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  1. S

    a time; time

    I saw this sentence in my test sheet: A. The day of the dead, an ancient Mexican festival, is not a sad day, but a time to celebrate the cycle of life. It feel strange to use "a time" here. I've looked up The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary(time noun), and found the usages of time as...
  2. VicNicSor

    a time / the time

    And if there comes a time when you would like me to tell you more about your father, what he was like when he was your age, what things he liked to play and do, I'll come back here and do so. Guardians of the Keep by Carol Berg And a time will come, Veronica, mark my words, a time will come...
  3. littlemonyou

    Time vs a time

    Hi, It feels strange to see 'a time' in sentences like: it's a time to kill. / it's a time to get. What differences do you see if it were just 'time' instead of 'a time'?
  4. E

    Time/a long time/this time

    Hallo! Als Kind habe ich etwas Deutsch gelernt, aber seit zehn Jahren habe ich fast kein Deutsch benutzt. Mein Deutsch ist also sehr angerostet. Kann man mir helfen, diese drei Übersetzungen zu überprüfen? Alle drei handeln sich über das Idee “time.” Daher habe ich sie alle in diesem...
  5. M

    a long time / long time

    A long time / Long time: Bu ikisi arasındaki fark nedir? Cümlede nasıl kullanıyoruz, açıklayabilir misiniz? Teşekkürler. What is difference between those two? How do we use this in our sentences, could you explain? Thanks
  6. C

    long time / a long time

    Hola, me gustaa que me aclararan una duda de gramática. ¿por qué se dice "a" long time? ¿no debe ser simplemente "long time" puesto que time es incontable. Lo mismo con "a" short time ¿es un defecto del idioma o se trata de una excepción comúnmente aceptada? Muchas gracias por su ayuda, soy...
  7. T

    a time vs the time

    Hi,eveyone. My friends and I are discussing about "a time" and "the time" . Here is our example: A: I am unemployed. Morning is a time I can watch TV, afternoon is also a time I can do it and evening is a time I can do so too. B: I am very busy . Morning and afternoon are the times I...
  8. T

    at a time/the time

    Hello, "These elaborate defenses are coming at a time when crime rates are actually declining in Japan. But the Japanese, sensitive to the slightest signs of social fraying, say they feel growing anxiety about safety, fanned by sensationalist news media." Could anyone tell me why the...
  9. N

    a few time/ little time/ some time

    Hello! I want to say that I travelled by bus this year only twice or three times... So, how can I say it? I want to talk with "time" in the sentence, but I know that TIME is uncountable... -I have travelled by bus little time this year (it sounds strange to me, but appears ok grammatically)...
  10. E

    in a time or at a time using my own example sentences. Is there a difference between a/b and c/d? Can you exchange the prepositions in and at? a) He was born in a time of great social unrest. b) He lived in a time of great social unrest. c) He was born at a time of great social unrest. d) He lived at a time...
  11. L

    for a long time=a long time?

    Hi We can say "I'm going to be away for a long time". But can we use "I'm going to be away a long time" to replace "I'm going to be away for a long time"? Thank you in advance.
  12. Y

    a long time / a long time ago

    Hello everybody, I would like to know if I must use 'ago' in the following sentence, because I am not sure: "I hadn't travelled a long time (ago)." Thank you very much!
  13. Xander2024

    a lot of time/a long time

    Hello everyone, Would you please tell me if it's OK to use "how much time" and "a lot of time" in the construction "it takes"? For example, do the following sentences sound natural to a native speaker: (1)"How much time did it take you to do the job?" (2)"It took him a lot of time to do...
  14. A

    quite a time

    Bonjour, Je bute à traduire : "It’s quite a time to be alive" dans cette phrase simple" It’s quite a time to be alive, with innovation creating such wonderful possibilities." : c'est une période où il fait bon vivre ? Où c'est un bonheur de vivre ?
  15. B

    by a time

    Does "by the 1980s" in the following context mean "before the 1980s" or "in the 1980s"? Text: Yet, while this constituted a fairly revolutionary development in advertising, anti-aesthetic approaches and appropriations from popular culture had long been features of avant-garde practice in art...
  16. D

    (In) a time?

    Hi, everybody. It seemed that "in" has to be between "issue" and "a time". Would you let me know if my guess is right? (It is from a CNN article.) Hackers in China are showing particular interest in targeting telecommunications operators around the world, according to CrowdStrike. That's a...
  17. Silver

    a memorable time

    Hi, I was talking to Chris in English. We were talking about the past, one thing that we can't forget. I said I remember 10 years ago, when I first started to learn English, I talked to Ken in English and he helped me with that. Now, when I look on the past and that period of time makes me feel...
  18. V

    Work a time

    Hello, Peter needs to collect some keys. John said that he could collect them tomorrow at his work or at his home after 7pm. Then, John got back to John to say the following Home tomorrow in day...even work a time Does that mean that he would be at home and not at work? Thank you Volver
  19. eli7

    in + a time

    As I know, In + a time refers to the future tense. Like: I'll be there in 15 minutes. But "in quite a while" and "in a long/short time" are words that are used to show the present perfect tense. like: She hasn't taught the physics class in a long time. (taken form an English grammar book...
  20. K

    A better time

    Hello, I would like to ask for some help. Closing a letter of advice, a student wrote the following sentence: "I hope a better time will come to your friend and you soon." I think "a better time" is not correct here, but I am not sure. I think the writer wants to mean that hopefully things...
  21. S

    At a time

    Hola! Estoy traduciendo esta oración y no entiendo qué significa "at a time" en este contexto: Aboriginal self-government is not an event, not something accomplished in a single legislative act. Instead, self-government is permitted under the terms of the agreements, at a time and with an...
  22. C

    "a" lovely time

    I was helping out a primary one child with her english and we came across some questions on articles like "a" "an" and "the". How can I explain to her the reason why we use "a" lovely time instead of "the" lovely time? (she is not a native english speaker but has been learning english since 3...
  23. S

    A pass time

    Hello, This is a part of a documentary. Two people are sitting in a bar in an old pirate city and chatting about pirates' favourites drinks. One of them is the bar owner, he gives grog to the other one. The one who is drinking the grog asks: "And what are you drinking?" Bar owner says: "I'll...
  24. A

    A third time

    Hi I wonder what the difference is between "I fell off the bike for a third time and I fell off the bike for the third time" Thank you for help
  25. A

    a last time

    What's the difference between "one last time " and "a last time" ? How to use them practically ?☺
  26. C

    host "a time"

    "When tragedy struck local families, neighbors would regularly host “a time” to collect funds for the victims." I understand that the neighbors organized a collection of money but what does "a time" (countable) mean? Thanks!
  27. Sun14

    set a time

    Hello, my friends, I was wondering whether the underlined part is idiomatic: Since tomorrow we are going to visit the museum. We should set a time to meet. Thoughts and context: I ask my friend to decide when to meet tomorrow with me.
  28. S

    a fancy time

    Is there such an expression in English: 'a fancy time'? e.g. Can we say for example asking someone about their holiday or a party: 'Was it a fancy time or not?' When we mean: 'Did you have a good time?'
  29. L

    at a time...

    Hi I am having problems translating this phrase. I am contacting school to ask them "How many student will I teach at a time" Here is my attempt: Combien d'élèves enseignerai-je à la fois ? Thanks :)
  30. A

    a year's time

    Uno más... Traduzco un memo para empleados de construcción que se trata de una política del uso de protección para los ojos. Esta es la frase: If you run out of company-issued eyewear for any reason before a year’s time has passed, you are responsible for providing a suitable replacement. Mi...
  31. N

    "Upon a time..."

    One guy claiming that "Upon a time..." can be equally used instead of "Once upon a time..." expression. Never heard of this. Is this true?
  32. Ganton

    a good time

    Hola: ¿Cómo traduciríais la siguiente A good time en la siguiente frase? Exchange the cold days for the sun. A good time and fun. Mi traducción sería: Cambia los días fríos por el sol. Un buen rato y diversión. ¿Qué os parece? Gracias
  33. V

    at a time

    can I say these phrases these way? I can face up/take on 3 guys at a time not the same time. Come at me,bro (one) at a time. Do you guys wanna a piece of me?Bring it on, I am gonna kick your ass (one) at a time.
  34. K

    a nice time

    Hello, should I put the article a before the phrase like adjective + time (according to google it's more common to use such phrases with the article): I wanted to spend a/- nice time with my friend. ( I know that I can say: I had a nice time. So I opt for the version with the article:) Thanks...
  35. A

    a time in

    ¿A qué se refiere aquí el "time in"?. Como después del "in" hay coma (es una frase hecha), yo no sé "en" qué se emplea ese tiempo. Pero seguro que vosotros sí lo sabéis. Gracias por las respuestas. Aquí va el contexto: Although existing data on changing neural pathways reflect changes from...
  36. Charlie Parker

    arrange a time

    Cette question est semblable à celle que j'ai posée dans un autre fil. Il rest quand même une nuance. Le week-end prochain je voudrais fêter l'Action de grâce avec mes enfants, mais c'est toujours difficile de trouver une date et une heure qui conviendra à tout le monde. Je pense que « arranger...
  37. J

    after 'a time'

    Hi every one, I want to ask you whether this sentence sounds natural "i hope i will make a progress after a time". Can I use "a time" in this sentence. For example, I try to learn maths for two months and I hope that I will be better at Maths after two months. Can I call that "two months" " a...
  38. S

    at a time

    No entiendo el significado de la frase en negrita en este contexto. Gracias. Wether taking part consists of a few hours after work, an entire day, or months or years at a time, volunteering fulfills a need to give back.
  39. K

    a convenient time

    Hello, Is the following sentence correct? Please tell me a convient time for our meeting. or should it be, Please tell me when is a convient time for our meeting. I checked google and did not get a match for the first one. Thanks!
  40. N

    a fortnight's time

    Can anyone explain me the meaning of this expression and also tell me with whish of this prepositions can I use it?? at; in; by; during; on ???
  41. M

    "Came a time..." could be possible to put the verb before the subject. Infact I was listening to Temple of the king. "One day in the year of the fox, came a time remembered well, when the strong young man of the rising sun, heard the tolling of the great black bell/ One man in the year of the fox, when...
  42. E

    $100 a time

    "Their head of security paid over 100 dollars a time for secret police files held on a criminal database" Bonjour, Est-ce que ça veut dire qu'il a payé plus de 100 dollars pour chaque dossier ? Merci Martine
  43. G

    a time expression

    What means "Up until that point" ? Help please:confused:
  44. G

    arrange a time

    How do you say in Italian "to arrange a time" or "to agree upon a time"? I want to say this in Italian: "Send me an email message and let's arrange a time to meet." Dammi un messaggio di email and organizzamo un tempo per incontrarci ​(?)
  45. I

    Many a time

    Many a time you have used a flashlight. or You have used a flashlight many times. Which is correct? If both are, which is better?
  46. R

    after a time

    he said, and came back closer to Dave, grabbed his wrist and held his thumb over the artery there. "Very weak", he said after a time, "Maybe twenty pulses a minute. Hardly a thing." I'd like to know if "after a...
  47. I

    A long time

    How do I say 'A long time' My guess would be 'isang mahabang oras' but that sounds odd to me. I also considered - 'maraming oras'. Wouldn't that mean much time? . I am wondering if there is a specific word that means 'a long time'. Umantay siya isang mahabng oras para isang Bus. That was my...
  48. R

    say a time

    The context is a guy asking a girl out for dinner. They discussed when to go out for dinner. Then the guy asked"did we say a time?" I guess it means did they make a time for dinner. Is it a popular expression. I mean if I say"did we say a time"to any native English speaker, could they understand...
  49. M

    A better time

    How would you translate this, as in "we would have had a better time"? J'ai essayé "de mieux temps" mais il semble peut-être trop "anglais"? Merci :)
  50. L

    time a billion

    Hola quisiera saber que significa la expresion "time a billion" en este contexto: " i hope you're doing's a big KISS from me :* (time a billion) ;) hehe!!" Gracias!