1. Whodunit

    Albanian: Tosk and Gheg differences in conjugation

    Hi, :) I know about the difference between the Tosk and Gheg dialect of Albanian, and from what I have read, I can tell that the modern Albanian language is the standardized Tosk dialect, whereas the Gheg dialect is spoken in the north and still widely accepted. These two dialects, however...
  2. A

    Albanian: Këtu kam qenë dhe i kam parë, më barbare ishte që kanë bërë sërbët.

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to have a precise translation of a sentence in Albanian. The English translation I have says it means "it was the most barbaric act committed", but there seems to be more in the original sentence... "Këtu kam qenë dhe i kam parë, më barbare ishte që kanë bërë...
  3. mateo19

    Albanian: imperfect tense vs. continuous imperfect

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone could explain to me what is the difference between the imperfect tense and the continuous imperfect tense in Albanian. I think that they both translate to "was x-ing", right? For example: unë po mendoja - I was thinking unë mendoja - I was...
  4. mateo19

    Albanian: verb tenses, short sentences

    Hello everyone! I'm studying aspect and verb tenses in Albanian, but I don't actually know any Albanian. I wanted to compare how Albanian works to other languages I know. Could anyone help me translate the following sentences? Thank you VERY MUCH!!! Faleminderit!!! I slept well yesterday...
  5. A

    Albanian: Tiranë (indef.) or Tirana (def.)

    Is the Albanian capital usually written as Tiranë or Tirana in Albanian (Shqip)? If the 2nd one is used as the form with a definite article, why does the first form exist? I understand, you would need to give me some info on Albanian grammar to clarify. I am all attention. :) Look at the...
  6. *cat*

    Albanian: A fejti aj ci ka paje po smund te gjeje mal

    Hello to all! I have one sentence. I thought at first that it is written in Turkish, but they told me that it isn't. I still think that it is written in one of the Slavic languages. Maybe there is someone here that could help me... I would like to know in what language this sentence is written...
  7. A

    Albanian: Shum kryeforte je a une shum kureshtar a ti spo don me ma perkthy amo sofi

    Shum kryeforte je a une shum kureshtar a ti spo don me ma perkthy amo sofi qekjo osht 1 send ma shum qe mshtin me te pelqy ty. A greek who lives in northan Greece told me this, and I could not figure out the meaning. I hope some one will translate me all that. Thank you
  8. Nadias

    Albanian: plis hat

    hola! Quería hacer una consulta que en otros foros no supieron contestar. Tengo que traducir un artículo que dice lo siguiente: One man, to the far left of the photograph, is wearing a traditional Albanian white plis hat. A la izquierda de la fotografía, el hombre con un gorro plis albano...
  9. V52

    Albanian: Thank you

    Hi, I need to know how I can say a few albanian words can anyone help me? It is very Easy .. for now.. how can I say Thank you! and You're welcome! and Help! Hope some friend can give me some hints... Vittorio
  10. pizzi

    Albanian: nyje (prepositivo indeterminato)

    C'è chi mi possa spiegare come funziona, e fornire alcuni esempi in albanese? E' una regola presente anche in altre lingue? Per esempio: Considero tale te folur? E te ngrohte, è invece determinato, o indistinto? E per i sostantivi maschili e femminili? Grazie
  11. B

    Albanian: "Thanks!! I have been understood!!!"

    Please help me to translate this phrase in albanian language ;)
  12. S

    Albanian: singing, France, arrested

    Hi, I need the following sentences translated into Albanian: How is she singing? She is singing beautifully. Have you ever been to France? Have you ever been arrested? Can anyone help me? Thanks! Susan