Afrikaans: Itchi, Itchi

    Hello, For those who have a background on African languages. What does “Itchi, Itchi” mean in this respect? When it was burning brightly the little hare said to the rabbit, ‘Rabbit, my friend, throw me into the fire, and when you hear my fur crackling, and I call “Itchi, Itchi,” then be quick...
  2. Masood

    Afrikaans : Nice to see you again!

    Hi, I am seeing someone in a social situation after having last seen her 2 weeks ago. How would I say informally "Nice to see you again!"? For what it's worth Google translate suggests "Lekker om jou weer te sien". Is that a good choice? Baie dankie
  3. ihitokage

    Unknown African language

    Hello, there is one Czech comedy film and there are some guys from Africa. They say one sentence which I'd like to identify and translate. Can anyone recognize it or give me the translation? Here it is (3:14): [Youtube video title: Dědictví...: Bohouš v restauraci] Thanks and have a nice day!
  4. M

    Afrikaans: hoeksteenonthulling

    I'm translating a newspaper article, and having trouble understanding this paragraph: Omega-boesmankamp is die eerste operasionele basis met sy eie kerkgebou wat uitsluitlik vir godsdienstige doeleindes gebruik gaan word. onder groot interest van talle klein en nog kleiner Boesmantjies, saam...
  5. Masood

    Afrikaans: I'll be there in a minute/soon

    Hi, How would you say this in idiomatic Afrikaans (referring to joining someone in a minute or two)? I'll be there in a minute/soon Ek kom ... [?] Dankie
  6. C

    Afrikaans: Nasal vowels

    so I've read a couple of times that Afrikaans has nasal vowels but where do they occur? and how are they represented orthographically? thanks
  7. ryba

    Afrikaans: Devoicing of /ɦ/ (suffix -heid)

    Hello, I've just seen on Wikipedia that Apartheid is supposed to be pronounced [ɐˈpɑːrtɦɛit]. I'm wondering, though, whether the transcription is 100% correct. Phonemically transcribed, I think it should be something along the lines of /ɐˈpɑːrtɦɛid/ or /aˈpaːrtɦəid/, depending on the convention...
  8. jamesjiao

    Afrikaans: Inflection rules for monosyllabic adjectives

    In Afrikaans, adjectives change their forms when used attributively. This rule seems to apply to all polysyllabic adjectives, but not to monosyllabic ones (unlike Dutch). This is an immense source of confusion for me. For example, one would say: 'n rooi kar instead of 'n rooie kar but one...
  9. L

    Afrikaans: Lat vs. dat

    English below. ~~~ Ek probeer om dit in Afrikaans te skryf, sorry vir al foute! ~ Ek het maar net Nederlands geleer maar probeer nou 'n boek in Afrikaans te lees. Dis maklik om baie te verstaan maar daar is tog grote verskille. 1) Sinne het soms die woord "lat" en ek het die gevoel dat (lat?)...
  10. K

    Afrikaans: I'm looking for a flat

    Greetings, supposing that I was interested in finding a flat in Cape Town, how should I address the real estate agency? My Afrikaans is for all purposes null, and I can only say "Kaapstadt" in it. How could I say "I'm looking for a flat"? Thank you.
  11. Xander2024

    Afrikaans: -djie, -tjie

    Hello everyone, Could someone please tell me if the diminutive suffixes -djie and -tjie in Afrikaans are always pronounced as [ki]? Hondjie - [honki] ? Baadjie - [baaki] :confused: Thank you in advance.
  12. Xander2024

    Afrikaans: guur / gier

    Hello everyone, Could someone familiar with the rules of pronunciation in Afrikaans tell me whether the words "gier" and "guur" are pronounced in the same way [xi:r] ? Thank you.
  13. D

    Afrikaans: borsel

    I am reading JM Coetzee's novel "Boyhood" and the word "borsel" comes up.Here is the context: "He fears and loathes the hulking, barefoot Afrikaans boys...who...will take you off to some quiete place in the veld and violate you in ways he has heard leeringly alluded to -borsel you, for...
  14. Z

    Afrikaans: Food Talk

    Looking to know how "Food Talk" is written in Africaans with reference to Food and Beverage industry
  15. V

    Afrikaans: You're my hero.

    How can you say 'You're my hero" in Afrikaans please?
  16. sound shift

    Afrikaans: Vergelegen

    There's little context, I'm afraid. I saw "Vergelegen" on the label of a bottle of South African wine. I would like to know what this word means. I think it is the name of the vineyard or of the estate on which the wine was produced. I know a bit of Dutch but "vergelegen" is not listed in my...
  17. D

    Afrikaans: Elke keer as ek se Emily...

    aan nie. Elke keer as ek se Emily, dan dink sy ons praat van haar. Sy weet nie wat ons se nie. So, ek sal weer se Emily, dan lyk dit of ek baie te se het oor haar. Wag, laat ek weer se Emily, dan raak sy nog even meer suspicious. Gooi n engelse woord tussen in, dan lyk dit nog even beter ...
  18. B

    Afrikaans: It's been almost a week since you left and you still haven't shown signs of life

    Hola, necesito traducir esta frase al afrikaans!! Millones de gracias si alguien me ayuda... "Hace casi un mes que te fuiste y aún no has dado señales de vida. Bien!! No lo esperaba de ti, pero bueno saberlo. Disfruta!" :)
  19. Masood

    Afrikaans: I need to ask you a few questions.

    Hi I'd like to be able to say the following in Afrikaans: I need to ask you a few questions. I know the word for 'question' is vraag ("fraakh"), or something. Please could you provide an English transliteration to aid pronuncation. Thanks.
  20. Masood

    Afrikaans: Have you got a few minutes?

    Hi I'd like to be able to say the following in Afrikaans (similar in Dutch?): Have you got a few minutes (free/spare, to speak)? Please could you provide an English transliteration to aid pronuncation. Thanks.
  21. J

    Afrikaans: I do

    Hallo, Hoe luidt het Afrikaanse jawoord in de huwelijksceremonie, alstublieft? How do bride and groom say I do in Afrikaans, please? I mean: unless the real lover of one of both turns up right on time with some strong arguments. Alvast bedankt!
  22. P

    Afrikaans: Baba

    Hello everybody, by any chance is there some one who speaks Afrikaans and could tell me if Baba means dad or what. It´s in a Nadine Gordimer short story. I translated it back in 1990 as dad, only that I don't remember from where I took the term. I´ve been looking in the Web in all the...
  23. V

    Afrikaans: One day we will all live in peace.

    How can you say this in Afrikaans please? "One day we will all live in peace." Dankie! =]
  24. A

    Afrikaans: wolle

    Hi! Ik probeer in mijn gebrekkige Nederlands te schrijven (sorry voor mijn fouten). Hartstikke bedankt aan Frank en HKK voor jullie vertalingen. Eindelijk snap ik de betekenis van het verhaaltje. Aangezien jullie zo aardig zijn, zou ik jullie nog iets willen vragen :) In de zin -...dat jy net...
  25. A

    Afrikaans: moewiese, so waar as vet, wys

    Hi! I'm reading a book for children in Afrikaans but I really don't understand some words (I don't find them even in a dictionary). Can someone help me?? - van 'n moewiese saal - .. en sowaar as nannies, ja, sowaar as vet, my sussie kou net daar 'n gat regdeur haar bed. (Is the first part a pun...
  26. P

    Afrikaans: bemin vs. liefde

  27. P

    Afrikaans: bemin vs. liefde

    Moved from the Dutch Forum ("The scope of this forum is the Dutch language (Nederlands)...) Frank (Moderator DF) I know this isn't an Afrikaans forum, but given the two's relation I thought I'd ask here (and it is an "other" Germanic language, but certainly not Nordic, so...) I was wondering...
  28. J

    Afrikaans: Dialect or Creole?

    As well, but not exclusively. This is not only incorrect. You probably should be a bit careful with what you say in this matter. Apartheid is not that far away in history, and it has left scars as well as sensitive subjects. Just so you know. It really isn't. There were lots of influences...
  29. J

    Afrikaans: Vir-niks-nie-bang-nie

    Hi All! :) I have some book titles in Africaans that're proving absolutely impossible to translate. However, I have managed to find a word (duikboot) that one site says corresponds to the German phrase(?) "vir-niks-nie-bang-nie" - I'm not sure, this doesn't even look German to me, but I am SO...
  30. Setwale_Charm

    Afrikaans: skakel - bel

    These words both are related to telephone communication but I would like to know what they mean exactly and , if possible, to have a translation into Dutch too.
  31. Setwale_Charm

    Afrikaans: gesels

    What does it mean? It must be a verb as far as I can see. What is the Dutch translation for it?
  32. Setwale_Charm

    Afrikaans: ch

    How is this combination pronounced in Afrikaans, as in the word "China"?
  33. Setwale_Charm

    Afrikaans: nationalities

    Can anybody tell me the Afrikaans for the following: a Canadian, a Frenchman, a Portuguese, a Greek and a Chinese? And also: how are the feminine for these formed?
  34. Setwale_Charm

    Afrikaans: Piet's book

    Hi! I have got some trouble with possesive suffixes here. How do you say that in Afrikaans: Piets book?
  35. América

    Afrikaans: verstandelik ryp genoeg om die implikasie...

    Hola, estoy traduciendo (del inglés al español) un documento de una sentencia en India que se refiere al derecho de las mujeres a consentir la terminación del embarazo. La traducción que estoy haciendo es de otra traducción (me imagino que el idioma original era el hindú), hay una parte que el...
  36. panjabigator

    Afrikaans: a dying language

    What is the position of Afrikaans in South Africa today? Is the language surving or is their more emphasis placed on Xhosa, Zulu, or English? I have two friends who are Caucasian and from South Africa. They tell me their parents speak in Afrikaans all the time, but they only know English. Is...
  37. Bienvenidos

    Afrikaans: In die land van die blindes is die eenoog koning

    Praat jy Afrikaans? Idiomatic expressions in Afrikaans (do you know of others?) Gee my 'n luitjie.--> Give me a ring (phone call). Die gort is gaar --> The fat is in the fire. Sy hande staan vir niks vekeerd nie --> His fingers are not all thumbs. Vrae is vry en die weier daarby.-->...
  38. Bienvenidos

    Afrikaans: tips for learning

    Does anyone here know how to speak Afrikaans? I am currently looking into learning the language, and I don't have many great resources to learn verbs, conjugation, others. Currently these are some examples of what I know. Ek staan. (I am standing) Jy staan. (You are standing). I also know the...
  39. Masood

    Afrikaans: How do you say ... in Afrikaans?

    Howzit, How do you say "how do you say <insert word here> in Afrikaans?" My very poor attempt is that it's something like "hoe praat .... en Afrikaan?" Dankie, Masood.