1. P


    hola NO se si podrian ayudarme a traducir esta frase:Credits arising from any goverment subsidy payment.En un contexto de contratos internacionales de empresas conjuntas. Muchas gracias
  2. Santiago Jorge


    Would you please check my translation: I am not sure about the word "posted." Original: "Additionally, they will complete a monthly review to see that payroll was posted appropriately and identify any errors." Mi intento: «Además, completarán una revisión mensual para asegurar que la nómina...
  3. H

    dû à

    The following is part of a Balance Sheet: Surplus du à la conversion des devises. How would this best be translated?
  4. B

    % sobre costo

    Hola, estoy tratando de traducir del español al ingles la frase "10% sobre el costo total", por favor ¿alguien sabe la frace adecuada en ingles?
  5. D

    open bookings

    Hi, I could use a bit of help. I'm dealing with some French-speaking companies (and their accounting departments) and while I do speak French relatively well, I never really learned French accounting lingo. I'm trying to find a translation for "open bookings", which is kind of in reference to...
  6. Fenice

    Total assessment ?

    In a accounting context, how to translate total assessment ? - valeur totale seems weird to me... - montant total is more common but does it have the same meaning ? Thanks in advance !
  7. O

    betterment accounting

    "Though the rules were similar to the ones issued in 1894 and largely ignored by the industry, the railroads were now required to recognize a depreciation expense and a corresponding reserve for their "non-permanent" fixed assets - rail equipment. Protests quickly erupted over the new rules and...
  8. J

    Répartitions forfaitaires

    Hello, I am trying to translate a document providing accounting standards for non-profits. This sentence is part of a section dealing with the allocation of costs to different categories. Les répartitions forfaitaires sur la base d’une clé de répartition n’en font expressément pas partie...
  9. O

    allocations agreed upfront

    Hello, I really find it difficult to translate the following into French, can anyone help? "The EPTG costs were based on approved Service Work Orders(SWO), with the allocations agreed upfront, based on time spent." I gave it a try but you may laugh at me:o " Les coûts d' EPTG ont été basés...
  10. M

    Compras exentas

    Hi!! I need to translate "compras excentas" Besides, I would like to know how it´s the correct way to say "REDONDEO" in english. Rendondeo is in reference to costs... For exaple you have 99.99 this is equal to 100 ... Both are used in a trial Balance as items. Thanks in advance!!!! :D
  11. Santiago Jorge

    payroll system

    I am having doubts about my translation, would you please check it? Thanks. Original: "Any changes will be forwarded by the Business Manager to the XYZ Controller by de September1 for approval and changes in the payroll system." Mi intento: «El Gerente de Negocios remitirá cualquier cambio al...
  12. B

    accounting consulting services

    I'm translating a presentation for my boss, from Spanish to English. Can you give me some advice on it? Letters in bold is what i translated. Thanks in advance. I apologize if it's too long. In the first sentence take into account that you may see account redundant but it's just because we...
  13. Vanda

    delinquent account

    Gente, como é mesmo o termo que usamos para esta expressão? delinquent = Overdue in payment: a delinquent account.
  14. C

    Compte-rendu d'evenement

    How to translate in English the French words "compte-rendu d'evenement" or acronym CRE , software or IT terms used for functional or technical specifications? Thanks in advance
  15. V

    Materiales y Suministros

    En finanzas públicas, cómo se traduce: Materiales y Suministros (que son parte del gasto corriente)
  16. papi

    keep your business flowing

    Ciao a tutti, ho questa frase che non riesco a rendere bene in italiano. Si parla di uno strumento informatico: "This tool can help keep your business flowing". [Non viene effettivamente spiegato come possa farlo, si tratta di una specie di 'headline', quindi ulteriore contesto non ce l'ho.]...
  17. K

    Actual Reporting

    Estoy intentando traducir una oferta de empleo para un puesto de controller y me aparece esto en una de sus funciones: Prepare monthly Actual Reporting in accordance with different GAAPs. ¿Que quiere decir ACTUAL REPORTING? ¡Muchas gracias por salvarme el cuello!;)
  18. A

    formato para archivo de proveedores

    ¿Alguien puede decirme cuál es la forma correcta para titular "Formato Para Archivo De Proveedores"...? Gracias Nota: Por favor, lee las Reglas del foro. He tenido que editar tu mensaje. No utilices mayúsculas indebidamente y fíjate la regla sobre los títulos de los hilos. Muchas gracias...
  19. N


    I need the nearest translation of "enthousiasment" thank you very much.
  20. P

    pertes à terminaisons

    Hi all, Can u please tell me the meaning of this term pertes à terminaisons ?
  21. P

    affaires contentieuses

    hi all, Can u please tell me the meaning of this term affaires contentieuses?
  22. P

    travaux d’arrêté

    Hi all , I am not getting the meaning of this word travaux d’arrêté Any suggestions??
  23. P

    Flux de trésorerie

    Hi all, i am unable to find the meaning of the following term. Its an accounting entry Flux de trésorerie lies l’activité Also please suggest any accounting glossary?
  24. M

    With effect from and including (date)

    Hi, I'm translating a formal document which specifically mentions a date from which a condition is in effect. How would you translate this? More specifically: the phrase is... "each person agrees that with effect from and including the date on which the document is implemented, it has not made...
  25. H


    The above appears on a Balance Sheet under the section "Règlement Factures". What would be the correct translation in this context?
  26. N

    Management des organisations

    Moderator note: Threads on the same question merged. As far as a scholarly discipline, how would you say "Management des organisations" in English? Organizational management?
  27. micu28

    contabilidad de costos

    Hola, Se trata de un certificado de estudios (Administración) en donde se enumeran los cursos aprobados y sus respectivas calificaciones. Tengo problemas para encontrar el equivalente en inglés de: Contabilidad de costos. Encontré esta definición en Wikipedia (es): Contabilidad de costos Rama...
  28. whodouthinkyouare

    relaçao bancária

    O que é uma relaçao bancária? É igual ao extrato de conta? Contexto? V - cópia da ordem bancária de crédito ou da relação bancária, constando carimbo do banco Os depósitos serao relizados através de relaçao bancária, e ficarao a cargo da área financeira a qual a regiao estiver afeta.
  29. B

    IETU (Impuesto Empresarial en Tasa Única)

    Saludos: ¿Me podrían decir si existe alguna traducción para IETU (Impuesto Empresarial en Tasa Única) y cómo se traduce? Gracias.
  30. K

    fee holder

    Hello, everybody! I've been looking in all my dictionaries for the meaning of « fee holder », but I can’t find it anywhere… I’ve found this in a contract between two companies, contract called “Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement”, which I’m not sure what it is in French either… Could...
  31. H

    accrual basis

    Hola, de que manera debo de interpretar en un informe financiero la palabra "accrual basis" Gracias
  32. asiul

    financial statement

    Ciao! could you suggest me how can I transalte FINANCIAL STATEMENT? I tried with dichiarazioni finanziarie but I'm sure there is a more technical term! thanks in advance. :)
  33. P

    a cuenta

    Hola, Por fa, como se puede traduccir la expression "cantidad a cuenta " que en el contexto es una parte de un pago mas importante, por ejemplo, compro una casa y a principio doy una cantidad a cuenta, en frances, la palabra "acompte" esta bien?gracias
  34. L

    aggiornato alla data odierna della situazione contabile

    Ciao tutti, ho dei dubbi se ho tradotto (capito) bene la frase seguente: ...per richiedere un estratto conto – corredato dalle movimentazioni intercorse da gennaio in poi – aggiornato alla data odierna della situazione contabile. L´ho tradotta: ask for a stratement of account - provided...
  35. B

    billing / invoicing

    Hola, Necesito saber que palabra si "billing" o "invoicing" es más usada para referirse a "facturación" y cual es la diferencia entre ambas. Gracias
  36. A


    Hello all, I'm a bit suspicious of a translation I got back from a translator. I don't want to offend them because I, admittedly, know next to no Italian. But I can and will respectfully stand up for what I believe is wrong if I have good reasons backing me =) The word is "giroconto". I...
  37. Necsus

    Cessione credito

    Hello everybody! Come si può dire in inglese "cessione di/cedere un credito a una società di recupero (crediti)"? Thanks a lot!
  38. anangelaway

    Financial / Financier

    Lexique Financier / Finance Glossary in both languages (de A à Z / from A to Z), it's quite complete. English language financial glossary Thanks, Quaeitur! Bilingual glossary of business...
  39. S

    Documentos por pagar - accounting

    Here I go again, I need help with accounting terms: Documentos por pagar (listed under liabilities with cuentas por pagar and acrredores varios) Patrimonio (also under liabilities, a sub heading actually) Capital pagado (under patrimonio) Resultados acumulados (under patrimonio) resultado del...
  40. D

    cuentas para suplidos

    Cuentas para suplidos I am currently translating a manual on hotel management software. Does anyone know what types of accounts these are in English? Thanks suplido.(Del part. de suplir).1. m. Anticipo que se hace por cuenta y cargo de otra persona, con ocasión de mandato o trabajos...
  41. J

    provided legal services on account

    Agradezco información sobre on account. Por ejemplo: Provided legal services on account.
  42. H

    cuenta de resultados

    in an accounting context, broken down into ingresos and gastos. thanks
  43. V


    Hi, could someone please tell me what is the English word for SONDERPOSTEN????? For example, the customer cancels the order and then you have the items of this order ready for somebody else to take them for a lower price. Like a special offer. Thank you in advance.