1. Whodunit

    Aramaic: Is it understood by Arab natives?

    :) ,أهلاً يا ناسي العريرون After having seen "The Passion of the Christ" (a film in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin) in amazement, I've come to think about whether Aramaic and Latin would still be understood by their heritors of today. In this thread, I want to concentrate on Aramaic (not Modern or...
  2. F

    Aramaic: Suggested Resources and Biblical Phrases

    Hello, I am doing some research on ancient Aramaic in the time of Jesus, and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for sites and/or books on Aramaic, preferably Western Aramaic. In addition, if anyone knows of any good romanizations of Aramaic phrases used by Jesus, it would be very helpful...
  3. J

    Aramaic: Red letters

    I need the phrase "Red Letters" translated from English to Aramaic. Please help!
  4. S

    Aramaic: Jesus

    Jesus in Aramaic is Eesho'..... Spelled Yod-Sheen-Waw-'ayin
  5. C

    Syriac/Aramaic: Maalula dialect

    Hello there! Does anyone here speak the dialect of Maalula? Or do you know where I can find somebody who does?
  6. I

    Aramaic: Tips for learning

    Hi, I am fluent in Modern Standard Arabic, Levantine Colloquial Arabic, and can read Classical Arabic literature. With this Semitic language background, could I teach myself Aramaic, or would I need a sold foundation in Biblical Hebrew first? I am primarily interested in learning the...
  7. S

    Aramaic: beloved

    i need help translating the word "beloved" (as in, the beloved of God) into aramaic script. i've been able to find the masculine, but not the feminine. i would really appreciate any help anyone could give me. thanks!
  8. A

    Aramaic: Strength Through Christ

    Can someone please translate the english phrasing of, "Strength Through Christ," into Aramaic for a scroll tatoo a friend of mine is going to get. Thank you.
  9. J

    Aramaic: Does anyone still speak it?

    I know that Aramaic is still used as a religious language in Judaism and by some Middle-Eastern Christians. But is it still spoken anywhere? Thanks, -Jonathan.
  10. B

    Aramaic: Benjamin

    im tryin to get a tattoo of my name in aramiac but im having problems finding it. i downloaded a font for estranglo aramaic but i wanna be sure that its correct before i get it done. my name is benjamin. any help would be great, thanks.
  11. danalto

    Aramaic: Jesus and Daniela

    Hello, all! I would like to know how Jesus and Daniela are written in Aramaic. I have been looking for the alphabet on the Net, without success. Any hints? Thank you for your help! :)