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  1. R

    low-return utility business

    Hello! How could I translate this economic expression: low-return utility business? Thank you all!
  2. F

    Area incassi e pagamenti

    Hi everyone! This is my first question in the forum.. I'm trying to translate the following Italian expression: Area incassi e pagamenti Context: In a banking system. Unfortunately I don't have any other information, since this is what my boss asked me to do.. I know that "incassi" is...
  3. K

    codice del messaggio

    Questa é frase in italiano: accertarsi che il codice del messaggio sia quello per le garanzie. Versione in inglese: make sure that the message code is the one for the guarantees. Andrebbe bene?
  4. K

    delibera di approvazione della linea di fido.

    Non so come tradurre questo termine: delibera di approvazione della linea di fido. Deliberation of the approval/ approving deliberation of the line of credit?
  5. K


    Chicos: Revisando un contrato de prèstamo, dentro del campo de casos de incumplimiento se encuentra una de las siguientes casos (e) Failure by the Borrower to pay when due any other obligation for the payment of borrowed money on any regularly scheduled payment date or following acceleration...
  6. O

    Business plan

    Dear all, I need to translate this: "The foregoing in not meant as an excercise in fine legal writing and the avoidance of excess verbiage." The context I can provide is that this phrase is related with legal and financing issues on a business plan... Thanks in advance...
  7. L

    obligarse en este acto

    Hola a todos. Estoy traduciendo un aval y me encuentro con bastante vocabulario específico y expresiones... Tengo dificultades especialmente con: "con poderes suficientes para obligarse en este acto". con poderes suficientes lo he traducido como "with powers enough to" pero no consigo una...
  8. A

    check return policy

    ¿Está bien traducirlo por "política de devolución de cheques"?
  9. M

    Trust fund

    I would like to know, the correct translation of trust fund. I have received an e-mail from my aunt and a company in Switzerland. The e-mail talks about a trust fund. I have to ask my aunt in Spain about it so I can pay taxes on it. But I don't know the word for trust fund. Thank you
  10. E

    la maquina de hacer dinero

    Hola, Quiero saber que significa 'la maquina de hacer dinero' en ingles o una explicacion en espanol? Creo que no es un metaforo sino la cosa que bancos usan para hacer dinero? No sé... Gracias.
  11. E

    Banks face more pain as crunch bites

    Ciao, volevo chiedere se qualcuno di voi saprebbe indicarmi una traduzione elegante per la frase: "Banks face more pain as crunch bites". Non ne vado fuori!!! Vi ringrazio da subito! emilia Avete ragione scusate! Si tratta di un articolo tratto da "The Observer" del Dicembre 2007. La frase "Bank...
  12. L


    I have a bank account in Spain. I would like to inform my bank that I wish to cancel a direct debit and for them to send me confirmation of this in English by post. I need an urgent translation.
  13. S

    tasso agevolato a base annua

    Come posso tradurre in ingelse "tasso agevolato a base annua"???? Io sto provando con " SOFT LOAN ..."
  14. Santiago Jorge

    notate (v.t)

    I know I could simply translate this verb to "escribir" or "apuntar," but is there a way to translate it more exactly? In English the word means, "1. to take notes, or 2. to represent numbers and quanitities in mathematics and in music through using a system of set of symbols. It is in this...
  15. F

    de tous bords

    Je le dis sans la demagogie et sans les arrieres-pensees qui animent trop souvent en France les anti-atlantistes de tous bords et autres nostalgiques du Grand Soir. I say this without entreaty and without the ulterior motives that too often drive the anti-atlantists on all sides and those...
  16. joe86

    sul mio estratto conto risultano 2 prelievi uguali

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to translate into english the following sentence: "Ho effettuato un prelievo in contanti pari a xxx £ ma sul conto corrente me ne sono stati accreditati 2. Ho ricevuto una chiamata dalla mia banca in Italia per conto scoperto ed effettivamente sul mio estratto...
  17. Santiago Jorge

    receipts for personal checks should have

    I have been really struggling with translating this so it flows well in Spanish, so I could use some help. This sentence comes from the instructions on how to enter check information within a computerized financial tracking program called CIT, so that a complete receipt can be produced...
  18. J

    Service de raccompagnement

    Hello, I am trying to find the best translation for '' service de raccompagnement'' as in: ''étant donné que des boissons alcooliques seront servies, nous devons mettre en place un service de raccompagnement.'' Thank you
  19. R

    component manual

    Alguien me puede ayudar con la traducción de "component manual" aparece como el título de un folleto de un banco y no sé cuál sería la traducción apropiada al español. Gracias por su ayuda
  20. W

    distributable profit

    Does someone know how to translate 'distributable profit' into Spanish?
  21. J

    Adeudo por Dilig [diligencia] de Embargo

    Hi! A recent bank statement included an item 'Adeudo por Dilig de Embargo'. Can anyone tell me what it means, please? Regards, Jim Oakley
  22. cmnavedo

    remesas en tránsito

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to translate a new account in a GL chart of accounts. In Mexican accounting we have a concept denominated "remesas en tránsito" which mostly but not only, represents money to be delivered to a 3rd person, by a foreign currency dealer (2nd person), in...
  23. B

    rebill accrual entry

    Hola, como traduzco: The providing unit will not generate the rebill accrual entry without this accrual confirmation.
  24. Tunisian_Lawyer

    caution bancaire à première demande

    Bonjour à tous, quelle est la traduction adéquate pour caution bancaire à première demande: - Bank guarantee or - security deposit? Il s'agit d'une caution pour la location gérance d'un fond de commerce. Merci d'avance.
  25. J

    hat fell far short of those experienced

    no entiendo "that fell far short of those experienced"; en "but more often than not, they resulted in economy-wide growth rates (in labor and total factor productivity) that fell far short of those experienced under the bad old policies of the past." Gracias
  26. margaritainny

    Cuadro de mandos de la entidad

    Hola a todos! I have translated "Cuadro de mandos de la entidad" as "company's management dashboard" based on other relevant threads in this forum. Can anyone tell me if my understanding is correct (or not)? The document I am working on now talks about a contract bidding procedure, and...
  27. LondonCat

    Non capital share

    Hi, I am working on the localisation of a financial software and the following term appears in a table with a tick box: Non capital share I cannot think of a French translation for this. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks for your help! LondonCat
  28. A

    banco de negocios

    In the CV of an ARquitect studio, apears as one of the projekt a banc witch is described as "Banco de negocios." What is the apropiate term for that in english?
  29. S

    against (compensation)

    In the following sentence : "First instalment : Payment must be made not later than 30 days from the date of order against our advance payment bank or insurance company guarantee." Does "against" can be remplaced by "for" in this case ? Thanks in advance
  30. F

    Carta de Crédito

    Boa tarde, gostaria de ajuda de vocês para a tradução de Carta de Crédito.. Como exemplo, nossa empresa trabalha com o sistema de carta de crédito. Muito obrigado. Letter of credit??
  31. B

    condenación [ condonación ] de la deuda

    Estoy buscando la traducción de: condenación de la deuda
  32. T


    Bonjour tlm, j'ai une question! De fait, la Bourse de Londres a accéléré sa chute à la mi-séance, perdant plus de 3 % et tombant à ses plus bas niveaux depuis les attentats du 7 juillet 2005 à Londres. Le mot "mi-séance", ça veut dire quoi ? :confused: Merci x
  33. F

    family heirloom

    Hola mi novio tiene en su cuenta de banco bajo dos nombres, el suyo y otro, dice uqe es un "family heirloom" Que es eso?
  34. A


    In an economy-text (banking, investments, etx.) I've ran accross this word "high-yield" and need to translate it into french... What would you suggest? Thanks!
  35. jefreunde

    Plazo Fijo

    Hola a todos. Alguien me podria decir como se dice Plazo Fijo en brasil. Gracias. Saludos.
  36. V

    buying exposure to assets

    ¿Alguien me podría ayudar a traducir "buying exposure to assets" en el siguiente contexto? On a more basic level, for those in potential need of capital in the short term, it is impossible to consider buying exposure to assets with any meaningful degree of volatility. Muchísimas gracias...
  37. J

    DUNS number

    Hola, estoy llenando un formulario y en un campo me piden "Duns Number (9 digits)", ¿cuál es la traducción de la palabra "Duns" en este contexto?
  38. P

    línea de redescuento, con tasa compensada

    Hola coleagas: Estoy traduciendo un documento colombiano al inglés donde aparece: "el decreto 280 del 31 de Enero de 2006 el Gobierno Nacional reguló una operación de redescuento de la Financiara de Desarrollo Territorial S.A. FINDETER, para programas y proyectos de Agua Potable y se otorgó una...
  39. B

    montages bancaires

    I'm translating business and financial language. Is this equivalent to saying: bank rates? or might it be referring to an amount one has in the bank?
  40. C

    mettre ses œufs dans le même panier

    Hello, I'm trying to translate "mettre ses oeufs dans le même panier' into English Context : an interviewee speaks about his personal financial strategy and describes the way he manages with his personal bank accounts putting his assets in differents banks: "j'essaye de ne pas mettre mes...
  41. Atukase

    Banking Partner

    Hi, I am trying to translate "you may be interested in becoming our banking partner in this exciting development" into spanish I can only guess roughly: "Quizás le pueda interesar hacerse nuestro compañero bancario en este emocionante desarrollo" although it sounds very wrong Help Please
  42. H

    issued outside

    Hi guys! I'm having problems with this sentence: "The credit card is issued outside Brazil." I don't know if I should write "... issued outside Brazil.." or "issued outside of Brazil..." I'm really lost here. Please help me out guys! Thanks in advance.
  43. Santiago Jorge

    based on the average daily balance

    Would you please check my translation into Spanish below? Thanks. Original: "Interest will be paid based on the average daily balance in the account." Mi intento: «Los intereses se pagarán basado en el saldo diario promedio de la cuenta».
  44. S

    principal protected deposits

    Hi, I am translating a financial statement and I have this sentence: The bank has also had great success in offering a variety of principal protected, index linked, structured time deposits tied to the performance of various commodity markets, ETFs, or indexes. My question is how to...
  45. uqula

    asset-backed / mortgage backed securities

    Hello, Can anybody explain to me what does 'asset-backed securities' mean? My guess is that there actually exist some kind of goods that cover the value of the securities in question? Please confirm. Thanks a lot in advance!
  46. B

    Member service

    How can I say Member Service? Servicio al Miembro? sounds weird I Know that Custumer Service is Servicio a el Cliente thank you
  47. R


    Hello, I need to translate the following phrase 'Movimento titolo riveniente dalla risposta ' but I am not sure what REVENIENTE means. I translated it as 'Security transfer generated by response' is this correct? thank you! Redtoes99
  48. D

    contributi previdenziali e assistenziali

    Ciao, avrei bisogno di un aiutino nella traduzione di "contributi previdenziali e assistenziali" Grazie mille Davide
  49. Tunisian_Lawyer

    Call loan

    Hello, Can you help me please? How to translate "call money" and "call loan" into French? Thanks in advance,
  50. Tunisian_Lawyer

    Spot rate

    Hello, Please how to translate "spot rate" into french? thanks in advance,