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  1. jfbujalance

    beading dress

    Se trata de un vestido que tiene los abalorios cosidos. ¿Se podría decir "vestido de abalorios" o hay otra expresión más precisa? Gracias.
  2. jfbujalance

    inlaid tiles

    En una guía general sobre Egipto. Creo que se refiere a los azulejos árabes antiguos que se troceaban por colores y luego se unían como un puzle según el diseño que se quería obtener. Me gustaría saber si hay una traducción exacta de esa expresión (inlaid tiles).
  3. S

    mal gardée

    Hola. No se como se puede traducir mal-gardé a español Alguna idea?
  4. M

    measured over stocking stitches

    Hi! how could I translate the word "over" in the following sentence: "19 stitches and 27 rows to 4 in (10 cm) square measured over stocking stitches using size 4 needles" Thanks.
  5. L

    Artist Reception

    We will be having an "Artist Reception" for all the students who helped paint a mural. It will be at a local art gallery. ?Como lo diriamos en espanol? "Una Recepcion de Artistas" ??
  6. B

    il nostro gruppo sta studiando le conseguenze

    Per scrivere "il nostro gruppo sta studiando le conseguenze che possono derivare dagli interventi di rigenerazione urbana" secondo voi va bene "our group have been studing the results that may be ensue from urban regeneration interventions." ???? Grazie mille ;) Read BEFORE Posting - Leggi...
  7. F

    papier ciré

    Est-ce que c'est la même chose que 'waxed paper'? Merci Fr. Anglo
  8. L

    hit the kerb

    alguién puede decirme cómo puedo traducir esta frase?
  9. xmanta

    to be on your knees

    Sabe alguien que significa esta frase en la canción "Easy Lover" de Phil Collins. No se que es esa frase, parece una expresión relativa a un estado de ánimo o algo similar. Lo que aparece entre paréntesis en la cita, es lo que canta el coro.
  10. A

    métiers d'excellence

    Hi, I'm translating something about a tour of various arts and crafts places in France. I need help with "métiers d'excellence" in the following: "Une invitation à la découverte de métiers d'excellence". Trades of excellence sounds rubbish to me. If you have any ideas at all...!
  11. E

    maître de maison/ majordome /concierge

    Hi! I would like to know how British People name a "maître de maison": that is to say the person who takes care of all the residents' needs in a big luxury residence.. Thank you!
  12. S

    can can

    Hola, soy nueva en el forum y me gustaría saber si alguno/a de vosotros/a sabe como se dice en ingles "can can" me refiero al que va en el interior de un vestido, como de novia o antiguo. Muchas gracias
  13. E

    Writing on back of painting

    I am not sure if any one can help her. My friend's father died and left him a painting that he cherished. It was given to him when he left Austria in the 40's. All the son knows is that the painting was done by someone in Checholslavakia. There is writing on the back of the painting but we can...
  14. E

    Power chords, barre chords

    I'd like you to help me translate this guitar phrase, because i'm so used to the terms in english i don't really know them in spanish the sentence is this one: "Power Chords are also very important now as precursor to learning Barré chords." Thanks in advance
  15. jann

    Fashion, Textile / Mode, Textile

    Knitting - Le Tricot Glossaires français-anglais
  16. A

    Elegant Collection

    Hi - my partner and I are both photographers and are hoping that someone can help us with some wording. We specialize in producing 'collections' of photos and would like to give them Italian names (I have just started to learn Italian and love Italy, hence the link!). Please could someone advise...
  17. N

    Gusano (Children's Rhyme)

    I had this one girl teach me a nursey rhyme that started off with "gusano... limbo?" using her fingers to mimic a worm and have them crawl on people's arms, but i can't remember the words. if anyone has any idea what im talking about, please help!
  18. L

    Il tempo diventa forma

    ciao a tutti! Devo tradurre la frase in oggetto, è qualcosa di un tantino "poetico" (non poesia, in ogni caso)... io direi così: Time turns into form Ho usato form e non shape perchè in tutto il resto del contesto è stata scelta questa parola, che per altro è molto presente, quindi l'ho...
  19. T

    source music

    Hola foreros, En un documental sobre Martin Scorsese y su manera de trabajar con la música, dice la siguiente frase. “Public Enemy” is all source music. There is no music that is not coming from a radio or a record player or a band, a little orchestra in a nightclub. . No logro...
  20. M

    Coping Saw

    Hi, i am having trouble translating the term "coping saw" (a percision cutting saw) from English to French. Any help would be very much appreciated :) Thank you, Kevin
  21. D


    Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to say a "cromalin" in english. Is "artwork" a good one ? As it is specific word in printing i'm not sure. A "cromalin" is a kind of draft before printing anything. Thanks to you all.
  22. G

    haunt the streets

    I'm hearing a song of inxs, and i want to know what does it mean "... now where did you find her that haunt the streets outside..." Thanks Girlm
  23. S

    l'impianto è costruito a regola d'arte

    Ciao a tutti Continuo con la mia richiesta di aiuto per tradurre questo manuale in inglese. "AVVERTENZE GENERALI l'impianto è costruito a regola d'arte. la sua durata e affidabilità elettrica e magnetica sarà più efficiente, se esso verrà usato correttamente e verrà fatta una regolare...
  24. daesy84


    Hi again What is the translation of this word? I don't really know the exact meaning...but it is a document about the implementation of a solution...the whole sentence is "Ingegnerizzazione (e test su 2 piloti) della fase di roll-out per consentire lo svolgimento della fase massiva nei tempi e...
  25. C

    image affectée

    Bonjour je voudrais savoir comment un galeriste anglophone dirait "image affectée" en anglais. A savoir l'"image" fait référence à une œuvre d'art et "affectée" signifie qu'il a été désigné pour faire partie d'une exposition. Sinon je n'ai malheureusement pas plus de contexte. J'ai pensé à...
  26. G

    jus (aquarelle)

    Hi all, Can anybody suggest a translation for "jus" in the context of watercolour painting? The context is a discussion about painting a white flower and how to leave the white parts blank and just paint in the shadows. "La couleur de ce jus sera choisie dans une des teintes de la fleur"...
  27. U

    Y de siempre.

    I have to translate this sentence. I'm talking about a chair: "Es diseño de producto de nuestro tiempo. Y de siempre." Any idea?
  28. E

    riprodotto fin nei minimi dettagli

    How can I translate "una statuina raffigurante un orso grizzly riprodotto fin nei minimi dettagli"? I think it could be "a figurine representing a grizzly bear reproduced in the least details", but it doesn't sound good. Thanks for your help!!!
  29. J

    rib binding - sowing [sewing]

    As sowing terms are not native to me, I am having a great deal of difficulty in translating "rib binding" into Spanish. In particular, this refers to the sowing pattern typicaly found on t-shits at the neck and arms or the band in undergarments. If anyone could assist in translating "rib...
  30. E

    valeu! muitos beijos.. a gente se vê..

    hola soy nuevo en el idioma.. y m dieron a traducir una frase.. q la verdad no tengo idea de que signfica ya q desconozco el idioma... espero uds m puedan ayudar.. la frases es esta: valeu! muitos beijos.. a gente se vë.. espero m ayuden desde ya gracias aa x las dudas la traduccion la necesito...
  31. Bochica

    glass wet bar

    Hola, I found it in this context: Features such as a mirrored glass wet bar, monitored alarm system, huge bathrooms and open kitchen create a comfortable home. I want to know if wet is a type of glass or bar? I appreciate your comments!
  32. D


    I'm having some trouble in translating "rivisitazione" in English, because I'm not sure a 'litteral' translation (rivisitation) would be any good. I mean it as generally referred to the arts, design or fashion, as in: l'architetto ha concepito questo edificio come una rivisitazione del tempio...
  33. A

    Bricolage dominical

    Bonjour, Je voudrais savoir ce que veut dire exactement "bricolage dominical" (de quel genre de bricolage parle-t-on ici? pourriez-vous m'en donner quelques exemples?) et si l'on peut le traduire par "Sunday craft" en anglais? Sinon quelle serait sa traduction en anglais? Merci d'avance de...
  34. L

    Fonda de chole es bella...

    Several years ago we stayed in a small hotel called Casa de Espiritus Alegres outside Guanajuato. They had a piece of folk art which carried the slogan: "Fonda de chole es beya (beva?) y sola por eso todos comen con ella." Can someone help me with "de chole es beya"?
  35. Greg_W


    I'm looking for the translation of the word "alteration" as it is used in the context of sewing, i.e., "I do clothing alterations." I have already looked up the word and I know there are several translations of alteration, but I'm not sure which one would be used in this context.
  36. C

    whether or if...

    hey every one, I would like to know when shuold I use wether and when if. I am a little confuse about that. I don't know wether/if he's in. wich should I use, thank you for your help.
  37. Y

    mais j’ose en rechercher un autre

    Hello, this phrases are from LETTRE A M. D'ALEMBERT de Rousseau. I wonder what the underlined sentence means. I just asked what "Il aurait dû l’en faire tomber." means here, and a senior member of this forum said it maybe means "le passage aurait dû faire tomber la plume de la main (parce que...
  38. A

    high constraints

    Salve! Sono di nuovo io.. adesso non riesco a tradurre "High Constraints" che dovrebbe essere una fase del produzione di concetti creativi, quindi mi suona male tradurlo con "Alti impedimenti/freni". avete dei suggerimenti? La spiegazione sottostante al titolo è: Pick a single sensory medium...
  39. M

    de que poco

    Hola! Llevo tiempo visitando el foro cuando tengo dudas, pero nunca me había decidido a registrarme. Mi duda es la siguiente, quiero decir "de que poco" o algo parecido en inglés. Gracias por sus respuestas!
  40. A

    Exquisite Corpse

    Ciao a tutti! Devo tradurre delle slide che spiegano come si svolge una "creativity session", nella slide "Eight ways to produce concepts" una delle voci è "Exquisite corspe", sapete spiegarmi cosa s'intende? Le altre voci sono Attribute Listing Mind Maps Serendipity Problem Reversal...
  41. F


    Hi there, I was speaking to an older lady in Italy who spoke about the professions that no longer exist. She mentioned a "seggiolaio" or "segolaio". I'm not too sure how to spell it - but it sounded like se-gio-la-yo. Does anyone know what this is in English? Thanks very much.
  42. J

    point de chausson

    i am looking for the english translation of "point de chausson" that is an embrodery stitch
  43. Vanda


    Gente, socorro. Cameo tem vários significados, mas estou tentando achar um modo de adjetivar cameo referente ao papel dum personagem, uma breve aparição num filme, por exemplo. Para quem nunca viu a palavra, aqui vai a definição do verbo: answers cameo (substantivo) =a brief appearance of a...
  44. M


    Traduco "serigrafato" con "serigraphied"? Non lo trovo su nessun dizionario! Grazie