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  1. L

    faux amis in Nordic languages

    I'm studying Swedish and know that Swedish, Norwegian and Danish bear significant ressemblance to each other gramatically and lexically. But I am wondering whether there are false friends between vocabulary of the three languages as is the case of faux amis between English and French. Thanks.
  2. M

    All Scandinavian languages: How do you read them?

    Hey! I have a question for all of you native and fluent speakers out there. I'm a native speaker of Swedish, and whenever I read either Danish or Norwegian, I tend to re-arrange the pronunciation and word-order to match the rules of the Swedish language. And this happens at once, while I am...
  3. P

    All Scandinavian languages: I am learning Norwegian/Danish/Swedish

    jag larar sig Svenska. (I am not sure if I wrote correclty) how to write "I am learning Norwegian" in Norwegian. and the same with Danish.
  4. E

    All Nordic languages: Hester og utrop

    re: nordic languages re: Hester og utrop Hei, Hej alle about interjection à propos interjeksjon /// utropord Hester og utrop Ptro = whoa = ¡So!...... Hvis jeg henholdsvis gir orden til en norsk,engelsk,spansk hest : - Ptro! whoa! so!-, stanser hesten (ved hjelp av tømmene også, tror...
  5. Oletta

    All Nordic languages: milk

    Halló In Icelandic milk does not even start with the letter "m", it is "rjómi". I wonder what is its translation into other Nordic languages, please tell me. And if you know the ethymology of Icelandic "rjómi", I'd be glad. Thank you.
  6. M

    All Scandinavian languages: Have fun!

    Hi! How do you say "Have fun!" or "Viel Spass!" or "Pasala bien!" in Scandinavian languages? All I could think of is "Ha det bra!" in Swedish. But it seems to be too general and can simply mean "Take care!" right? Thank you in advance! Groetjes, MarX
  7. S

    All Scandinavian languages: comparison

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I was reading some very interesting, funny threads regarding the differences between the Scandinavian languages. I currently live in Prague and have taken an interest to learning a scandinavian language (mainly due to a large swedish and norwegian population...
  8. J

    All Nordic languages: jo / jú

    Dag allemaal, For the moment, I don't have access to sources I should have access to and I was hoping you could help me. I'm wondering about the origin of the 'contrastive yesses' in your languages, I mean the 'yes' particles answering negative questions: jo in Norwegian/Danish/Swedish and jú...
  9. J

    All Nordic languages: term common gender

    Hi, The notion of 'common gender' recently came up in this thread in the Dutch forum. Although applicable to Standard Dutch, we don't have a term for masculine-or-feminine words (other than de-woorden, referring to the article they take). Anyway, it made Frank (and now me :rolleyes:) wonder...
  10. D

    All Nordic languages: Remember: Acquire accuracy before speed

    Hello I would like to ask you whether you would be so kind to translate this sentence into your Nordic languages. REMEMBER: ACQUIRE ACCURACY BEFORE SPEED This is my try in Norwegian. No promises. HUSK: FÅ NØYAKTIGHET FØR HURTIGHET It is by Leonardo da Vinci, by the way. Tusen takk
  11. Mjolnir

    All Nordic languages: Mjolnir

    Hey everyone! According to Wiki, these are the different versions of Mjolnir in Nordic languages: Icelandic - Mjölnir Danish and Norwegian - Mjølner Swedish - Mjölner Faroese - Mjølnir How would you pronounce them? (I'd really appreciate answers without ø, I have no idea how to pronounce it :))
  12. Wilma_Sweden

    All Nordic languages: automobile

    I was looking up the etymology of the word automobile meaning car, and found that local forms of the word (or abbreviations of those) are being used in most European languages except Icelandic, where it's bifreið. Since I don't understand Icelandic, I'd be grateful if someone could explain the...
  13. S

    All Scandinavian languages: Software (gender)

    Ifoelge DSN kan Software vaere intet- og faelleskoen. Jeg kan imidlertid ikke huske, at jeg nogensinde i PCen "barndomstid" har hoert andet end "en software". Har jeg bare overhoert det, eller er intetkoens-varianten kommet til senere?
  14. T

    All Scandinavian languages: Special characters in text messages

    When sending cellphone texts in German, I often use "e" to express an umlaut. For example, "für" I write as "fuer". Etc. I have similar tricks in other languages. I would like to know what substitutions people write for the following: 1. "å" as in "Bokmål" . (I think I have heard doubling...
  15. liquid_theory

    All Scandinavian languages: I love you

    How can I say I love you in Swedish?
  16. jonquiliser

    All Nordic Languages: passive voice

    I'll go for English today as, much though I would like to, I wouldn't understand answers in Icelandic (or Faroese). What I'm wondering is how the passive voice is formed in the respective languages, and if there are more than one way to do it. In Swedish there are three different ways; the...
  17. Z

    All Nordic Languages: Mundo de papel

    Hola. No sé si estaré en el sitio correcto, pero me gustaría saber como se escribe "Mundo de papel" en alguno de los idiomas nórdicos, ya sea Noruego, Islandés, Finlandés, etc. Espero alguien pueda ayudarme. Saludos amistosos :)
  18. A

    All Scandinavian Languages: False friends

    Hey! A funny thing about the scandinavian languages is that there are several words that are essentially the same but mean completely different things in the respective countries. Personally I don't know so many, but here it goes: Rolig; Danish: Easy, quiet , Swedish: Funny ...
  19. A

    All Scandinavian languages: Pronounced as spelled?

    This post will only be for Scandinavians or speakers of these languages (faroese and islandic included). As I expect (hope :)) these people to be able to read Danish, I'll do a post in my mother tongue, for once :D. Hej! Jeg ved at danskere er berygtede for at stave ordene helt anderledes...
  20. Lemminkäinen

    Nordic languages resources & F.A.Q.

    Quick links: Danish Faroese Icelandic Norwegian Swedish Suggestions and comments are welcome, please use the "Report a post" icon on this message to get in touch with a moderator. How to write the special characters? Tips from the main forum features FAQ: How to type accents and other...
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    Welcome to the Nordic languages forum! - Guidelines for posting

    Help the Nordic Languages forum get off to a good start by asking some questions. Steps: Register. Click "New Thread" to ask a question. 1. Be helpful, not hurtful. If someone's language background isn't perfect, don't treat him/her badly. 2. Quoted material Song lyrics may be quoted and...
  22. A

    Relationships between Norse Languages

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me / point me in the direction to some details about the relationship between the relationship, in a grammar structure view, of the norse languages (Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norweigan, Icelandic) is there much of a difference from a grammar POV...
  23. C

    All Scandinavian languages: Hugga?

    "Hug" comes from the Scandinavian word hugga, "to comfort." I heard the languages of Norway, Sweden, and Demark have closed related. The text says hugga is a Scandinavian word. Then, how can I read it? Should I read "hu" as "who" and "gga" as "garden," or "hu" as "human" and "gga" as "garden?"...
  24. Setwale_Charm

    All Scandinavian Languages: Jaså

    Hi!! I have always marvelled at the usefulness of the Swedish word Jaså!! meaning "That`s it!" "That`s right!" "Understood!" "So it is" etc. Do other Scandinavian languages have this word? I think, it exists in Danish as well.
  25. T

    All Scandinavian languages: Music terms

    Hi all! I'm a musician and composer and I've taken a real fascination to the folk songs of Scandinavia (Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, specifically, but any other languages would be appreciated). My problem lies in being able to find song titles because I never seem to know what to look...
  26. C

    All Scandinavian languages: Mutual intelligibility/Difficulty

    Firstly, how hard is Swedish/Danish/Norwegian for an English speaker? Any harder than French/Spanish? Someone told me their infact easier. Also, if you speak one of the 3, how much of the other 2 will you be actually able to understand - will you be able to converse fully?
  27. aurette

    All Nordic Languages: Radiotelephony alphabet

    In one of the threads on this forum, I saw someone say in Finland people use Finnish first names for the NATO/ International Alphabet. Could anyone speaking Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish tell me what they replace the International Alphabet with? (for example Finnish first names) The...