1. A

    Persian, Arabic: false friends

    According to, false friends are words in different languages that look or sound similar, but differ significantly in meaning. It was a pleasant surprise that false friends exist between Arabic and Persian. I have noticed the Persian word for Revolution being انقلاب. In Arabic...
  2. eskandar

    إلى الغرغرة

    I came across this expression today as follows: ولكن يبقى باب التوبة مفتوحا الى الغرغرة It was translated as "but the door of repentance is open until the last breath". My question is about الغرغرة - a word I understand to mean "gurgle" - is the sense here the gurgling sound made by someone...
  3. eskandar

    يردّ التحية بأحسن منها

    I wasn't sure how to understand this line in a novel: العنصر الذي يقف قرب الحاجز يردّ التحية بأحسن منها Does يردّ التحية بأحسن منها mean it returns the greeting with the best of greetings? Could it be reworded يردّ التحية باحسن التحيات or something? Or does it mean a better greeting? Like...
  4. eskandar

    Etymology of the Arabic شلباطو

    Any ideas as to what the origins of this word شلباطو shalbaaTo might be? It's a Levantine dish made with bulgur and fried vegetables.
  5. eskandar

    Arabic سرمد sarmad

    What is the etymology of the Arabic word سرمد sarmad ? Is it an originally Semitic word? If so, is there a root associated with it?
  6. eskandar

    Arabic definite phrases in Persian, etc.

    Why do Arabic definite phrases like الحبل المتين or الحجر الاسود get turned into grammatically incorrect genitives like حبل المتین or حجر الاسود when loaned into Persian (and Turkish and Malay)? That is, why don't these phrases either remain unchanged (why don't we have الحبل المتین in...
  7. AndreaFacchin

    Reconstruction of events

    السلام عليكم I am wondering how you can translate "reconstruction of events" into Arabic. I post a sample-sentence to clarify the locution: "With respect to the reconstruction of events made by some Palestinian sources..." I would translate the sentence as it follows, but it still lacks of...