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  1. D

    Carburo de Tungsteno, Tungsteno Metálico

    I cant seem to be able to find a satisfactory direct/technical translation for the above. I would be most grateful if someone could give me some input or suggestions. Thanks in advance Duncan
  2. W


    ¿Podéis ayudarme con la traducción al inglés de la palabra "recalificación" en relación con la evaluación/cumplimento de requisitos de una empresa?
  3. Kelimutu

    local réceptacle

    Hi :) does anyone know what a local réceptacle might be? I thought it might be a reception area, but given the context perhaps not: in a builders document listing tasks to be done in a building project... dans les caves .... robinet eau dans local entretien et local réceptacle if its a...
  4. E

    Vehiculos propios de elevacion y transporte

    Dear all, I am in need of help! (obviously). I have a rough time translating the following terms (in bold): "el parque movil de la empresa esta formado por vehiculos propios de elevacion y transporte para manipulacion y mantenimiento" I wanted to translate all this by "forklifts" but am not...
  5. W

    VVT Cam Gear

    Can anyone help me to translate VVT Cam Gear Unit to spanish and/or portuguese? VVT stands for Variable valve timing. Thanks
  6. sebnever

    lignes de production annexes

    Hi, I work in an assembly plant and I want to speak about the production lines which are around the main line...I mean we've got a main production line which is supplied with parts coming from these other lines. In French we speak about lignes annexes à la ligne principale or simply lignes...
  7. A

    towing bracket

    Trata sobre un remolque When using fourwheel drive, the towing bracket should be in the lower position with the shaft almost horizontal.
  8. F

    I warn you that

    Hola, quería saber si en este contexto, la expresión i warn you that es correcta. Les agradezco mucho. Quiero creer que el resto del párrafo está bien traducido jejej. "I´m asking you to be prudent driving on this season because the inestable weather, the rain and the snow demands to pay a...
  9. Cholmondely

    sinking reliability

    Hola: Creo que después de tantas horas de trabajo, ya no doy una :confused:. La frase completa donde aparece mi duda es la siguiente: The increasing number of contacts and cables cause long manufacturing times, space problems in the body and sinking reliability. Gracias de antemano por...
  10. Cholmondely


    Hola: La frase completa dice así: Positive lead on front prefuse box through-plating. No tengo más contexto, aparece en una lista con respecto a la prueba de un alternador. Muchas gracias de antemano.
  11. R

    bill of sale

    I'm trying to find the correct phrase for 'bill of sale' (in reference to purchasing a vehicle) but each phrase I try (bon d'achat, facture, acte de vente) is not being understood. Any ideas?
  12. P

    jumping up and down

    Hola a todos, me podrían ayudar con esta frase "jumping up and down". El parrafo completo dice así:"I’m an independent woman. I can handle this. It ended with me trekking to the nearest house after jumping up and down on the short little lug wrench and wondering if I was just tightening the damn...
  13. K


    How is Schraubsystem translated in English. It comes from the Automotive Manufacturing domain. Schraub is screws, bolts, right ?
  14. F

    Pedir nafta

    me voy en unos meses a u.s.a, como se pide la nafta alla?
  15. B

    roll cage

    El otro día vi en un foro sobre portátiles la palabra roll cage, busqué en internet y sólo encontré coches y mas coches, no encontraba la respuesta, así que pregunté. Un rollcage es una estructura metálica o de plástico duro que sirve para proteger los componentes de un portátil, a la misma...
  16. K

    non ultima

    Anyone could you please tell me how to translatethe following sentence:" Today I considered very seriously your proposal of cooperation, but after many thoughts, non ultima l'elevata qualità, I don't accept your prices."
  17. G

    sans emprise

    The summer holidays were great but now it's back to work, and those translation problems just keep turning up! Can anyone help with this: La balise peut être située en position latérale de la voie de passage, à toute hauteur comprise entre 4 mètres et 5 mètres, sans aucune emprise sur la...
  18. A

    llanta lisa

    Hola, necesito traducir a inglés "llantas lisas". Estoy redactando un reporte de un accidente de tránsito y una de las causas fue que el vehículo tenía las llantas lisas. Gracias,
  19. M

    Caisse en blanc

    Hi there, Can someone tell me what is the English translation of the auto body part: "Caisse en blanc" Thanks! Claire
  20. C

    used car

    what is "used car" in french?
  21. U


    Hola necesito saber si la palabra CHOKE puede tambien hacer mencion a una bobina, todo hace ver que lo es pero quisiera estar segura, esta pieza me llego desde Alemania necesito el termino en español para poder enviarlo a Mexico Ojala puedan ayudarme
  22. C

    Tire Dressing - to dress tires

    When talking about automotive detailing.... How do you translate "dressing" as in tire dressing ... to dress tires...
  23. 8

    excellent refinement with low levels of noise intrusion ?

    Hi, I try translate this sentence: excellent refinement with low levels of noise intrusion but i dont find the meaning. context is car engine. can you help me ? thanks
  24. Cholmondely

    potential free frame

    Hola: ¿Alguien conoce el término o tiene alguna idea de cómo puede traducirse en el campo de los automóviles? La oración dice así: Potential free frame in the commercial vehicles? ¿Más contexto? In the heavy class from Actros onwards the frame has got a floating ground. :confused: La...
  25. lamartus


    Hola a todo el mundo: Me preguntaba qué palabra para definir este tipo de coches sería más internacional. Sé que en América se usa mucho "convertible" pero no estoy segura de que por aquí se entendiera. ¿Sucede lo mismo con "descapotable" a la inversa? ¿"Cabrio" se entendería en todas partes...
  26. H

    lollop (truck for moving pallets)

    How do you say lollop in French? It's a truck used to carry pallets horizontally round a warehouse and will be typically used by order pickers. The one I used to drive had the driver standing in front of the load and would take two pallets altogether. I believe the name used to be LLLP, but that...
  27. J

    trim removal

    hello, I'm working on a translation concerning tools for cars! I have no idea of what is "trim" in that case. thanks for your help!
  28. A

    Camion à trois palettes

    hello est-ce que quelqu'un peut me dire qu'est que c'est **** Hilo dividido. Regla 10. Martine (Mod...) CAMION A TROIS PALETTES MERCI arseniodante
  29. A

    clark gerbant

    hello est-ce que quelqu'un peut me dire qu'est que c'est un CLARK GERBANT **** Hilo dividido. Regla 10. La otra pregutna se encuentra aquí: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=1053082. Martine (Mod...) MERCI arseniodante
  30. M

    Mass air flow sensor

    hola ! soy bastante nueva. Tengo poca idea de autos en mi idioma y muchos más en inglés. Otro término del cuál no se su equivalente en español es Mass air flow sensor. Cualquier ayuda sera agradecida :)
  31. C

    Transporte de carga general

    No entiendo el concepto de "transport de carga general". Es un tipo de empresa como un "dealership"? Gracias a todos!
  32. ayed


    hello, folks. 400-yard-wheelie is a dangerous reckless driving by using motorcycle.A driver moves back as he is lifting the driving bars up so as to do so. My question is this : Why is it called "400-yard-wheelie?" Thank you Ayed
  33. C

    Baja por venta

    Hola! Que significa "baja por venta" relacionado con un vehiculo? Gracias :)
  34. D

    demolition derby

    How can I say 'demolition derby' in Spanish without using a kijillion words? Please. It's a form of entertainment where vehicles are destroyed.
  35. G


    Salut tout le monde! Context is a car review in a Canadian newspaper. The car is the Dodge Challenger SRT8. They're talking about things like power and acceleration and G-forces. Then it says: "...le porte-canette est...capable d'encaisser plus d'un "G" So does porte-canette mean "cup...
  36. J


    Hello all. I'm looking for the translation for COUPE, ie, Altima Coupe. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  37. C


    Hola a todos, Necesito informacion sobre la palabra "calca" referente a los detalles de un vehiculo. La definicion que tengo es "to trace or copy" pero esto no tiene sentido. Gracias por ayudarme! :)
  38. sebnever

    create a dish

    Hi, I'm sorry that I can't explain the context very clearly because I couldn't understand what they were speaking about. I'm working in a car assembly plant and a quality engineer speaking about a certain issue on a vehicle spoke about something that created a dish Can somebody help me to...
  39. R

    Marcha reductora

    Hola a todos!! A ver si podéis echarme una mano :). Necesito saber como se llama en inglés la marcha reductora que tienen los coches todo terreno. Por favor, si podéis contestarmelo pronto, lo agradecería, lo necesito urgentemente:D Gracias por adelantado!!!
  40. V

    Anillas de anclaje

    Hola a todos! I am in a big trouble as I do know nothing about the cars even in my native language. There is an ad that states, 'zona de carga cubica con facil acceso de umbrales extrabajos, anillas de anclaje de la carga, ancho de carga por puerta leteral de 1,1 m, longitud de carga de mas de...
  41. F

    Tapa na caranga

    Buenos días, quisiera saber que significa esta frase pues viene adherida a este contexto: A Pan e a Caçula vão dar um tapa no Astrão véio de guerra do Marco. " Eu rodo todo o canto da cidade com a minha caranga... pra casa, pro trabalho, pra namorada...e em cada canto minha caranga já levou...
  42. nitths

    Portata di un automezzo

    Qualcuno sa dirmi se esiste un termine per indicare la "portanza" di un automezzo intesa come capacità massima di carico in unità di misura di peso? Esempio: "la portanza del camion è di 5000 kg". La "portanza" in italiano ha anche altri significati, ma a me interessa questo.
  43. J

    Moonroof - Spoiler

    I'm translating a document that contains automotive parts. Could someone give me an idea on how to translate Moonroof - Spoiler? This meaning a small spoiler located on the front-end of the moonroof. Moonroof is not the problem, the translation I'm looking for is the SPOILER used with the...
  44. E

    essieu auto-directionnel

    Hi, What do we call this safety feature on a car: essieu auto-directionnel ? When I google the term I get lots of explanations in French, but I haven't found the equivalent English term. Thanks for any help with this.
  45. E

    casquette de combiné

    Hello, In automotive terms, could I translate the casquette de combiné by instrument cluster cover ? Thanks in advance.
  46. M

    cross threaded

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a good translation of the term "cross threaded". This is when somebody is trying to put a nut on a bolt and they do not align the threads up correctly so that when you try to screw down the nut, it does not go down or you damage the threads on the bolt.
  47. C

    Warning light is blown

    How to translate "the warning light is blown" to french? Context : "The car doesn't warn when gas is low why? the warning light is blown. why? I hadn't taken the car to the repair shop to fix the warning light. That's urgent !! thanks in advance.
  48. danielagermen


    Hola,tengo dudas con el termino "pass/past",ya que no entiendo a que se refieren en este texto de sistema de refrigeracion,anticogelantes y radiadores... De antemano muchas gracias. "Transmission fluid is piped through this tank inside a tank to be cooled by the coolant flowing out past it...
  49. danielagermen

    Go traffic on

    Hola,tengo una duda respecto a un termino;aparece en un manual explicativo de termostatos para vehiculos y entiendo la idea,pero necesita estar segura.Dice lo siquiente (negrilla y subrayado): "When the cooling system pressure reaches the point where the cap needs to release this excess...
  50. danielagermen

    Flow out

    Este texto habla de los radiadores de vehiculos.Mi duda es respecto a lo que esta en amarillo,no entiendo que quiere decir.De antemano muchas gracias. "Transmission fluid is piped through this tank inside a tank to be cooled by the coolant flowing out past it before returning to the...