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all iir languages

  1. taraa

    Good grief

    Does 'good grief' here mean 'عجب گیری افتادیم' ? Or sonething else? Woman: Two coins each. Man: They were one denarius yesterday. Woman: That was yesterday. Man: yes. Just yesterday, they were one denarius. Has there been some apocalyptic development that I somehow slept through in the...
  2. abba2011

    persian : joke around about

    the things I'm telling you... you don't joke around about. قسمت دوم جمله در زیرنویس اینجور ترجمه شده بود که :"...رو بیرون جایی به کسی نگو". آیا این یه اصطلاحه و اگه اشتباه ترجمه شده درستش چی میشه؟
  3. Alexu

    Ergativity of Indo-Iranian

    As far as I know, there are two hypotheses for the appearance of ergativity in the Indo-Iranian languages. 1. The absence in the ancient Indo-Iranian languages of a separate verb with the meaning "to have". 2. Influence from such ergative languages as Tibetan, Burushaski, etc. What do forum...
  4. C

    आकी रही भावना जैसीं प्रभु मूरत देखी तिन तैसी

    This is an inscription on a canvas depiction Hanuman. What is the language et what does it mean?
  5. Z

    Please help identify this inscription (unidentified Indic language, Lahore ~19th. cen).

    Can anyone read this inscription? It is inlayed on the hilt of a 19th century sword from Lahore. My best guess it that it is some kind of Landa script, like Takri or Mahajani, but I can't read it.
  6. Q

    Hindi: राज नागौर तह लाडनू

    Help translate the inscription on the gun. Thanks for the help!
  7. elliot5200

    All IIR: Two peas in a pod

    Hi all, I'm trying to find equivalents in other languages of the British proverb 'two peas in a pod', i.e. two people very similar to each other Just from Googling, I found the Farsi equivalent is 'Mesl-e sibi ke az vasat nesf shode', i.e. Like an apple cut in half - can anyone confirm whether...
  8. panjabigator

    All South Asian languages: chickpeas

    Good morning! I was hoping someone could help me disambiguate a bit between chhole and chana masala. In my house, chickpeas are called "chhole" and chana are the split Bengal gram daal (in Hindi). But that same daal is called "chholeyaaN dii daal" in Punjabi. I'm not used to calling chickpeas...
  9. cHr0mChIk

    Rajasthani (Marwari): language partner

    Hello! I am interested learning Marwari language and looking for a language partner who would be willing to help me with this language, and also I'd be helping him if he needs any help with the languages I know. I speak mainly Slavic languages (Bosnian/Serbian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Russian) but...
  10. C

    Hindi/Urdu: Martà (surname)

    Could Martà be a surname in Hindi, Urdu, or some other language in this Forum? If so, how would it be pronounced? Background: In looking at the membership list for an organization, sent to our chapter from a national office whose website must be used to join, I see two individuals whose...
  11. A

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: pickled vegetables

    Are there any other words that South Asians here use for achaar?
  12. nikmahesh

    Marwari and other IIR languages: the curious case of Marwari in Maharashtra

    Every now and then when a language encounters a once geographically separated linguistic relative, it enters into a fascinating sort of meld given enough time and contact. I’ve recently spent some time with Marwari relatives from the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. For context, Marwari...
  13. S

    Prakrit: rayaṇa pronunciation

    How should Prakrit -aya- in rayaṇa (= Sanskrit ratna 'jewel, gem') be pronounced? (1) [-ɐjɐ-] (The hiatus-filling consonant y is pronounced between vowels). (2) [-a:-] (The hiatus-filling consonant y is written but not pronounced between vowels). (3) [-e-] (-aya- is contracted to -e-, like...
  14. M

    All IIR Languages: Whole beans

    Hello! Yesterday I was talking to an Indian person, who said "gram" meant whole beans and "dal" meant peeled and split beans. When I came home, I was curious what the words were in South Asian languages so I searched on the Internet. "Dal" was easy, as it's a direct borrowing from the Hindi...
  15. C

    Persian : zahremar/ maraz

    Hi Do زھر مار and مرض both mean 'shut up?
  16. B

    I recently found this partial page with possible Devanagari script

    I found a handwritten note that was folded. I don't know where it came from. It was located in a trash can in my home. I live in rural United States. No one in my house claims to know where the note came from. I wondered if anyone can either tell me what the language is and possibly translate it?
  17. G

    to disconnect

    Guys how to say: 1) I was still talking and he disconnected the phone. ( matlab he cut the line) 2) Disconnect your phone while we are having the training. Thanks,
  18. Ardy

    All IIR Languages/Persian: (بچه شیطون (بامزه

    Hi fellas! I am looking for an identical conversion for what we have in farsi: بچه شیطون، بچه بامزه و روجک Please pay attention it doesnt have a neg sense!
  19. S

    Gujarati/All Indian languages: writing the full stop/period

    Is it okay to use the । पूर्ण विराम as the Gujarati (ગુજરાતી) પૂર્ણ વિરામ? Is the । that's used in other Indian language scripts such as Devanagari (Hindi, Marathi), Gurmukhi (Punjabi) and Eastern Nagari (Bengali), used in Gujarati? I'd prefer using it because it's more Indian than the round...
  20. A

    Indic languages: Saj

    Saj is an Indian name. As per my search: A girls name that means "one who worships God, Beauteous tranquillity". Is it right?
  21. L

    Indo-Aryan: Rules for schwa deletion in modern Indo-Aryan languages

    Hi all. I have been seeing quite a few discussions on the schwa in recent threads. I would like to know the rules for schwa deletion in modern Indo-Aryan languages. By modern Indo-Aryan languages, I mean languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati and Punjabi. Are there any hard and fast...
  22. T

    Indic languages: thar, thaar

    I have often observed that Pakistani print media calls the desert as thar (تھر ) desert, but in India the common usage is thaar (थार ) desert. I wonder what is the correct name?
  23. S

    All IIR Languages: paribhāṇḍaka

    Hi, I found this word paribhāṇḍaka in T. Burrow's (1937) book The Language of the Kharoṣṭhi Documents from Chinese Turkestan (p. 17). He said it means 'the load of a horse, baggage'. Strangely, I cannot find that word in Sanskrit or Pali dictionaries I have consulted. Is it an unattested word...
  24. bearded

    Connection between Sinhala and Divehi languages

    Hello everyone I would like to know if it is true that the two above languages are strictly connected with one another, and whether mutual understanding is possible (and to what extent) between their speakers. Sinhala is one of the languages of Sri Lanka, Divehi is spoken in the Maldive...
  25. Q

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: chaa'e vaa'e (echo words)

    Friends, just a light hearted topic. An Urdu and I presume a Hindi speaker would say "chaa'e vaa'e piyo ge?". In Punjabi it is normally "chaa shaa", "roTii-shoTii" etc. Is this how it is Urdu and Hindi? Are there other ways of expressing this kind of construction?
  26. N

    All IIR Languages: Kammamuri

    Hello all, I'm reading a novel set in India in which one of the character's names is Kammamuri. I'm sure it's transliterated poorly, and I can't figure out what the original inspiration for this character's name might have been. The character is identified as Maratha but based on some other...
  27. marrish

    All IIR Languages: pasuuRii پسوڑی (slang)

    In Urdu slang, the word pasuuRii is used frequently to mean "a difficult situation". Perhaps I haven't done justice to this word because it's used in verbs like pasuuRii Daalnaa, pasuuRii khaanaa and then, its meaning slightly changes. Now, I would like to request all of you who have command of...
  28. A

    All IIR Languages: brush; types of brushes

    Which words are used in various II languages for brush and the types of brushes listed below? Brush Hairbrush Toothbrush Paintbrush Additions to the list and transliterations (along with original script) of suggestions would be appreciated!
  29. D

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: l~n variation

    Bengali has a prominent l~n variation at (mostly) the initial position of many words, often one of the forms being standard, the other "dialectal", but sometimes also both of them are used side by side, maybe in slightly different meanings. Examples: li-/le- (dialectal) ~ ni-/ne- (standard) -...
  30. marrish

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: secular, secularism

    Hello to all, In accordance with the recent political developments in India, I would like to ask you about a specific word that appeared in an article I was reading today on the BBC Urdu service. Here is the sentence: کہیں یہ ملک سیکیولر جمہوریت کی جگہ ایک ہندو جمہوریت میں تو نہیں تبدیل ہو رہا...
  31. D

    All gendered IIR languages: gender of letters of alphabet and of numbers

    What are the genders of the letters of alphabet in our I-Ir languages with grammatical gender? Should we say in Hindi "daadii" kaa pehlaa da, or pehlii da? The vowel-marks are feminine, I know: ... kii maatraa. Should we say in Urdu "daadii" kii pehlii daal*, or pehlaa daal? Should we say in...
  32. P

    All IIR languages: Latin transliteration instead of native script

    Hi,everyone.Sorry for a basic question.Why we not use Devanagari letter here when we talk about Hindi or Panjabi,or use Arabic letters when we are talking about Urdu?I wonder if the Indian people also write their native language like this recently,just using Latin letters? When we talk about a...
  33. D

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: kaaghaz كاغذ - كاغد

    The borrowed forms of the Persian word kaaghaz/kaaghaδ (کاغذ) in different Indo-Aryan languages seem to indicate at least 3 different treatments of the final consonant z/δ (ذ): 1. z > z~j: H-U kaaghaz ~ kaagaj; Bengali kagoj (~kagoz) 2. d: Marathi kaagad 3. L (retroflex l): Gujarati kaagaL Any...
  34. 盲人瞎馬

    Indo-Iranian languages' differences

    Hello. I'm looking to begin studying a language that belongs to the Indo-Iranian family. I'd like it if you people could suggest one that matches these criteria: No articles No gender Regular conjugation Highly agglutinative Verb types regular (i.e. if you master verb X that ends with the...
  35. P

    IIR Languages: Laldowliani, God's Gift (language?)

    I happen to know a woman who was born near the Himalayas and had to flee with her family when the country turned into Pakistan. She told me her original name was Laldowliani (or Laldawnliene or Laldawnigliani), meaning God's Gift according to her mother. She has no idea where she lived, what...
  36. K

    Reference to spouse as he/she : Indo Iranian Languages

    When referring to one's spouse (husband/wife) it is not uncommon even today for many people to use the third person He/She in Indian languages. Unhone, veh, etc. Let us assume that a woman is speaking to another person and wants to relate an incident involving her husband. Instead of...
  37. W

    All IIR Languages: Dravidian, Tamil

    Which of the following is the most common way of saying 'Dravidian' (people, languages, etc.): draviD, draaviD, draviR, or draaviR? Along those same lines, is the related ethnonym 'Tamil' supposed to be pronounced tamil or taamil? Strangely, I've seen all of these forms used in writing but...
  38. S

    Persian / Iranian languages: Warwalij, Walwalig

    As far as I know, Warwalij, Warwaliz, Walwalig, or Walwalij was once the ancient name of Kunduz, Afghanistan. Can anyone please tell me what Warwalij (or its variants) means in Iranian? Thank you. Waralij, Warwaliz...
  39. marrish

    Indic languages: sella rice

    Hi, It's a long time there was no culinary thread so how about this: There is a variety of rice named ''sella'' and it is distingushed from the 'baasmatii' rice that it lacks the perfume and is yellowish. Here is a link to some pictures. You might easily figure out that I'm asking this...
  40. F

    All Indic Languages: Indian Rupee

    Hi, I'm doing some signage design with a font made specifically for this purpose. There are some words in languages other than english, but I didn't want to use generic fonts because it wouldn't fit nicely with the english signs. In the end, I drew the signs, immitating the pictures of...
  41. W

    All IIR Languages: miyaaN, miyaan

    Using QP saahib's suggestion, I decided to post this enquiry here as a supplement to the original discussion on the etymology forum, which you can find here. In Urdu, miyaaN is used as a respectful term, equivalent to "sir, mister", while miyaan means "middle, waist". Are both of these forms...
  42. marrish

    ALL IIR languages: Happy New Year 2013!

    I wish a successful Happy New Year to all friends reading this message. Peace and bliss in your heart! Urdu: !میری طرف سے آپ سب دوستوں کو نیا سال مبارک ہو جو یہ پیغام پڑھ رہے ہوں۔ آپ کے دل میں سکون اور عشرت ہو Question (as Alfaaz would do): How do you express New Year's wishes in your language...
  43. E

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: ululation

    I am looking for the word for this sound in Persian, but am curious about all other languages as well. Ululation is a high-pitched trill done with the tongue, often by women at weddings or other joyous occasions in the Middle East. In Arabic it is called زغرودة formally and is known colloquially...
  44. P

    Semnani Languages: "dream"

    Greetings, I remember once I noticed a word from a Semnani language (perhaps "Lasgerdi" or "Shahmirzadi") "wov" in sense of "dream". I unfortunately do not recall the name of the book in which I believe I have read it, but this book had probably two volumes and was about Iranian languages...
  45. J

    Sanskrit: one the most precise languages?

    Hello. I have not studied Sanskrit-language but I read about its very rich and accurate vocabulary. I even heard that the people of India are very good computer programmers in relation of that. I'm very ignorant at this respect and I just wonder how much is it truthful. I also wonder if the...
  46. C

    Indian languages: "Cheers!"

    Are there standardized ways of saying "cheers" in India, as in when you raise a drink to toast? Is it the same across languages? It would be helpful for me to see it in Hindi and Telegu, if possible.
  47. A

    All IIR Languages: supra/subliminal (stimuli, messages, advertising)

    Background: definition Question: How would you describe supra/subliminal (stimuli) and the (often sociological and psychological) concepts of subliminal messages and advertising?
  48. A

    All IIR Languages: waterproof

    Background: "Remember to buy a waterproof case for your laptop and other electronics before going to camp!" "Applying this sealant will create a waterproof layer on your tumbled marble tiles and grout so water does not go through and damage the sheetrock/drywall." Question: What words or...
  49. A

    All IIR languages: contribute and contribution

    Background: "If everyone in this room contributes even one coin, we could collect enough money for the surgery of the child in need!" "We should contribute towards keeping the environment clean and healthy" "Singer Mahdi Hassan's (late) contribution to(wards) music cannot be forgotten/is...
  50. A

    All IIR languages: credit

    Background: this has probably been discussed in this forum before, but I decided to create this thread since I couldn't find a thread with this title by searching... "The credit goes to you for making this party successful!" "The original music director should be given credit for composing the...