1. E

    Azerbaijani: ləpə

    What is the etymology of Azerbaijani ləpə (wave, as in water)? All the other Turkic languages use a different word (mostly variations of dalğa, which also exists in Azerbaijani as a synonym). It doesn't resemble any Persian word I know of, nor, as far as I can tell, the words for "wave" in...
  2. kraftwerk

    Azeri: Ki

    I've never studied Azeri, so all this comes from knowledge of Turkish and Google Translate. Any Azeri speakers willing to correct? What most confuses me is the use of "ki" in the song. If "ki" introduces relative clauses, what's it doing at the end of questions? BU SEVGİ Bir yozulmaz röya...
  3. kraftwerk

    Azeri: Qismətinə

    In Qismətinə , I understand Qismət means fate. But what is the inə? Just the ə would make it a dative case, so why this -in?
  4. arquitecturiense

    Azeri: butun ograshlar oz payini alacaq

    Hello everybody! I have no idea about Azeri language. Could any of you help me to translate the following sentence? "butun ograshlar oz payini alacaq" Thanks for your help!
  5. A

    Azeri: Xosbextdi!

    Hey, could you please translate this sentence to English? Xosbextdi!!!! Cunki yoldaslarindan biri bugun kullu migdarda pul alib :D
  6. G

    Azeri: Resources for Iranian Azeri

    Hello. I am trying to find a news website that is written in Iranian Azeri, that is, Azeri written in the Persian script. I'd also like to find a site that has sound files with the day's news, in Iranian Azeri. If there is a site that contains the same things written in Azeri in both Persian...
  7. E

    Azeri: ə

    Hello: I need to write this word: səyahət in latin alphabet How do you write ə in latin alphabet? Thanks
  8. Setwale_Charm

    Azeri: condolences

    A friend of mine in Azerbaijan has just lost her mother. How shall I say in Azeri: May the Almighty give you all strength and courage?
  9. Setwale_Charm

    Azeri: cэnab doktor

    Can anybody say if this is true that despite the fact that the most commonly used Azeri word for "doctor" is 'hэkim', the correct address to a male medical person is cэnab doktor?
  10. Setwale_Charm

    Azeri: future tense of verbs

    I know that we do not seem to have any Azeri speakers here but maybe someone with good knowledge of Turkic languages could help. I am a bit confused about the conditional future tense suffix for verbs the stem of which ends in a vowel: is it -r or -yar/yэr? For example: he will read - oxur or...
  11. Setwale_Charm

    Azeri: cheater

    Is there any particular word in Azeri with which to indicate a man cheating on several women or on his wife? Preferably, not too offensive a word.
  12. S

    Azeri: sen dedin ananla tanish etmeh isteyirsen

    Also meening of this please, I forgot. And: "tanish ederiz sonra sorarim"
  13. Setwale_Charm

    Azeri: brother

    It is so hard to find an Azeri dictionary. Does anybody know the word "brother" in Azeri? I think, it sounds somewhat similar to the Turkish "kardes".
  14. Setwale_Charm

    Azeri: sir, gentleman

    Does anybody know what the male equivalent of "xanum" is in Azeri? The equivalent of caballero, monsieur, господин etc. "Aga"?
  15. KnightMove

    Azeri: Teimour Radjabov

    The Azeri chess player Teymur Räcäbov is in the western world usually transcribed as "Teimour Radjabov". But which language does this transcribition represent? The -ou- and -dj- seem to be French, but the a's are English.