academic terminology

  1. onitamo

    Croatian: Finding a log

    "Well," said the salesman, "let us test it out back." Finding a log, the salesman pulls the starter cord, and the saw makes a great roaring sound. Prijevod riječi a log= zapisnik ne paše ovde. Please help
  2. A


    Hello! How can I translate "contrattista" "? In the academic context, the first term refers, for instance, to students attending PhD training courses who are involved in research projects with a temporary contract; Can you help me find the most suitable synthetic terms (University context)...
  3. K

    Maître de Recherche au CNRS

    Hello, in a cv...would you say in english Master of Research ? could anyone help me with this ?
  4. squidink

    masters candidate

    Hola... En un curriculum vitae, ¿cómo se escribiría si la persona está estudiando una maestría? En inglés, si no me equivoco, se diría 'masters candidate'. ¿Se puede decir en castellano, 'candidato a una maestría en...'?
  5. C

    doctor (académico)

    Hola! i'd like to know the difference between doctor in History PhD in History Which one is correct?or are they both correct? and in that case, when should i use each one? muchas gracias!
  6. M

    Issu d'une formation mathématique

    Hi, How you say : "issu d'une formation mathématique". "Resulting from mathematical formation" is correct ? Merci
  7. F

    professional student

    Ciao! non so come rendere in italiano "professional student". La frase è la seguente: "Also the university fees differ from university to university, but they are obligatory at every single university, just like additional costs for the so-called “professional students”." Dal resto...
  8. S

    lectura de memoria de master

    Hola, Estoy traduciendo un certificado de un master realizado en una universidad espanola y tengo problemas con dos términos de esta frase: "ha completado el programa con la lectura de su memoria". Yo lo he traducido como "reading of his dissertation", sin embargo, no estoy segura de que...
  9. Carolina Rocío

    doble grado académico

    ¿Cómo están todos? ¿Cómo se diría en inglés formal "doble grado"? En el contexto académico, universitario (por ejemplo: obtuvo doble grado en la Universidad de Lima), ¿¿"double degree"??
  10. G

    Faire un master/PhD

    Hi there ! Is it proper to say "I 'm doing a master's degree in Mathematics and I would like to do a PhD" ? My hesitation is about the verb, "to do". Thanks in advance.
  11. F

    Master in ingegneria clinica

    Master in ingegneria clinica Come si legge nel titolo non so se tradurre così: Clinical Engineer Master o Master in Clinical Engineering Thanks a lot, you are very fast
  12. A

    ha iniziato e completato la sua esperienza universitaria presso il nostro istituto

    Can anyone help me translating this phrase? Lui ha iniziato e completato la sua esperienza universitaria presso il nostro instituto (la laurea triennale presso la sede di Brescia e la specialistica presso la sede di Milano). This is my attempt: He started and completed his university...
  13. ulala_eu

    L. es SC., Ing. Chim., PhD

    Hello everybody! Can somebody please help me with this? I'm getting crazy! This is the description of someon working in the field of sports nutrition: Dr. Alain Regnault // L. es SC., Ing. Chim., PhD. The thing is I need to translate it into Spanish and I don't know what the first abbreviations...
  14. P

    BA, MD, PhD

    Hi guys :) Can somebody help me with this, please? Juanito Perez, MD, PhD Leí que MD = Doctor of Medicine = Doctor en medicina PhD = Doctor of Philosophy = Doctor en Filosofía Lo que me gustaría saber es si esos títulos significan que la persona ha hecho un doctorado en dichas áreas...
  15. S

    defender una tesis

    Hola, ¿Could you please check my traslation and correct my mistakes? This is for a formal letter. En este momento, estoy trabajando en mi tesis doctoral que versará sobre prácticas de crianza y que defenderé el próximo año. Estoy entusiasmado con este proyecto de investigación que comencé...
  16. K

    tesi di dottorato

    Buongiorno a tutti, sono nuova del forum e vorrei subito approfittarne per porvi una questione. Sto cercando di tradurre il mio CV e non riesco a trovare il modo più appropriato per "tesi di dottorato". "Doctorate thesis " mi sembra un pò maccheronico, che ne dite?
  17. S

    Master degree in education

    Se puede traducir esa profesion al español??? Muchas gracias.
  18. N

    Laurea Specialistica in Economia e Direzione delle Imprese

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to translate this degree into English for a resume. Does it mean a "graduate degree in economics and business management?" Thanks
  19. S

    Maneras de llamar (en inglés) a alguien con un doctorado

    Buenas tardes, Se llamaría en inglés alguien que haya completado un doctorado. Sé que se les puede llamar "doctor" pero quisiera saber si hay otro modo de llamarles ya que para este documento en concreto creo que traducirlo así podría llevar a confunidar al lector. Gracias y saludos,
  20. I

    Facoltà di Scienze Matematiche,Fisiche, Naturali

    I do know there are several other threads on this argument, but none of them seems to answer to my question: how can I translate such a difficult one like "Facoltà di Scienze Matematiche,Fisiche, Naturali ? Anyone who can, please help me! :o
  21. M

    Master of/in/on Science

    ¿El título Maestro en Ciencias Computacionales se traduce Master of Computer Science o Master in Computer Science?
  22. S

    M. Ed.= Middle Education

    Hola a todos... no se si en este foro debo preguntar sobre esto pero soy nueva aqui asi que mis disculpas .... necesito ayuda en unas abreviaciones en inglés de profesiones ....necesito traducirlas al español.... he tratado de traducirlo pero no estoy seguro si esta bien...por favor corriganme...
  23. J

    European studies

    Hi Does anyone know what the standard translation for european studies as a degree subject is? e.g. I have a degree in European Studies and/or also if a French employer would understand what this means or if would be worth putting a note of explanation of what the course involves. The only...
  24. ziride

    licence en traduction

    comment dire j'ai une licence en traduction option français /espagnole?? merci d'avance.
  25. M

    TIP (Degree Transcript)

    Hi everyone I am translating the transcript for a Spanish degree and one of the columns, which follows the 'Subject' column, is labelled TIP which I assume refers to TIPO, but I cannot work out what the codes listed mean. The options are TR, OP, OB and LC. Could they refer to the different...
  26. V

    Degree granting institution

    Buenas Tardes si alguien tiene información de algún equivalente en español de Degree granting institution, lo necesito urgente para un proceso de convalidación de título universitario. Muchas Gracias! Good Afternoon, if anyone could help me with an equivalence in spanish of "Degree granting...
  27. Greg_W

    Bachillerato o Licenciatura

    I have read the various forum posts regarding the translation of the various educational degrees. I have one remaining question, however. Is "Bachillerato" an appropriate translation of the English "Bachelors Degree?" Should that rather be translated "Licenciatura"? If I do translate it...
  28. Chessia

    M. S. en un Degree

    Hola, me ayudan a traducir por favor: Coursework towards M. S. Safety/Environmental Management (Engineering) Es un profesional con varios títulos o grados en materia ambeitnal pero no se entiende el M. S. Gracias :)
  29. E

    Laurea in architettura

    Ciao A tutti! devo tradurre nel cv Laurea in Architettura ...e' corretto MA o questo si riferisce solo a quello che in Italia e' un Master? -- Grazie ;) Angelica
  30. K


    I want to know how to say "projeto de Doutorado" in English. I would apppreciate if someone could help me with it.
  31. G

    a first or good upper-second class honours degree

    Bonjour, J'aimerais connaître la traduction exacte de la phrase en gras pour une inscription: You will need to have, or be expecting to receive, a first or good upper-second class honours degree in a non-business and management subject from a UK university, or an equivalent qualification...
  32. F

    "diploma work"?

    Hello, I'd like to ask if it is possible to use diploma work or diploma thesis as synonyms to master's thesis. I would say that the first is not possible while the latter is, but Google returns surprisingly many results for both. Thanks for your answers.
  33. I

    Laurea in Scienze e Tecnologie dell'arte della moda e dello spettacolo

    Salve! Come posso tradurre in inglese per il curriculum: Laurea in Scienze e Tecnologie dell'arte della moda e dello spettacolo; Grazie mille!!!
  34. C

    applied toward a degree

    Alguien sabe cómo podría traducir lo siguiente: "Please note that the coursework done in this program cannot be applied toward a degree with ZCU¨ This is from a program of study that does not offer credits. They call it non credit in Enlish. How can I translate this into Spanish?
  35. J

    pursuing my masters degree

    Comment on dit: Currently I'm pursuing my masters degree in French. Devrais-je dire: En ce moment, je poursuis ma mâtrise en français.
  36. L

    corso di laurea tecnico di radiologia medica

    Per cortesia sapete come tradurre Corso di laurea Tecnico di radiologia medica? Grazie
  37. B

    Bachelor of Arts in Communication Research

    hello, i really need the correct French translation of my course.this is my course name Bachelor of Arts in Communication Research.. please help me. thanks! :)
  38. M

    Bachelor of Arts candidate

    Boa noite, Queria dizer que eu sou uma estudante atual que vai diplomar-se no ano que vem. No Ingles nos dizemos "bachelor of arts candidate". O que posso-eu dizer em portugues? Muito obrigada! M
  39. S

    Seduta di Laurea

    Hello everybody, how do you call the special end day of your degree when you have an examination of you dissertion and there are al lot people waching you? Thank you in advance Come si dice in inglese il termine "seduta di laurea" o il giorno "della seduta di laurea" Grazie a tutti
  40. SolangeC

    Baccalaureat de l'Enseignement Secondaire General

    We have a reply to a post on this term, but no real answer. Can anyone give a good explanation of "Baccalaureat de l'Enseignement Secondaire General"? I am doing a translation of transcripts from Benin. My closest equivalent would be "high school degree". Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  41. J

    Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication

    What is the french translation of the course Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication?
  42. M

    BS in Engineering

    Hello, I would like to know how translate " BS in engineering" into French? Here is the whole sentence i have : "I first heard of L’Oreal during an on campus recruiting event at TCNJ where I earned a BS in Engineering". Thanks in advance for your help and Happy New Year!
  43. N

    Profesor Superior de Piano

    Hey guys! How would you translate the degree "Profesor Superior de Piano" in ENglish? Could you help me? Thanks!
  44. P

    Second-class honours degree

    Hi there! Its my first post here so: be kind :) I'm trying to apply to a master degree in Ireland and, among the requirements, I often read that: "second-class honours degree". I already read here that honours could mean "cum laude" or that it could be the fourth year of specialisation after a...
  45. Y

    bachelor, licentiate

    Estoy traduciendo un documento como parte de mi tesis de graduación. El libro es del año 1917, y el siguiente texto es parte del capítulo que habla de la Universidad de Córdoba en Argentina: In each of the faculties there were three degrees. Those of the faculty of arts were bachelor...
  46. J

    Master's degree..

    Wie sagt man?: I am working on my master's degree? I typed master in the dictionary but it didn't show anything pertaining to degree. My attempt: Ich arbeite fur meine ___________??? Danke
  47. mcmc

    licenciado en comunicación social

    Saludos, ¿Cuál sería la traducción más correcta para licenciado en comunicación social? He pensado en licentiate in journalism and mass media, o simplemente mass media licent¡ate. Gracias
  48. A

    Congelare il dottorato

    Qualcuno sa dirmi come si traduce "Congelare il dottorato"? Ho visto da qualche parte "to freeze". E' un'espressione che si usa. Cercando su google escono dei titoli di giornali per esempio, ma è un po' gergale...devo usarla in un contesto formale e non so come esprimere l'idea. In italiano...
  49. NatashaP


    ¿Licenciada en Derecho se escribe Bachelor of Law?
  50. C

    Precario della ricerca

    Hi there, I'm subtitling a documentary about the new Gelmini law on the Italian educational system and can't work out how to translate "precario della ricerca". I thought of "unpaid researchers", although I'm aware this is not necessarily true (that they must be unpaid). The idea I should...