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  1. Thomas1

    All Slavic languages: ли, li, -li

    I was reading an article about the stress in Russian language (which is quite complicated) which says that ‘ли’ clitic is never stressed and encountered such sentences: 1 Не знаете ли Вы, когда будет электричка? 2. Хочешь ли ты пойти на выставку? 3. Женя спрашивает, будешь ли ты на...
  2. cyanista

    All Slavic languages: dark blonde

    Well, I think I'll make it a new thread after all! :)
  3. Lev Yakupov

    All Slavic languages: Titles on the spines of books

    Hello there! Today is a my turn to put a question here :) Not far ago, I read this article in which state's that in western europe all books bindings printed from top to bottom, while in russia in other way. Example: (img from So I've a question: In which...
  4. D

    All Slavic languages: blue

    I am curious about the words Slavic languages have for the color "blue". Here is a question I have had since I studied Russian, over 30 years ago. They taught us that the Russians do not think of голубой (goluboj), the color of the sky (nebo, obloha),as a variation of cиний (sinij), but...
  5. xinelo

    All Slavic languages: Significant agents of modernization

    I would be very grateful if people could provide translations into any Slavic language for the following sentences: [1a] They have become significant agents of modernization. [1b] They have become significant agents of modernization. ... knowing that, in sentence [1a], they refers to only...
  6. Whodunit

    All Slavic languages: Dual forms for numbers

    Moderator note: I want the thread to receive attention of all Slavic speaker. It was originally a Czech question, but I decided to change the name and treat Czech just as a case study. Jana Recently, I read that Czech and other Slavic languages lost their dual forms in the Middle Age...
  7. Jana337

    All Slavic languages: Long vowels

    I recently wrestled with the spelling of some Slovak words. My mother, who was schooled in Slovakia, pointed out that there is a rule, almost without exception, according to which Slovak words never have more than one long vowel. I swear, it was the first time I had heard about such a rule. I...
  8. martinemussies

    Russian & other Slavic languages: Cyrillic script

    Hi everybody !! :D Since I'm studying Russian, I'm very interested in other Slavic languages too. What are the differences in the Cyrillics between Serbian/Bulgarian/Ukrainian and Russian? I know for example that Urainian uses an "I" in the name of their capital. :) Love to know more about...
  9. martinemussies

    Russian & other Slavic languages: Similar words

    Hi there! :D While trying to learn Russian... I was wondering the following. People often tell me, that when one knows a bit of Russian, he/she can easily understand some of the other Slavonic languages as well. IS THIS TRUE? What do you think about it? And do you guys know words that are...
  10. D

    All Slavic languages: Freight exchange

    Hello ! I would be gratefull if someone translate me the word FREIGHT EXCHANGE in any of the folowing languages BULGARIAN, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, Macedonia. I can translate some words or sentences in the Slovenian, or Croatian language, thanks and regards dejan
  11. Jana337

    Slavic languages - resources and tips for learners - UPDATED AND EXPANDED

    Quick links: Belarusian Bosnian Bulgarian Croatian Czech now in the Czech forum Macedonian Polish I now in the Polish forum Polish II now in the Polish forum Russian I now in the Russian forum Russian II - specialized dictionaries and glossaries (economics, business, law, politics) now in the...