1. Setwale_Charm

    Armenian: pastor/father

    Barev! How would one normally address a Protestant pastor and a Catholic priest politely, in Armenian? Thank you.
  2. K

    Armeninan: sharpik

    Is anyone able to provide a rough translation of this word—used in an informal context to describe a person. Perhaps spelled շարփիկ or շարպիկ? Thanks in advance.
  3. C

    Armenian: -երնիս, -նիս (-ernis, -nis)

    Hi :) In an old description of Armenian grammar (it was on the Western variety, I think it was Elias Riggs' one), they said the suffix -նիս (-երնիս after monosyllabic nouns) was attached to nouns with a 1 person plural possessive meaning, applying to both singular and plural possessions. For...
  4. R

    Armenian: Քուրքջյան

    Hello, First of all, I apologize for not being able to write this message in Armenian, as I don't speak the language. I would like to know if you could help me with this. Famed perfumer Francis Kurkdjian has an Armenian ancestry. Could someone please provide me with the native pronunciation of...
  5. S

    Armenian: աղբահավաք

    Hi I can't remember where I saw this, so apologies for lack of context. But what does աղբահավաք mean? Is it like աղբահան (the person who collects garbage), or does it refer to the collection of garbage? Best Simon
  6. S

    Armenian: դաշնակահար (Etymology)

    Hi Please, what is the etymology of դաշնակահար 'pianist'? Best Simon
  7. S

    Armenian: Միայն ձկով չեմ կշտանա:

    Hi Context: p. 181 of Dora Sakayan’s Eastern Armenian for the English-Speaking World Միայն ձկով չեմ կշտանա: Fish alone doesn’t fill me up. Please can someone explain the grammar? What verb is կշտանա from? Best Simon
  8. S

    Armenian: քանիսն

    Hi I know that Ժամը քանիսն է = What time is it? But please can someone explain this mysterious ending -isn -իսն in the word քանիսն? I have searched all the grammar sources I have and can find nothing. Is it maybe 2 suffixes, -is -իս plus definite article? Best wishes and many thanks Simon
  9. C

    Armenian: նէ, նե (ne)

    Hi :) I come back with another question about Armenian Language... I often hear the particle նէ /ne/ (նե in reformed spelling?) in informal conversations -- maybe it is used exclusively in Western Armenian. Yet, it is hard to figure out exactly what it means, and it seems there are various...
  10. F

    Armenian: signatures

    Could someone please help read the signatures on attached photo. These signatures are on a painting Thank you in advance for any help.
  11. C

    Armenian: He came second

    Hi :) I couldn't find the way to mean ''come'' in e.g. ''He came/finished second (in a competition)''. My attempt: հաջողեցնել? Նա երկրորդ(ը?) հաջողեցրեց: Քանի՞երորդ է հաջողեցրել: Could you please tell me if it is possible with this verb? Otherwise, can for instance վերջացուցեց fit here? (I think...
  12. C

    Armenian: Թե / կամ / որ

    Hi :) Թե te (Western Armenian: թէ) is a word that disturbs me a lot. I would like to know if there is any difference between թե and կամ kam (W.A.: gam). For instance, is it possible to say either: Ո՞նց ես: Լավ թե վա՞տ: Vonc es? Lav te vat? ''How are you? Fine or bad?'' or: ...Լավ կամ վա՞տ...
  13. C

    Armenian: կարեվորա

    Hi! I heard people in Yerevan saying ա instead of է (is). My community's variety doesn't show this feature, but it seems to be important in Yerevan. My question is - is it restricted to is after an adjective (կարեվորա, ահավորա, etc.), or can you use it in forms such as սիրում է, ասել է? And is...
  14. P

    Armenian: զիզիկ

    I can’t seem to find a clear meaning of the word զիզիկ anywhere (no, not ծիծիկ). Nayiri has an entry for զիզի in Armenian, but not in English, offering words that translate as “colorful” and “insect,” but the connection between a word and it’s perceived diminutive is not always certain. From...
  15. S

    Armenian: priest / teacher

    Hello all. I want to know if there is any lingual relation between the meanings of "priest" and "teacher" in Armenian. I tried to find a clue by using online dictionaries and transliteration to latin, and I found this word that seems to have both meanings: գոյական. Does it really connect the two...
  16. S

    Armenian (Eastern): Noun positioning and adverb էլ

    Hello. In Armenian, some adverbs cause displacement of the phrase's auxiliar verb (եմ, ես, է, ենք, եք, են, էի, etc), ex. լավ & շատ. Ես կարոտում եմ քեզ Ես քեզ շատ եմ կարոտում And what about the էլ adverb? It's use is also regulated by certain syntactic rules? Also: where is preferable to...
  17. S

    Armenian: let's sit crooked and talk straight

    Hello all! I'm not an Armenian speaker at all, but I heard an absolutely awesome Armenian proverb which means something like 'let's sit crooked and talk straight', and I wanted to try and find out how it was said in Armenian. I could only find it in the Latin alphabet, and I was wondering if I...
  18. B

    Armenian: Pronunciation of Hrachuhi

    Hello, I would like to know how to pronounce the first name of the fantastic Armenian opera singer Hrachuhi Bassenz.
  19. A

    Armenian: Theonyms

    Hello dear forum members! In the last days i had a discussion with an armenian about the pre-christian religion of the armenians especially about the Name of some of their gods. I learned on Iranica that some armenian theonyms like Aramazd, Anahit, Mihr, Vahagn, Tir, Sandaramet and others are...
  20. G

    Armenian: -ացի suffix (անգլիացի, ֆրանսիացի)

    Hi, The suffix -ացի (-atsi) often appears in nouns referring to someone from a particular country/nation: անգլիացի (angliatsi) "English person, Englishman", ֆրանսիացի (fransiatsi) "French person, Frenchman", and so on. I would like to confirm whether words like անգլիացի and ֆրանսիացի are only...
  21. Q

    Armenian: Այս է տապան լուս

    Hi, This was found in London near the School of Oriental and African Studies, unfortunately our Armenian department is no longer present and there is no-one able to translate. If anyone who speaks Armenian is able to translate it would be of great interest to myself and other students at...
  22. G

    Armenian: ամսագիր

    Hello, Google Translate gives ամսագիր as the translation of "magazine". But, since ամսագիր is a compound of ամիս "month" + գիր "writing", I am not sure whether it refers only to monthly magazines, or also to (e.g.) weekly ones. Can anyone clarify how broad a term ամսագիր is? Thanks
  23. E

    Armenian: Nor darin ambayman seghanin vran gounenank

    Hello everybody! I want to know if its message is written in armenian, I suppose it is. And I need to know what it means, the translation or unless if it is a positive or a negative message. Sorry for my Ënglish!!! This is the message: "Nor darin ambayman seghanin vran gounenank" Thank you so...
  24. B

    Armenian: խճանկար (xčankar)

    Armenian: խճանկար (xčankar) Does anyone know the etymology of this word? It means mosaic. Thanks in advance.
  25. O

    Armenian: Sabian

    I've been told that this writing is Armenian. What does it say? Is it a name or a phrase? Is it a transliteration in Armenian script from another language? Thank you!
  26. Setwale_Charm

    Armenian: Happy Birthday

    Can anyone help and translate "Happy Birthday! Thank you for your inexhaustible humour! Wish you the best of health and to give us your humour for another 100 years!" Could you possibly spell it out for me in Roman characters? :o
  27. G

    Armenian: endingless locative

    In Armenian (or at least Western Armenian), words referring to the location of something often have no case ending: Հայաստան կը բնակիմ - "I live in Armenia." The meaning "in" is understood through the sentence context here -- there is no postposition, or case marking on the word Հայաստան, that...
  28. G

    Armenian: substantive adjectives

    On another thread, it was mentioned that English adjectives are not normally used as nouns. E.g., you don't normally hear people say "You see those two men sitting on the bench? The short used to be my boss." [As opposed to,"The short one used to be my boss"] Is this the case with Armenian as...
  29. G

    Armenian: personal name + definite article

    <-> Hello, In Armenian (or Western Armenian at least) you can add the definite article after a personal name: e.g., Ani > Anin Is there a difference of tone between these two forms? (E.g., does one sound more formal than the other?) Thanks Gavril (PS -- sorry for the lack of Armenian...
  30. Edguoglitigin

    Armenian: verb conjugation

    Hello! I need a help about some conjugated Armenian verbs which take part in a subject I examine. Honestly I have no idea about Armenian verb conjugation nor formation and since the forms are conjugated I cant figure out the exact form of verbs so I cant reach the meaning they contain by looking...
  31. Strict

    Armenian: Dle Yaman

    What does the phrase Dle Yaman mean? In translations, this phrase is always translated as Alas, but once I read a comment which said that his translation is mistaken and means 'valiant of the heart' literally 'of the heart valiant.' If Alas, what would this word in return mean? I have the song...
  32. Jordan89

    Armenian: Alphabet(s)

    I have noticed there are two different alphabets in the Armenian language; Eastern and Western. Which alphabet am I recommended to learn if I want to use it with the majority of Aremenians? Could you be so kind to tell me where I can find the alphabet online? I did search but I need a...
  33. Jabir

    Armenian: Loussatzav loussn

    Hello, Does anyone knows how to translate this Armenian sentence? I don't know what is the variant, probably classical Armenian. Loussatzav loussn est parine yes avadam dzer guentaninn Sorry, I don't have it in Armenian script Thanks!
  34. G

    Armenian: picture/image

    I've learned at least two Armenian words for "picture"/"image": նկար (ngar/nkar) and պատկեր (badger/patker). Is there a semantic difference between the two? Also, does anyone know if պատկեր has the same origin as English picture (< Latin pictura "painting")? Thanks, Gavril
  35. Jabir

    Classical vs. Modern Armenian

    Hello all! :) I'd like to know if I study western/eastern modern Armenian, I will be able to understand Classical authors, like Մովսես Խորենացի or Մեսրոպ Մաշտոց. Also, which variation (western or eastern) is closer to the Classical? Thank you very much
  36. S

    Armenian (Western): I am so sorry for what I said, I did not mean it.

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone here speaks Western Armenian. I need help writing one or two sentences in an email, apologizing to my friend. I would like to say: I am so sorry for what I said, I did not mean it. I value our friendship a lot and you really hurt me. Thanks! Oh and I am...
  37. M

    Armenian: baref/paref, bayergun

    Hi I can not find these words in any dictionary. I know they are used as greeting especially in north east Beirut. Bare and bari irigun.
  38. P

    Armenian: Saturn

    Oh, thanks, I just love Armenian, such beautiful writing. How do you write and say Saturn? Moderator Note: Moved from this thread. Please create a new thread for a new question.
  39. P

    Armenian: Garden of Eden

    What is the phrase for 'garden of Eden' in Armenian? Thank you!
  40. G

    Armenian: agheg / aghek

    I recall reading that the word agheg means "good" in Western Armenian (perhaps also Eastern, where it would be pronounced aghek). Is this accurate? If not, does it have another recognizable meaning? Thanks
  41. D

    Armenian: Im eghbayre menak che, tasnmeke mets uzh e

    Hi! Please, i need the the best translation or interpretation in English and/or Spanish (preferably) of this part of the song "Barcelona" (Armenian entry of the JESC 2009). Here are the lyrics: Im eghbayre menak che, tasnmeke mets uzh e Ev anunn el ir timi “Yerevan” e “Yerevan”-e erb haghti, ir...
  42. Chazzwozzer

    Armenian: Thanks for the invitation! I wish I could come.

    Hello, I am invited to a wedding afterparty by an Armenian friend living in Yerevan. I'd like to reply to his invitation in Armenian, but since the only word I know here is shnorhagallem, I need your help to say the full sentence. I'd like the sentence to be in Latin letters please. "Thanks...
  43. dudasd

    Armenian: լինել կամ չլինել (To be or not to be)

    I found the phrase written in English spelling (Linel kam chlinel), and I have to transcript it into my own language (which is absolutely phonetical - one letter, one sound). Can anyone help me with the precise pronunciation of this phrase in Armenian? The most problematic part is "ch", I don't...
  44. E

    Armenian: Եղեռնի ճանաչում

    could you tell me which /alphabet language is this? Եղեռնի ճանաչում
  45. P

    Armenian: վայ

    Hi! I know it is a Russian forum, but since there is no forum for Armenian language, I thought maybe somebody here could help me with a simple question. I'd like to know what does an Armenian interjection mean. I have it only in Russian transcription, which is Вай. Thanks!
  46. K

    Armenian: I wish I could remember how to speak Armenian.

    What I have is (sorry about my spelling) Uzumem hishem [khosem/khosel?] Hayeren. Thanks for all your help. <3
  47. Chazzwozzer

    Armenian: My dear brother!

    Can anyone tell me how to say "My dear brother!" in Armenian? In Turkish transcription, it's "Sireli yeğpayris!" but I have no idea how to write this in Armenian script.
  48. E

    Armenian: Ֆայլ, Տեսադաշտ, Օգնություն

    Hi! Can anyone tell me the name of this language? And where it is spoken? Thanks:)
  49. K

    Armenian: Please tell me if you can come

    I want to write a note to my grandpa in Armenian about my graduation. I'd like to say "Please tell me if you can come and if anyone else will come with you." or something like that. I don't really understand how to do imperative with every word. Some of them I just know and they don't make any...
  50. K

    Armenian: Forever

    I'm carving a piece of wood for my girlfriend and I want it to say "I love you forever" on it in Italian on one side and Armenian on the other. (I'm Armenian, she's Italian.) We say "Sirum em kez" for I love you but I don't know how to say forever in Armenian. Can anyone help me out?