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    remains - archaeological

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if "remains" works in this sentece. The sentece is talking about chariots which have been found in Egypt. To date, the remains of eleven chariots have been discovered in Egypt.
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    tap slag furnace /slag pit furnace

    Hello, I'd like to have to translation in French of these sentences: -tap slag furnace -slag pit furnace There are special ovens. Thanks Amandine
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    Hello, I would like to ask what "cronotipologia" mean? I read a source that this is somehow connected with medieval archeology especially in the discovery of ceramics in 15th century Prato. Could it be translated this way: cronotipologia della ceramica - ceramic cronotipology?? Not very sure...
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    the principle of the sloping horizon (archeology)

    Any archeologists around? Know what the term "the principle of the sloping horizon" means in the following context? "Cultural evolution was multilinear and not always evenly paced in each line. Both homotaxis and the principle of the sloping horizon as regards the diffusions are demonstrable in...
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    lucerna (roman pottery, archaeology)

    Hi everybody. I'm looking for the translation into English of the word "lucerna". These were some sort of lamps used in the Antiquity to provide light (I'm working now on a Roman context but they were used in other cultures too). For an example of it click here. Thanks!