1. F

    Aramaic: Suggested Resources and Biblical Phrases

    Hello, I am doing some research on ancient Aramaic in the time of Jesus, and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for sites and/or books on Aramaic, preferably Western Aramaic. In addition, if anyone knows of any good romanizations of Aramaic phrases used by Jesus, it would be very helpful...
  2. J

    Aramaic: Red letters

    I need the phrase "Red Letters" translated from English to Aramaic. Please help!
  3. S

    Aramaic: Jesus

    Jesus in Aramaic is Eesho'..... Spelled Yod-Sheen-Waw-'ayin
  4. C

    Syriac/Aramaic: Maalula dialect

    Hello there! Does anyone here speak the dialect of Maalula? Or do you know where I can find somebody who does?
  5. I

    Aramaic: Tips for learning

    Hi, I am fluent in Modern Standard Arabic, Levantine Colloquial Arabic, and can read Classical Arabic literature. With this Semitic language background, could I teach myself Aramaic, or would I need a sold foundation in Biblical Hebrew first? I am primarily interested in learning the...
  6. S

    Aramaic: beloved

    i need help translating the word "beloved" (as in, the beloved of God) into aramaic script. i've been able to find the masculine, but not the feminine. i would really appreciate any help anyone could give me. thanks!
  7. A

    Aramaic: Strength Through Christ

    Can someone please translate the english phrasing of, "Strength Through Christ," into Aramaic for a scroll tatoo a friend of mine is going to get. Thank you.
  8. J

    Aramaic: Does anyone still speak it?

    I know that Aramaic is still used as a religious language in Judaism and by some Middle-Eastern Christians. But is it still spoken anywhere? Thanks, -Jonathan.
  9. B

    Aramaic: Benjamin

    im tryin to get a tattoo of my name in aramiac but im having problems finding it. i downloaded a font for estranglo aramaic but i wanna be sure that its correct before i get it done. my name is benjamin. any help would be great, thanks.
  10. danalto

    Aramaic: Jesus and Daniela

    Hello, all! I would like to know how Jesus and Daniela are written in Aramaic. I have been looking for the alphabet on the Net, without success. Any hints? Thank you for your help! :)