one I must use. Thank you in advance.
  30. C

    like to or like + ing?

    Hy, Can you explain me what's the difference between to like to and to like + ing please? For example, between "I like to get up early" and "I like getting up early"? Thanks!!
  31. G

    to replace like with like

    I would like to know translation in Spanish of following expression: "to replace like with like", context:Becouse of the advanced state of disrepair it was decided to dismantle virtually the whole building so that a good restoration job could be done was the most important surviving...
  32. D

    like to listen to AND like listening to

    What is difference between "like to listen to" and "like listening to"
  33. Schizophrenic Cat

    Like to V1/Like Ving

    Hi, What is the nuance to these two phrases? For example: 1 - I like to study linguistics. 2 - I like studying linguistics. Both meaning "to love", what's the nuance to their meaning? Thank you.
  34. jomoalce

    like playing/like to play

    hey..I want to know when can I use? I like playing piano or I like to play piano. Is the same? or What's the difference.
  35. A

    Like to (go) / Like (going)

    Hi! Can somebody give me a rule for "like+ing" and "like+to". I don't know when I have to use one and when the other. Thanks.
  36. taraa

    like doing/like to do

    "I like doing something = I do it and enjoy it I like to do something = I think it is a good thing to do, but I don't necessarily enjoy it" The above quote is from "Grammar in Use by Murphy". According that are #1 and #2 correct? 1. I like playing tennis. = I do it and enjoy it 2. I like to...
  37. S

    like to eat / like eating

    Tengo una duda. Siempre he estudiado y enseño en clase que si like va seguido de un verbo este verbo tiene que ir con ing, pero constantemente me encuentro con ejemplos reales en los que se pone like más to. Por ejemplo I LIKE TO EAT APPLES en lugar de I LIKE EATING APPLES. Mi duda es si es...
  38. K

    like is drawn to like

    ...sentence? Maybe "gli uguali si attraggono"? I enlarge the context: we are disposed to form nourishing rather than toxic relationship, because like is drawn to like, health attracted to health. - siamo disposti a costituire relazioni salutari piuttosto che tossiche, perchè ....??? Thanks in...
  39. T be / like that...

    Hi, "He doesn't like his girlfriend to be fat." "He doesn't like that his girlfriend is fat." Do these two sentences have different connotation? Thank you.
  40. Silver

    Like to relax/like to do to relax

    Hi, Yesterday I asked someone a question: 1) How do you like to relax? And she told me it should be: 2) What do you like to relax? And later I wrote: 3) What do you like to do to relax? Because I think the last one is the clearest one, and it welcomes answers like “I usually play...
  41. lily8

    like to - like Verb ing

    Hey eveybody, I wonder what's the difference between: I like to play the guitar. and I like playing the guitar. Thanks! :)
  42. J

    Like to or like + ing

    Hello! How are you? I would like to ask a question. Is there any difference in meaning between like to +verb and like +ing? I've read in many English books that the former is used when we talk about a habit and the later is used to talk about sth we enjoy. But when I hear native speakers using...
  43. B

    like to go/like going

    Hi everyone! I would like to ask you something I have been wondering about for a while without asking though. When I studied English I was taught that after like you need to use gerund. Despite of that, I have frequently heard -by English native speakers- to say:"like to go/to read, etc". Why...
  44. J

    like - used to be like

    Hola, tengo una duda. Este es un texto que publicó una cantante muy famosa en Facebook. “Getting ready to play 5 shows at Staples Center in LA this week and reminiscing about what my gigs used to be like”. Entonces, lo que pasa es que no entiendo qué hace ese “LIKE” al final de la oración…...
  45. J

    like doing/like to do

    Hola me gustaría saber cual es la diferencia entre estas dos oraciones, se que dicen lo mismo pero habrá alguna diferencia o regla al usarlas? what do you like to do in your free time? what do you like doing in your free time?
  46. A

    will + like, going to + like

    The interviewer wasn't sure if the movie star would like him. The interviewer wasn't sure if the movie star was going to like him. Is use of either 'will' or 'going to' correct to express about somebody's fondness towards another? There is this use in my vernacular but I am not sure if it also...
  47. J

    like to do/like doing

    Hello Everybody: I know that there is a forum on this topic, but I haven't clear, what is the correct sentence? -"What do you like to do in your spare time?" or -"What do youlike doing in your spare time?" (¿Que te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre?) Thank you a lot in advance.
  48. G

    would like you to & would like to

    A co-worker who is not English native told me in modern American English "I would like you to" means same with "I would like to". For example, he says "I would like you to call Mr. Smith" means "I would like to call Mr. Smith". That sounds very strange to me since the person who takes action is...
  49. P

    Like to speak or like to speaking..?¿

    Hello I'd like to know what is the correct phrase "I like to speak with him...." or "I like speaking to him". Thanks a lot.
  50. E

    I like to / I would like to

    Hello dear friends, I need some help with gerunds and infintives: I would like to know what's the difference between these 2 sentences: - I like going to the cinema - I would like to go to the cinema tonight; To the best of my knowledge the verb "like" can take both gerund and infinitive, in...