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  1. G

    bank records

    Good evening all. I found the expression "bank records" in a novel. I'm not sure of the exact translation into French. I thought it was "relevés bancaires". Am I right ? Thank you.
  2. N

    bank account number

    Here is my phrase: Please find below our new bank account number. Please advise if in french the following is ok Veuillez trouver ci-après notre nouveau numéro compte bancaire
  3. T

    bank draft

    Hi, I suspect some kind of confusion concerning the French translation of “bank draft” or “bank cheque” as mean of overseas payment. The only translation found was “traite bancaire”. Is, in your knowledge, any other way to (better) translate it? As a technical detail, a 34 Euro fee to be paid in...
  4. T

    withdrawal slip

    Hola! Tengo un pequenito problema con una expresión inglésa. Necesitaría traducir "withdrawal slip" en espanol. Si alguien me pudiera ayudar sería estupendo. El texto es una traducción sobre la banca en el Reino Unido. Ya sé que "paying-in slip" significa el recibo. Pero "withdrawal slip"...
  5. Laeti


    Hola a todos, Estoy estudiando un texto bancario y no puedo encontrar el equivalente francés para la palabra "sobregiro". Sé que "giro" significa "virement" pero no sé lo que significa "sobregiro" en francés. Muchas gracias de su ayuda ;)
  6. M

    Cashiers check/cheque

    Salve a tutti, vi volevo chiedere come tradurreste quest'espressione: CASHIERS CHECK (anche se credo l'abbiano scritto male, io credo sia: CASHIERS CHEQUE) Comunque qui vi riporto la frase del contesto (anche se credo che la traduzione più giusta sia tipo BONIFICO BANCARIO o qualcosa del...
  7. T

    a pagamento e in via inscindibile

    Hi everybody, I'm translating a company bylaws and I'm having a problem with this sentence. Could you check if my traslation is correct please? Il consiglio di amministrazione con sue delibere del(date) e del (date) ha deliberato di aumentare ill capitale sociale, a pagamento e in via...
  8. A

    rapporto bancario

    Come di dice: rapporto bancario; rapporto con un istituto bancario, in inglese? Grazie
  9. F

    Droit boursier

    pouvez vous me dire comment se traduit en anglais "droit boursier"? Je suis entrain de faire mon CV et c'est une des matières que j ai etudié. merci d avance pour le coup de main.
  10. stellina06

    Ri.Ba. - ricevuta bancaria

    Good afternoon, Everybody. I'm translating the acronym "Ri.Ba.", that in Italian stands for "ricevuta bancaria" and in English , means "cash order". Does anybody know whether there is an acronym for this expression in English as well? I need to respect the length of the words I translate as I'm...
  11. asiul

    financial statement

    Ciao! could you suggest me how can I transalte FINANCIAL STATEMENT? I tried with dichiarazioni finanziarie but I'm sure there is a more technical term! thanks in advance. :)
  12. G

    Depositi e Impieghi bancari

    Hi everyone. How could I translate: "depositi e impieghi bancari" ? Thanks in advance. Here's a piece of the text: " Questo articolo studia la variazione di depositi e di impieghi bancari domandata in risposta alle azioni di politica monetaria della BCE. " Andrea
  13. A

    Bank assets

    does anyone know how could be translated "bank assets" in French ??? capitaux? avoirs?? thank you!
  14. S

    Costituirsi fidejussore di qualcuno...

    Dear friends, I'm translating a Surety Bond (fidejussione) and I cannot manage to translate this sentence: "La compagnia assicurativa... si costituisce fidejussore del Contraente" Please help me! :-) Thank you Sabrina
  15. M

    Bank transfer

    Hello, Could you please help translate the following sentence into French? Thanks so much! I will transfer money into your bank account. Please give me all the necessary information to do this.
  16. A

    assegno circolare

    I would apprecieate sooo much if anyone could give me a good translation of the above. ("Assegno circolare non trasferibile") If anyone would happen to know how to translate "Assegno bancario" too, that would be wonderful!! /Anders.
  17. A


    Hello all, I'm a bit suspicious of a translation I got back from a translator. I don't want to offend them because I, admittedly, know next to no Italian. But I can and will respectfully stand up for what I believe is wrong if I have good reasons backing me =) The word is "giroconto". I...
  18. anangelaway

    Financial / Financier

    Lexique Financier / Finance Glossary in both languages (de A à Z / from A to Z), it's quite complete. http://www.lesechos.fr/finance-marches/vernimmen/index.php English language financial glossary http://www.investopedia.com/terms/1/ Thanks, Quaeitur! Bilingual glossary of business...
  19. D

    credit line/ usage limit

    Ciao a tutti. Excuse me if I post something so technical, but I'd like to know if this definitions fit ok to translate the french word "plafond", referred to credit and debit cards. (E.g. My Visa card credit line is 3000,00 euros monthly. /My debit card has an usage limit up to...) Thank you. dav.
  20. S

    ATM (automated teller machine) / ABM / cash machine

    Is the colloquial translation of ATM (automated teller machine; machine that distributes cash) in France "DAB" (distributeur automatique de billets). I think in Canada it's referred to as "un guichet automatique." Am I correct? Merci d'avance. Moderator note: multiple threads merged to...