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  1. P

    Definite forms of placenames in Albanian

    Hello, I was wondering why placenames have definite and indefinite forms in Albanian? When would one use Shqipëri and when Shqipëria for example? Thanks.
  2. P

    Albanian: Rigid axle

    Hi everyone! How to translate "Rigid axle" in Albanian.
  3. M

    Albanian: marrje/marrja

    This question pursues my reading of an article on the history of Albania. Said marrje/marrja is a component of both hakmarrje/-a ("vengeance", I think) and gjakmarrje/-a (translated as "blood feud"). I have discovered that hak means "debt", but with a secondary meaning of "revenge"/"vengeance"...
  4. L

    Albanian: Once Upon A Time

    Hello, I want to say "once upon a time" in Albanian, but I am not sure which one below is right: 1-Një herë e një kohë 2-Njëherë e një kohë 3-Njëherë një kohë When I used Google in Albanian to check them, I saw all of them are used through social media. Maybe, all of them are true?
  5. S

    Albanian: "Peerndii" (God)

    Hi everyone. In a 1807 book (reprinted) I found a glossary of Italian-Georgian-Albanian words, originally published in 1693. Angelo Masci, Discorso del consigliere di stato --- sull' origine, i costumi e lo stato attuale degli Albanesi del regno di Napoli, p. 20. There is one word "Peerndii"...
  6. Benad313

    Albanian: My Albanian is very bad

    Hi all! I was wondering how you say this simple sentence in Albanian. Specifically, I was also wondering what the Albanian word for "bad" is, and if there are variants of this. Thanks!
  7. N

    Albanian: Bibilush

    Hello! I'm researching childish terms for private parts in different languages. The cartoon song about "Willie and Twinkle" made me think of the issue. The Swedish original is called "Snoppen och Snippan". What would be an accurate and child-friendly pair of names for male and female genitalia...
  8. T

    Albanian: front line

    Hello, I just want to know how you would say "front line" in albanian. It is a military term. I'm sorry for my poor english. Thank you.
  9. T

    Albanian: syn

    Hello, Could anyone tell me what ‘syn’ or ‘syyn’ means? I received it as a response to me saying “I’ll call you later” and I don’t understand the response of ‘ok syyn’ and I can’t find it anywhere on google either. Thank you!
  10. Benad313

    Albanian: What are you doing?

    In Albanian, how would you say: "What are you doing?" to someone? In addition, how would you respond with "I'm doing nothing?" I've just started learning, so help would be much appreciated. Ju flm guys!
  11. S

    Albanian: Pine tree

    Hello everybody. The question is about a minor toponym in Greece, allegedly meaning "pine tree" in "arvanitika" dialect. The word is written as Βιέθι or Βγέθι in Greek, usually pronounced as "vjEthi". Is it used in Albanian (probably Tosk)? It seems to be cognate to the ancient greek πίτυς /...
  12. L

    Albanian: please

    I started studying the Albanian language a while ago. There are two different forms of "please" word: Ju lutem and Të lutem. What is the difference between these words? Possibly informal / formal? How much do you use please word in Albania?
  13. blaagman

    Albanian: time / ime

    Hi! This might be a dumb question but I’m trying to really learn Albanian this year and I wanted to know if there’s a difference between ime and time? They both mean my but is one formal? Do you use one in certain situations??
  14. Y

    Albanian: fletë gjethë

    Persendetje! I Is there any difference betwenn these words : gjethë/fletë? Are they totally synonyms .? Falemindërit§
  15. P

    Albanian: Kapaki pa kupë, kupa pa kapak!

    Hello, I am currently working on a project that aims at making languages more accessible to young children and thus, promoting plurilinguism. I chose Albanian as a language of interest and I have to include a tongue twister in Albanian. As this project is amied at very young children (ages...
  16. M

    Albanian: my life

    Hello :) I have a question do you say jeta ime or jeta jem, when you say “my life” in albanian - to a guy :)
  17. A

    Albanian: Gheg / Tosk

    Hello everybody, I'm goingt to Pristina (Kosovo) this Summer in order to work there for about eight or nine months. I want to learn at least a bit of the language beforehand, but after I saw that there are different dialects and that some online learning platforms often don't use the same, I'm...
  18. L

    Albanian: Imperfect / Past Tense

    Hello, I've an upcoming exam in Albanian this week (written Albanian), but I still struggle with some things. Among them; separating the imperfect and the past tense (for example ishe vs. qeshë). I've learnt that in French, the imperfect is used to describe an action that is unfinished, or is...
  19. T

    Albanian: dalendüse

    A Dutch etymological dictionary suggests that a swallow is a dalendüse in Albanian, but dictionaries suggest that gjëlltit(de). No mention of dalendüse when I google or look up in those dictionary. Can anyone help? BTW: I found another, probably more correct form of the word dałɛndüše, but even...
  20. S

    Albanian: po na bahen nja 8 muj qe jena bashk kshuqe mir krejt deritash

    what does this mean? - po na bahen nja 8 muj qe jena bashk kshuqe mir krejt deritash - hajt shyqyr, spo flas ma se po te mar msysh - pa merak, po ti naj gja kshu ;), naj pelqim apo hyq hyq
  21. N

    Albanian: You look very German!

    I just saw a photo of an Albanian friend at Oktoberfest dressed in lederhosen. Can someone, please, tell me how to say, "You look very German!" in Albanian? Thanks!/Falemenderit!
  22. LMatt88

    Albanian: Hami pimi e rrimi té zhbemi nëng do dimi kur aren muaj inarit hami koçan a karit

    Does anyone know what this means? "Hami pimi e rrimi té zhbemi nëng do dimi kur aren muaj inarit hami koçan a karit". Thanks in advance.
  23. C

    Albanian: Let me know when they arrive.

    Google tranlation: më lejoni të dinë kur ata arrijnë I'm not sure if this is correct as I got another translation from this linked source (dict.cc): Më lajmëro kur ato vish If anyone can help out with this, that would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  24. A

    Albanian: it was nice to spend some time with you

    Hello, How would you translate in Albanian: "It was nice to spend some time with you" in a nice/polite way? Google translate suggests me: "ajo ishte e bukur për të harxhuar disa kohë me ty" Is it correct? Thanks :-)
  25. iezik

    Albanian: teens (10-19)

    Are there two ways (registers/ dialects) for the pronunciation of numbers from ten (dhjetë) to nineteen (nëntëmbëdhjetë)? I'm listening to the pronunciation by two speakers. Dhjetë one pronounces as if written dëvjet(ë), the other as according to the spelling. I hear the numbers 11-19 with the...
  26. Linnets

    Etymology of the name of Tosk dialect of Albanian

    Hi all! I'm interested in the origin of the name of the Tosk/toskë dialect in Southern Albania. I would like to know if there is any connection to Latin tuscus "Etruscan" (from TURS, cfr Greek Tyrsēnoi/Tyrrēnoi). It would be interesting to know whether the origin of the word dates back to the...
  27. Y

    Albanian: i biri

    Hi, On my albanian lesson, there is the word "i biri" and "djali" for "the son". I undestand that "bir " means "son" and the "i" of "biri" us an article. But what is the first "i "for ? And by the way, does "djali" have the same signification ? Falemderit
  28. Y

    Albanian: Nande vllazmit edhe dreqi

    Hello, I would like to learn some albanian, and I bought a bilingual Albanian-French Book. Title is in French "les neuf frères et le diable" (nine brothers and the devil) Albanian title is : Nande vllazmit edhe dreqi. I tried an automatic traslation ad I found : Nëndë vëllezër dhe djabli Could...
  29. franknagy

    Albanian: Latin alphabet

    I have read Ferenc Nopcsa's biography read. He was a count, a paleontologist, a geologist and a spy and a political adventurer who was spending the years 1910-12 in Albania. I has fallen in a discussion in another computer forum dealing with books. Somebody stated that the transcription of...
  30. R

    Albanian: flas (conjugation)

    Hi, this is the first time I'm using this forum, so, forgive my mistake, if I'm using the wrong area. I'm studying Albanian, through Colloquial Albanian- Routledge (unë flas, ti flet). I met the verb FLAS (to speak) the book doesn't give the conjugation of this verb totally and in the site...
  31. M

    Albanian: Mother Tersas family

    Hi there, I am an audiobook narrator and I'm having trouble finding resources to discover the correct pronunciation of Mother Teresa's family and some other names and places. Dranafile (her mom) Age (her sister). Lazar (luh-ZAR?) Agim (uh-GEEM?) Clea (CLEE-uh?) Dragoti The county in...
  32. K

    Albanian: thanking

    I am a beginner learner of albanian language and get stuck many, many times. So your help will be much appreciated. Let us say you meet with a friend. He asks you:"How are you doing?", you reply:"I'm doing fine. Thank you for asking." How do you say "Thank you for asking." correctly? I...
  33. G

    Albanian: më / mua

    I tried putting the following phrases into Google Translate to see how they would be translated in Albanian: "They hit me." --> Ata goditi mua. "They gave me a book" --> Ata më dha një libër. Is it accurate to say that mua is the direct-object form of "me", whereas më is the indirect form ("to...
  34. 123xyz

    Albanian: flas

    Could someone tell me whether the admirative form of the verb "flas" is "fliskam" or "folkam"? I have encountered both forms on different websites but I don't know how reliable the sources they came from are, so I don't know whether both are valid or if not, which one is. If both are valid...
  35. F

    Albanian: why did you arrive

    Hello forum members, I was told that in Albania unwanted children may in some cases be given a name that means more or less "Why did you arrive/come". Could someone tell me how exactly this is written in Albanian? Can it be a male and a female name? Thanks in advance!
  36. L

    Albanian: Spitarit

    Am translating an Italian book. An Italian fighter talks about the front line's being on the "montagne dello Spitarit," the mountains of the Spitarit. Spitarit, then, is clearly some garbled Albanian word or place name. Does anyone know what it could be? The area is the back country of Vlorë, in...
  37. L

    Albanian: relatuar

    Does somebody know the meaning? Megjithatë, duke iu kthyer problemit, dua të them se për rastin e trajtimit të çështjes në fund të vitit 1955, kur më është relatuar, siç dokumentohet...
  38. L

    Albanian: Shtab

    Shtab ushtarak, Shtabi drejtues etj Which is the word in english or italian?
  39. A

    Albanian: Pronunciación de las letras: 'ç', 'sh' y 'q'

    Hola, quisiera saber cual es la diferencias en estas letras del idioma albanes, quisiera saber como pronunciarlas cada una correctamente, ya que a mi me suenan casi iguales con un sonido parecido a la "ch"en espanol.
  40. lietus

    Albanian: adjectival agreement for masculine plurals

    So I was reading something or other on the Albanian wikipedia and noticed that the Albanian name of the USA is "Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës" - which struck me as odd, because "shtet" is a masculine noun and "bashkuara" is the feminine plural of bashkuar. Arabic (which I know is an unrelated...
  41. S

    Albanian: what? what have you said?

    Dear All, I'm from Italy (Florence) and one of my hobbies is writing scripts for shortmovies and theater performances. I am working on a theater performace in which audience and actors interact. Audience is Italian speaking, while the actors play the role of Albanian people. The show is very...
  42. C

    Albanian: muzikë

    Hello! How do you say in Albanian "someone's music" (I don't mean music by someone, I mean someone's likes, for example if she or he's got a folder with music that they like.) Thank you!
  43. V

    Albanian: lanxha

    Can anybody tell me what that means? I think it's in Albanian, but I can't find it in any dictionary.
  44. W

    Albanian: zemer ime and dashuria ime.

    Hello, does anyone know in which contexts i can use both expression? Is zemer ime used when you're in love or can you say it to a good friend, like darling. Is dashuria ime a strong expression to use when you just met someone? I think it means my love. Many thanks w
  45. V

    Albanian: Mos u ngut

    " Can someone please translate this into English for me? "Mos u ngut . Me paragjykime .... a mendon ti se une me qdokend po shoqerohem. " Thanks!
  46. E

    Albanian: konferencier

    1) Pashë bashkëshorten tek ndiqte një program televiziv ku konferencieri ishte burrë. 2) Në këtë koncert ishte konferencier Pjetër Gjoka. 3) Fillimisht u ekzekutua Himni Kombëtar, ndërsa më pastaj, në nderim të veprës së këtyre dëshmorëve dhe të gjithë atyre që e dhanë jetën për lirinë e...
  47. N

    Albanian: ju bejme thirrje

    Could someone translate to english the poster below? It's in Albanian (Shqip) and I know nothing about it! Has it something to do with voting? Thanks a lot in advance
  48. V

    Albanian: we are not twins

    How can you say in Albania: "No we are not twins, I am older (than her)."
  49. P

    Albanian: Prapë pa gjumë [prap pa gjum]

    Hi everyone! What does ''Prap pa gjum'' mean? Thanks
  50. lietus

    Albanian: Gj and Q

    I see these sounds described with the IPA characters /ɟ/ and /c/ all over the internet, but that doesn't seem possible to me. I've been talking to a Hungarian friend of mine, her language having these sounds, and she agrees that they sound quite different from the letters Gy and Ty (to which...