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  1. P

    Well known/ well-known

    Hey, Can someone help me with issue regarding 'well known'/ 'well-known'? If you spot other mistakes, please let me know. "In this paper, three well known macroeconomic theories will be presented in order to develop a structural growth model that helps discern the effects of infrastructure on...
  2. U

    <well-known> <well known>

    ...the Gotham City Ladies Bridge Club has heard about the time she received a kiss from the Dynamic Duo. I think that well-known should be "well known," because it is not used with a noun. What do you think? well known [adjective] 1. known about by a lot of people: [Example] a well-known...
  3. Contessina

    well known or well-known

    ...States agency (the NTSB) as opposed to an individual or group of individuals. teacher's explanation: noun missing here; or do you mean “well known” (no hyphen)? I think 'agency' is the noun, or isn't it? Context: Fragment of my essay: (...) On the other hand, there are some clear...
  4. Xavier da Silva

    be well-known / well known

    Hello everyone, Is the adjective "well-known" correctly used? 1. People don't notice that because you're still not very well-known. 2. She was so well-known that I was worried. Thank you very much in advance!
  5. U

    "well known" vs. "well-known"

    In both, Oxford ALD and Cambridge ALD I find the adjective "well known". In some phrases it is written as well-known and in others as "well known". When does one write it with hyphen and when without?
  6. P


    Hi, could you tell me which sounds better? "This site is well-known and effective" or "This is a well-known and effective site". I think the second one sounds better, but I need your comments. Thanks.
  7. K


    I want to say : During our guided tour we visited many other well-known places. Pendant notre tour guidée nous avons visité beaucoup d'autres endroits bien connu ou célèbres. Merci pour vos idées!
  8. L


    Como se traduce The Sears Tower is one of the most well known skyscrapers in the world gracias
  9. S


    hi everyone, I'm tryng to write a text for a grammar final exam and i came across this doubt. Is it correct to say: From then on, the Olympic Games quickly became well-known throughout ancient Greece.? thank you very much
  10. Tomby


    Can anybody tell me if this 'sentence' is right? - Are you a well-known 18th-Century English jurist? In Spanish: "¿Acaso es un conocidísimo jurista inglés del siglo XVIII?". Thanks in advance. TT. :)
  11. J

    well known

    How would you translate: "It is a well-known fact that..." Thank you!
  12. S

    well known

    hola todos, como se dice "well known" en espanol?? Muchas gracias!
  13. M

    well known

    Cómo se dice en Español "well known" en el contexto de "spain was well known for it's smokey bars and restaurants" He escrito "Hace muchos años España hecho bien conocido por los bares y restaurantes humosos" es correcto lo que escrito o hay un mejor manera de decirlo? Gracias por su ayuda :)
  14. S

    quite well known / known quite well

    Hello, I'd like to ask you about the following sentence. Is it correct regardless of whether I put 'quite well' at the end of the sentence or after 'is'? The story is quite well known. / The story is known quite well. Thank you.
  15. D

    little well-known

    Dear Members, Could you tell me if the phrase "little well-known" is grammatical in the last sentence of this paragraph: "Many people believe we call it »Black Friday« because many stores become profitable on the huge shopping day and go »into the black«. »Black« refers to stores moving from...
  16. cambiandodetema

    well-known meanings

    Hello, all! what is the plural of "well known", for example, These are the well known meanings of the word "family"; Is it bien conocidos? I don't think you pluralize adverbs, but my spell check is wanting to change bien to bienes. Thanks. Moderator's note Title changed to include the...
  17. T

    most well-known

    Hi, I am translating the following sentence, "The most well known case of doping in the Tour de France is Lance Armstrong" My attempt is "Le plus connu cas de dopage dans le Tour de France est Lance Armstrong" but not 100% sure it's right :confused: Any help is appreciated!
  18. A

    well-known / famous

    Hola, ¿hay alguna diferencia entre well-known y famous? ¿"famous" indica un mayor grado de popularidad que "well-known"? Muchas gracias por adelantado Saludos!
  19. A

    Generally well known...

    hola a todos, tengo una duda de como traducir : is generally well known... es generalmente bien conocido, o conocido?? .. Suena malisimo en español?..alguna otra idea? Gracias :) :)
  20. A

    well-known account

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to translate this sentence : "What is diverse and opposing can become utopia, idealized and demonized, and in this sense is part of a well-known account." I have difficulties to translate " well-known account" Ce qui est divers et antagoniste peut devenir une utopie...
  21. D

    well-known new

    Cómo puedo traducir este adjectivo??? The well-known new urbanist architect Peter Calthorpe (1993, with Fulton 2001) has also advanced new perspectives on regionalism.
  22. blomst

    most well-known

    Hey, I see from an earlier thread that "most well-known" is acceptable English. This seems so incredible to me. Is this American or do the British also accept this expression? To me 'his most famous song' sounds so much better than 'his most well-known song', but I am not a native English...
  23. maga102

    as well-known

    Dear all, I don´t know if as well-know, "como es bien conocido" is right in this sentence First, as well-known, principal components result from diagonalization of the covariance matrix, ordering eigenvalues from higher to lower. Thanks
  24. T

    well-known door

    Hi, I am translating:”She stumbled over the threshold of her own well-known door. “ My try is: “Tropezó en el umbral de su propia y bien conocida puerta. “ Thank you.
  25. L

    well-known make

    hii everyone! comment je pourrais traduire cela selon vous: "the difference between a retailer's own brand and a well-known make". j'ai vraiment aucune idée! c'est pour un devoir de marketing, plus précisemment une étude de marché. Merci d'avance ;-)
  26. H

    quite well known

    How would you translate this, as in i've written a few plays, all quite well known. tous franchement bien connus?
  27. D

    Well known for

    How would you say this sentence in spanish He is well know for.... thank you
  28. S

    well-known as

    ¡Hola! Tengo que saber cómo se dice "The United States are well-known as a country..." Intenté: "Los Estados Unidos son bien sabidos como un país..." Mi instructor me diga que no es correcto. Si pueden/poder(?) ayudarme, lo agradezco. ¡Gracias!
  29. H

    Well known, little known, less known [hyphens?]

    A well-known brand. A little-known brand. A less known brand. Does less known follow well-known and little-known's example when being used as an adjective; ie does it require a hyphen? I'm doubting because I can't spot a possible ambiguous meaning when letting the hyphen out.
  30. cyberpedant

    Best-known or most well-known?

    I'm proof-reading a text in which I've found the following phrase: "The novels for which Austen is most well known...." Having been taught that the comparison of the adjective "good" is "good, better, best," I am sorely tempted to correct "most well known" to "best-known." But there seems to...
  31. A

    world famous / well-known

    Hi, Please advise, in the context regarding food waste which of the underlined would you prefer? Thanks, A. In addition to the direct provision of surplus food for charitable purposes, it is possible to use the world famous scheme of a food bank In addition to the direct provision of...
  32. A

    It is well known

    Good morning, I would like you to tell me if this sentence is correct: It is well known to be very difficult or it would be better: It is well known that it is very difficult. Thanks in advance
  33. K

    inversion after 'well-known'

    I wonder if someone could tell me whether the following sentence is correct: "Well-known are the events of that fateful day." I know that inversion works with little/less: Less well-known are the events... Little known are the events... but what about the sentence above?
  34. meero

    a quite well-known

    Hello everyone, I looked up the dictionary for the proper meaning for the word 'quite' in the following context, but I then found my self confused between two possible apparently-contrasted meanings. 'I had a regular spot in the Broadoak Hotel in Ashton under Lyne playing three or four...
  35. Astilbe

    well-known romantic repertoire

    Est-ce que dans cette phrase "well-known" indique que le répertoire romantique est plus connu que les autres? The choir will also seek out links between contemporary compositions, well-known romantic repertoire and early music My try: ....cherchera également des liens entre les compositions...
  36. R

    well known for something

    Bonjour à tous! Je voudrais traduire la phrase suivante: 'Becoming atheist can be seen as a form of rebellion, something teenagers are well known for (doing)' Voilà mon essai: 'Devenir athéiste peut être vu comme une forme de rébellion, quelque chose que les adolescents sont connus de...
  37. I

    Singer well-known worldwide

    ¡Hola! Estoy preparando una redacción y no estoy muy segura sobre el orden de los adjetivos. Me había parecido leer algo similar en algún sitio pero aún así me suena raro. ¿Podríais ayudarme y corregirme en caso de que esté mal construida? La frase es esta: Sir James Paul McCartney, an...
  38. O

    Well-known meeting places...

    ¿Suena mejor decir lugares de reuniones muy conocidos o bien conocidos?
  39. T

    to become well-known

    Hola a todos, ¿Se puede traducir la frase "She bacame very well know" de estas maneras? 1. Se puso bien conocida. 2. Se hizo bien conocida. 3. Llegó a ser bien conocida. Mil gracias a todos Uds. y muchos saludos:)
  40. P

    not well-known person

    The party gave a ticket to a person who is not well known among the eloctorate. What should one a call a person who is not well-known in a particular area?
  41. L

    superlative of well-known

    hello, which is the superlative of well-known (conocido)? the most well-known or is the best-known thanks!
  42. P

    She became well-known?

    How do you say She became well-known by playing in french? is it Elle est soit devenue célèbre en jouant?
  43. K

    once known so well

    " what happened to the ummah, once known so well" Ummah signifie je crois le monde musulman , dans ctte phrase je ne comprend pas tout à fait ce qu'ils veulent dire c'est tiré d'une chanson de Outlandish, un groupe danois! merci d'avance
  44. T

    usual well-known food

    Hola, todos, I would like to say 'usual well-known food' la comida common ...? Please help me out Thanks
  45. L

    Eurobarometer - well known term?

    Hello, I'm not searching for a definition of "Eurobarometer" but I wondered if you could tell me how well-known this term would be for the average English speaker. Thanks, Lucinda
  46. E

    the best-known vs the most well-known

    Hello, I would like to know whether the second option - the most well known - exists in English at all (Google says, Yes, it does. But sometimes it is not very reliable.) Thank you. E.g. Mr. Smith was the best-known/most well-knownname associated with financing the project. And, also, is it be...
  47. HolyUnicorn

    well known by/among people

    Hello, Michael Medved was well known by people across Northeast Ohio. He worked at the Sam’s Club in Mentor and the Walmart in Madison. Community remembers Madison man who died New Year’s Day after being hit by a car What is the difference between “well known by” and “well known among” ? Are...
  48. Mattterhorn

    It's a well-known fact

    Hello, I have a question regarding the grammar of this construction, you are supposed to say "It's a well-known fact that + sentence". Some students don't put THAT and they extrapose the subject. It sounds wrong, or at least ugly to me, and I wanted to double check if it's wrong: Example: (a) It...
  49. C

    parody well-known televisual formats

    hola, yo entiendo lo siguiente: parodia televisiva conocida que está organizada en una serie de argumentos surrealistas o mordaces y fragmentados temas?? alguien me podría decir cómo se traduciría al español? gracias
  50. T

    is so well known for

    Hi, I am working on a file for Koton, clothing brand. Can you tell me does "is so well known for" refer to the colors or the collection? Bright red, dark emerald green and metal grey hues give the collection the stand-out look punk is so well known for. Thank you