1. A

    strong hand illustration

    Buonasera ragazzi, mi sono imbattuto in questa espressione che proviene da un job advertisement: You should have relevant experience and be up-to-date with fashion trends. Strong hand illustration as well as computer design is essential. Il mio problema è in "strong hand illustration". Il mio...
  2. tsoapm

    plancia - 50 plance 140x200

    Ciao, This is from a list of items in a proposed poster campaign: From IT-EN dictionaries, I get it in various nautical senses and as the dashboard of a car. One of the nautical translations is "gangway", as in passerella. I expect this means I can translate it as "footbridge" or perhaps...
  3. tsoapm

    La campagna è depositata.

    Hello, I’m having some trouble with translating this sentence. The word “deposited” in particular. I’d guess, probably: La campagna è depositata. The campaign has been registered. It’s perhaps not technically advertising, since the campaign is for an ONLUS, but it features images for print...
  4. U

    dwell time

    Ciao a tutti, volevo cercare di capire e, se possibile, tradurre l'espressione "dwell time" in quesa frase che viene da un articolo che parla di una startup: The goal of the startup is to give traffic measurements like those used online - "dwell time", "engagement", "bounce rate" - to brick...
  5. M

    la creatività (in pubblicità, comunicazione, ecc.)

    Sto traducendo un preventivo per una rivista specializzata di moda. Nei costi è ripetuto un paio di volte la voce creatività e s'intende i costi della parte dell'invenzione delle idee. Si potrebbe dire brainstorming, e ne fanno parte il copy writer, l'art director, il designer. Esiste in inglese...
  6. entrapta


    CTA Hello guys; What is a CTA? It refers to a commercial/infomercial and it should be the video footage demostrating how a product works... Some sort of "video dimostrativo" perhaps... I don't know what the initials stand for... I couldn't find anything on the web.
  7. P

    car commercial song

    cosa si intende in inglese per car commercial song?
  8. entrapta

    account (advertising)

    account Talking about accounts in advertising I thought I could easily translate into "cliente" cause after all it's a kind of customer an agency takes care of. But I wonder if there's another more specific term for it in Italian, especially if with accounts we define different products owned...
  9. I

    Deployment in Advertising

    Hello Everybody:), Sorry to bother you but I need a little help translating the word "deployment". I found it while talking about advertising, especially banner publicity and internet advertising. Usually, this word refers to Creatives, that I think it is a technical word for particular kind of...
  10. R

    pagina pubblicitaria

    How do you say Pagina Pubblicitaria in English? Literal translation is advertising page? please let me know.
  11. I

    Lo spot realizzato per il concorso indetto da

    ciao! sto facendo un corso di inglese e mi sono appena registrato in questo fantastico sito! ho provato a tradurre una piccola frase per un mio amico.. qualcuno potrebbe dirmi se è corretta e aiutarmi a completarla per piacere? un bacio a tutti! grazie grazie grazie! Lo spot realizzato per il...
  12. Lorena1970


    Hi all, How do you call those A4 / A3 (max) format "manifestini" (small billboards) that are usually stuck to pub's walls to advertise about art events/theatre shows/concerts and so on...? In Italy it's very common to stick them to bar's glass doors, for instance. I had a look on an old...
  13. sab1971

    free test ads

    Ciao gente! Scusate, ma poiché non mi intendo molto di gergo pubblicitario (come del resto di molti altri gerghi :o) avrei bisogno di una conferma sulla traduzione del seguente brano: 'X had made a little progress with advertisers over the past month; he’d been aggressively soliciting on...
  14. entrapta

    account director vs. account manager

    In the advertising industry I found the word "account manager" and "account director"; the latter is translated as "direttore servizio clienti"; does the same apply to "manager"? Are they basically the same thing? Or should I say "responsabile"?
  15. B

    últimos proyectos realizados

    Cómo se traduciría la frase, Consulta nuestros últimos proyectos realizados ..... Ask abour last completed projects...????
  16. M


    Hi everybody: Talking about forms of communication, I have a list of vocabulary words like: banner ads - billboards - bus wraps - fliers, pop-up ads, etc., but I can´t find the meaning in Spanish for "crawls". I guess that these, are those ads that appear at the bottom of your tv screen (most...
  17. B

    Gama de soluciones

    Cómo se traduciría? una completa y flexible gama de soluciones desarrolladas para adaptarse a cada tipo de mobiliario con posibilidad de creación de nuevos perfiles en un plazo de cuatro semanas (terminología merchandising) Podría ser: A complete and flexible .....of solutions developed to...
  18. T

    commercial tie-ins

    Hola a todossss Es que me ha salido una frase complicada y he ido por partes.... ¨co-promotions¨and ¨commercial tie-ins¨ Lo he traducido así: ¨co-promoción¨y ¨acuerdos conjuntos comerciales¨ Tiene sentido legal? Gracias
  19. D

    cookie look-back window

    Hi, this text is about advertising on the Web. Do you have any idea of what a look-back window may be? "If the cookie look-back window is longer in one product, that product will capture more conversions."
  20. M


    I'm translating a proposal for advertising in a magazine. The offer includes, "Dos publirreportajes de una página cada uno". How would publirreportaje be best translated? The definition is advertising content that is longer than normal... like in magazines where you see articles that appear to...
  21. T

    Giustificativo di campagne pubblicitarie

    Salve a tutti, sto traducendo un report finale per una campagna pubblicitaria e non so come tradurre "giustificativo" ovvero, ad esempio, la foto scattata ad un tabellone pubblicitario per dimostrarne l'avvenuta affissione. Ho trovato justification come possibile traduzione, ma temo faccia...
  22. A


    Hi, does anyone have any suggestions for translating the above? I've come across "driving experience" somewhere, but am not sure that it's quite what I want. Context: "erhöhte Wankbewegungen bei Kurvenfahrten" may result in "einem unerwünschten Fahrgefühl für den Fahrer". Thanks for any...
  23. maryscotti221166

    Spazio espositivo

    Ciao, Non riesco a trovare una definizione di "spazio espositivo" in inglese. Nel caso specifico si tratta di un'area espositiva (ad es. posta all'interno di un Dept.Store o di una showroom), una sorta di vetrina interna, dove viene creato un allestimento (ad es. una ricca ambientazione con...
  24. Q

    spot pubblicitario

    Ciao a tutti, mi chiedevo quanto fosse usato nella lingua inglese il sostantivo "spot" col significato di spot pubblicitario. Faccio questa domanda perchè non ho mai incontrato "spot" usato con quel significato, ma l'ho trovato in un paio di dizionari... è regionale oppure globale? Il tutto...
  25. H

    Final de recorrido o final del recorrido

    "Final de recorrido" o "Final del recorrido"
  26. C

    premier property services

    Hi everyone: I'm trying to find the best way to translate this title to Spanish: "Premier property services in the Southern Cone". My main hesitation is with the word "premier", I'm not sure if it is an adjective for properties, or for services. I thought of these options, but I'm pretty...
  27. C

    chilly love

    Bonsoir, Je cherche l'équivalent de "chilly love". En fait, c'est le slogan d'une pub pour un sweat à capuche.
  28. T


    Buongiorno a tutti, Volevo chiedere se il significato di "tiptopmodels" potesse avere qualche doppio senso o comunque diverso da "eccellente". E' molto importante perchè si tratta di un sito web di pubblicizzazione di modelle professioniste e in nessun caso il termine "tiptopmodels" deve...
  29. L

    bar de barrio/ bar de copas

    Hi, I am trying to translate 'bar de barrio' and 'bar de copas' into English. It is for a leaflet to advertise a new bar so the translation has to be accessible to people of different countries without loosing the meaning. I have translated these as: bar de barrio = local bar bar de copas =...
  30. G

    driver-oriented feel

    Hi, could anyone help me translate the above phrase into French? The context is a car in "the interior is remarkably clean...with a driver-oriented feel." Thanks!
  31. R

    demerita, "esa persona demerita el programa"

    demerita "esa persona demerita el programa". es como si dicha persona no esta a la altura de tal situacion. por favor ,,, gracias
  32. A

    Canchas deportivas

    Hola a todos, soy nuevo en este negocio. Estoy tratando de hacer una folleto, ¿cómo escribo correctamente "canchas deportivas" en Inglés? Gracias por su apoyo.
  33. G

    CRM Marketing

    Hola, Tengo que hacer una presentacion sobre CRM Marketing en español y necesito ayuda para traducir muchas palabras (y frases) de esta tematica. Espero que vosotros pueden ayudarme porque he buscado en muchos diccionarios y paginas web sin mucho éxito. Muchas gracias de antemano!! -...
  34. M

    en su caso

    Hola! Alguien podria explicarme que exactamente significa " en su caso". La frase entera es asi: "Los documentos deberian presentarse legalizados por via diplomatico, o en su caso, mediante la apostilla". muchas gracias de antemano.
  35. C

    web belt

    I need to know what "web belt" means, please.
  36. V

    Partir à l'assaut

    Comment traduisez vous l'expression en anglais "partir à l'assaut" ? Merci !
  37. F

    attitude towards an event

    Hi, I need your help for a translation, please. I have to translate in the context of a scientific research about sport sponsorship, the expression : "Attitude towards an event/a brand" The goal is to ask this question in a french questionnaire : " Define your level of attitude towards Nike" (...
  38. O

    être poursuivi par

    Bonjour, Je cherche à traduire du français vers l'anglais la phrase (inhabituelle je l'admets) : "je suis poursuivi par la police, pouvez-vous me cacher ?" et je suis bloqué par le "être poursuivi par"... Merci d'avance si vous avez des suggestions ;-)
  39. M

    Azafata / Promotora

    Hi! Tengo que publicar un anuncio, y tengo una duda. Como traducir Azafata / promotora. El puesto consistiría en estar junto a un producto en un almacén de bricolaje y explicar en qué cosiste, ofrecer opciones... En español podría ser promotora, pero en inglés no sé si sería Promoter o Customer...
  40. V


    Bonjour, est-ce que quelqu'un sait comment traduire "délivrable" en anglais = la prestation qu'on délivre au client. Merci beaucoup :) Veary
  41. E

    pige publicitaire

    Hello, I would like to find the english way to talk about "une pige publicitaire". During my last internship I had to compare the advertising of five different magazines, in order to identify who where the advertisers, in which field of activity they worked (hostelling, tourism...
  42. M


    Bonjour, Quel est l'équivalent français du verbe "endorse" dans la phrase suivante ? :confused: "Endorse Sony's media relations program to inhance Sony's image amongst the local press" D'avance, merci :)
  43. A

    Ne perdez pas une minute

    Hello! How would you translate "ne perdez pas une minute/seconde, inscrivez-vous" thanks!
  44. A

    en (company name) = in / at

    Hello everybody: I want to say: "En RCN te damos lo que quieres... como lo quieres." In this context, RCN would be a Tv network, a company, not a physical place but as a company, a brand. My question is: What preposition is proper to use in this case: "in" or "at". Thanks a lot.
  45. H

    selected work

    Bonjour J'aimerais savoir quel serait la traduction la plus approprié, pour selected work, en francais, dans un contexte artistique, pour par exemple une publication présentant quelques travaux seulement d'un artiste? Merci d'avance
  46. L

    tan-based plumage

    Bonjour En parlant de l'oiseau Bengali rouge, "It has a tan-based plumage" Comment le traduire ?
  47. K

    From laughs to tears

    Hola, es primera vez que pregunto algo, sepan disculpar si cometo algún error y corríjanme por favor. Necesito ayuda con esta expresión, viene de un afiche antiguo de cigarros y se utilizó en una conferencia de Al Gore. Literalmente es "de las risas a las lágrimas", pero quisiera saber si...
  48. L

    Don't Just

    Hi, I'm currently doing a Spanish course and we've been asked to write a slogan for the class. The slogan I've come up with is 'Don't just think it, say it" At the moment I've put it into Spanish as "No solo lo piense, lo dice" but I'm not sure if this is the best translation.. Any ideas...
  49. B

    production resource

    •Buenas tardes , esta es la 1º vez , asi que espero estar haciendolo bien. Tengo que traducir la siguiente oración que me está dando muchos problemas. ¿Me podrían ayudar por favor? "A dedicated production resource for AZCA Group companies delivering"
  50. B

    complimentary first

    Bonjour, Comment traduire "complimentary first" à propos d'un Bachelor of Arts à l'université d'Oxford ? (probablement une mention?) Merci d'avance