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arts & crafts

  1. blackshark

    Communication tools for advocacy

    Buondì a tutti. Sto compilando una application per uno stage presso l'ufficio comunicazione di una ONG che si occupa di progetti per l'educazione e la partecipazione giovanile (come il programma Erasmus, per intenderci). Tra le domande, c'è però la seguente che non sono riuscito a comprendere...
  2. D

    Cartivana, escartivana (Artes gráficas, encuadernación)

    ¡Hola a todos! Estoy realizando un trabajo sobre la terminología de la encuadernación y no encuentro el equivalente en inglés para la palabra ESCARTIVANA, también llamada CARTIVANA. Según el DRAE, se trata de una "tira de papel o tela que se pone en las láminas u hojas sueltas para que se...
  3. M

    visiting intellectual grandees

    Hi everyone, I hope you guys are doing good. I'm having some problems with this long compoun noun in this sentence visiting intellectual grandees context: Forster, as well as bohemian high society figures like Lady Ottoline Morrell and Maud Cunard. Fry was also adept at bringing visiting...
  4. C

    to wedge clay

    Ciao a tutti. Volevo chiedere se avete una proposta per "wedged/unwedged clay" e "to wedge clay". la persona in questione sta lavorando l'argilla per togliere le bolle d'aria ed evitare che scoppi nell'altoforno, esiste un'alternativa di traduzione a "lavorare la creta"? qualcosa di più...
  5. O

    All'altezza delle gambe

    Hi! Fashion context, description of jeans inpired by Arabic pants. So they ...si allargano all'altezza delle gambe e si arricciano alle caviglie. My very humble try: ...widen at legs height/level and tighten at the ankles. Can someone help me?
  6. O

    Audio in uscita

    Hi! Description of the cross fader used by a DJ. ...il potenziometro che regola il segnale audio in uscita dei due brani in esecuzione. My try: the pot used for regulating the outgoing (???) audio signal (volume???) of the two played pieces. :(:confused::( Can someone help me?
  7. O

    Cuciture termosolubili

    Hi! Fashion context, manifacturing of dresses. How can I say in English "cuciture termosolubili", that is to say stiches made with threads which "disappear" when ironing them? Thermo-soluble stiches/threads/sutures? Is "thermo-soluble" right? Thanks in advance
  8. A


    Does anyone know what this is in English, please? My first thought was that it might be italics, but when I Googled on it it looked more like some sort of fancy calligraphic script. I don't know whether it has a specific name ... Thanks!
  9. N

    pinch pot

    Hi! How do you say "pinch pot" in Italian? It will be the first assignment in a 5-week pottery class for highschool students. Grazie!
  10. M

    prestito d'uso di oro

    Hello there, Need some help here! Could anyone help with the ´prestito d´uso di oro´ matter? im going to explain briefly what it is all about. So basically, gold-jewellery producing firms ask banks for certain amount of pure gold, which will be subsequently worked and sold, and within a...
  11. Jocaste

    negatives spaces and positive forms

    Hi, I'm looking for a technical translation into French for these two set terms : negative spaces and positive forms. I need the professional terms used in French if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. online9

    blocking (needlework)

    I don't find a translation in the wordreference dictionary for either of these meanings of "blocking." [...] In needlework, it means wetting and shaping a newly made garment or object, then allowing it to dry. "I'm hoping the irregularity of this border will be straightened out when I block...
  13. TimLA

    to bolt

    Ciao ragazzi! Per aiutare il dizionario WR, faccio questo argomento. Nel dizionario non c'è un verbo per "to bolt" (nel senso meccanico). Con Corriere ho trovato "imbullonare". Ci sono altre forme? fissare con perno/i fissare con bullono/i ???
  14. O

    quantum of Solace

    anybody has a translation for such a title ? Quantum of Solace ? I know the two words separately but according to the movie will it mean something like "Que de soulagements" thanks in advance for a more appropriate translation
  15. A

    cartoon (noun adjunct)

    I'm trying to refer to a drawn cat and make it clear that I'm not talking about a real one; in English I would say "cartoon cat." The best I can do is "chat dessiné" but I'm not sure that makes sense in French outside the passive...does anyone know the most concise way to translate this? Thank...
  16. P

    couture d'ameublement

    I would like to translate 'couture d'ameublement" in English [...] Thanks a lot
  17. G

    Distressed designs

    Cómo se traduce: distressed designs, aplicado a diseños para estampar ropa (para screen en ciertos lugares)? Gracias!
  18. E

    wine stopper

    I am trying to say "wine stopper" in Spanish. Not sure if it is the same as "wine cork" or not. I am talking specifically about a ceramic piece that is attached to a cork -- a decorative wine stopper. Any suggestions? Gracias!
  19. S

    Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    I am creating an Italian calendar for the Italian-American club. September 12 is the Feast of the "Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary". The phrase in quotes is how it is on a Catholic calendar. How would I record that feast on an Italian Catholic calendar.
  20. E


    Hola de nuevo, necesito saber cómo se dice o qué es Selvedge del inglés al español. Entiendo que tiene algo que ver con las orillas de los tejidos, pero no estoy muy segura. Gracias otra vez.
  21. E


    Hola! i have a question for the weavers of the world... i don´t know what does it means cross-knit in spanish Necesito saber como se dice o que es cross-knit en español Espero alguien pueda ayudarme muchas gracias!
  22. M

    products for digital compositing

    Chi mi dà la traduzione esatta, non letterale di "digital compositing" nel contesto "products for ....." Grazie
  23. A


    COOLER. ¡Hola, amigos! ¿Saben de otra acepción del término "cooler" además de "nevera, refrigerador"? Es que en el siguiente contexto no tienen sentido esos significados: "He bails him out to work in his casino as a “cooler” or person who cools off gambling hot streaks." La verdad es que...
  24. Y


    Hi, How can I translate "chocker" in this context: "adorable princess satin gown and glovlettes and ribbon chocker and tiara" ? Thank you for you help.
  25. C

    hanger die left.

    quiero traducir al español hanger-die left .es una pieza de una maquina alineadora de vehiculos marca Hunter gracias por su asistencia de antemano. Edgard Pavon.
  26. M

    Estoy Colgado por ti! MONADA

    Estoy Colgado por ti! MONADA I have just got back from Spain and one of the gifts i bought some one was a cushion/pillow with this phrase (written as above), next to the phrase is a cartoon monkey swinging/hanging of a tree branch, please can someone translate this...
  27. Abish

    Flat craft batting

    Hello! Que es flat craft batting? Tengo una tela que es para hacer titeres, y en las instrucciones dice que use flat craft batting y me dice la medida qeu preciso. Me parece que es entretela, pero no estoy segura si es entretela o alguna tela de algodon. Mil agracias!
  28. B

    Liver (colour)

    Me gustaría saber la palabra para "liver" en español. Quiero decir "otros colores del perro incluyen LIVER y blanco". Muchas gracias.
  29. P


    I don't understand the last word in this sentence! Pour les amoureux des brocantes, ceux qui aiment chiner, voilà une merveilleuse adresse "fanette". Thanks
  30. MadrigalTriste

    halle à chaux - glass blowing

    Hello everyone! I really can't figure this one out. It is the bold part of the paragraph (I just wanted to provide some context). This is a TV program on crystal-manufacturing. Alors là nous sommes dans l’enceinte même de la manufacture Baccarat avec les bâtiments d’origine ici, qui sont...
  31. E


    Ciao a tutti. Sto facendo un ordine di vinili ad una fabbrica negli stati uniti. Mi viene richiesto in che formato ho intenzione di mandare la canzone da registrare su questi vinili: l'alternativa è tra CD e LAQUERS. Non trovo da nessuna parte il significato di laquers, deve essere una cosa...
  32. R

    non frenare il tuo cuore

    non frenare il tuo cuore Come da oggetto, come lo tradurreste in inglese? Io trovo che l'unico modo sia: "don't brake your heart" ma mi è stato contestato il fatto che "brake" è troppo simile a "break" e che quindi la frase potrebbe essere interpretata male se ascoltata (considerate che però è...
  33. M

    ci è bastato

    Ciao! Ho un biglietto di auguri e non posso comprendere una parte.. una parte abbastanza importante! si dice... ci è bastato vederti da lontano per caprire che sei bello, audace, dolce... ci è bastato vederti da vicino per capire che non ci vediamo molto bene! Questo è il mio tentativo...
  34. H

    selected work

    Bonjour J'aimerais savoir quel serait la traduction la plus approprié, pour selected work, en francais, dans un contexte artistique, pour par exemple une publication présentant quelques travaux seulement d'un artiste? Merci d'avance
  35. M

    Gioco di colori

    Ciao a tutti, volevo sapere come si dice "Gioco di colori" Il contesto è il seguente : "Nel deserto ci sono fantastici giochi di colori" Ringrazio tutti anticipatamente per l'aiuto:) Ciao Matteo How to choose a thread...
  36. P

    Direttore Operativo

    Nel tradurre il CV mi trovo in difficoltà con la titolazione di DIRETTORE OPERATIVO. La descrizione del ruolo è la seguente: "Guida delle Operazioni di Business e di Funzioni Aziendali, con Responsabilità per l’innovazione della Gestione Operativa Aziendale, della Strategia Commerciale e il...
  37. L

    Morris dancing

    Hi, i´m trying to translate a text about popular fairs and i found this "morris dancing" but morris only appear as "Mauricio". Does everybody know, please, what kind of dancing i s this? Or how could i translate it to spanish? Thank you in advance
  38. M

    dress them down - hand held tools

    Hi, forum members. I have received some additional help in translating the following sentence: Mushroomed heads – Cold chisels, punches, hammers, drift pins and other similar tools have a tendency to mushroom from repeated blows. Dress them down as soon as they begin to crack and curl...
  39. J


    I want to know what means falling in this Kate Rusby´s song it is falling in love or just falling depress?? en es`pañol , me estoy enamorando o me estoy cayendo? (hundiendo?? Gracias Lyrics to Falling : Ya hear me shout when no one's about, You find me where I can't be seen. I feel...
  40. P

    place the pieces of fabric wrong sides together.

    In order to sew the seam, place the pieces of fabric wrong sides together. Pour coudre la ligne de couture, mettez ensemble les morceaux de tissu mauvais côtés face à face ???
  41. P

    a single notch on the pattern indicates the front of the garment

    In sewing, a single notch on the pattern indicates the front of the garment, while two notches indicate the back. Dans la couture, un seul cran sur le patron signifie le devant d'un vêtement tandis que deux crans signifient l'arrière?
  42. P

    use a thimble to avoid nerve damage

    When sewing by hand, one should always use a thimble to avoid damage to the nerves at the end of the fingers. My [doubtless error-ridden] attempt: Quand on faire la couture à la main, on doit utiliser toujours un dé à coudre pour éviter le mal aux nerfs aux bouts des doigts.
  43. K

    lumpy pockets

    Talking about quilting: "The spacing of the quilting isn't always universal; you need to consider the batting quilting intervals (...)Antique quilts are very closed spaced. This spacing keeps the batting's cotton fibers from migrating into corners and creating lumpy pockets".
  44. Y

    wall zip

    Hello, How to translate "wall zip" in a clothing and merchandise context. "cierre de pared" it is not accurate and refer to medical merchandise. Any suggestion? Thank you for you help :)
  45. N


    Estoy haceidno una tarduccion y hay unn termino del cual no encuentro traduccion. Es Ceramoteca, o se traducira por el significado "ceramics storage". Gracias por cualquier ayuda.
  46. L

    ensayo de encáustica

    “Qué es un “ensayo de encáustica”? Es algo que hace el artista, Angelina Beloff, en Querido Diego, te abraza Quiela. Gracias a todos que responderán. -Linius
  47. M

    Jeżyk - crewcut

    Hi all, How do you call a short cut hair that's similar to grass / hedgehog in your language? I attached a photo of such hair cut, found on google. In Polish it's called jeżyk (a small hedgehog) I need it for a friend, who has similar (only even longer) haircut. Thanks in advance!
  48. A

    Ribs (architecture)

    I want to know the translation of ribs (the architure term) in spanish. e.g. The Santa María del Fiore Dome have 8 ribs, La cupula de Santa Maria de las flores tiene 8.... Thanks helping me :D
  49. P

    confezionato a mano con amore e cura

    Hello, I need to wrap a soap in paper and i have to write "confezionato a mano con amore e cura" in English on it. How can I say this?
  50. F

    it only results in duds and rejects

    Ciao, un ragazzo lavora di notte per intagliare dei giocattoli di legno, il suo capo (falegname) lo scopre e gli dice di non lavorare al buio, perché It only results in duds and rejects. uhm...non mi viene proprio la traduzione. Attendo lumi. Grazie