1. S

    apertura (béisbol)

    ¿Qué es una apertura en béisbol? Las oraciones son... Martínez ponchó a 10 oponentes o más por tercera ocasión en 10 aperturas durante esta temporada. Branden Looper resolvió el partido el noveno inning, para su undécimo salvamento, completando la cuarta apertura de los Mets. Does apertura...
  2. M

    run somebody (baseball)

    Bonjour / Bonsoir. Je sollicite votre aide pour la traduction de la phrase suivante : The first thing they always did was run you. C'est un livre parlant du monde du baseball. Pour vous situer le contexte, l'action se déroule non loin d'un terrain de baseball lorsque des recruteurs observent...
  3. T

    From home plate one base line goes to the right, through... (baseball)

    Hola a todos, Si se habla de béisbol, ¿se traduce la frase, "From home plate one base line goes to the right, through first base." de esta manera: "Del plato una línea de base cruza la primera base a la derecha."? Mil gracias de antemano y muchos saludos:)
  4. G

    Bring him home! (baseball)

    Hello. I'm translating a book which includes the narration of part of a baseball match. In the context, there is a player on second base. The game is close, and when the batter is getting ready to bat, someone screams: 'Bring him home! Bring him home!' I more or less understand the rules of...
  5. EmilyD

    Beanball (baseball)

    I did not find any threads about this term, which, might not be heard in places where baseball or * beisbol * is not played ... Tonight I witnessed a member of the Pawtucket Red Sox, José Iglesias, being hit by a *beanball*. What is the best translation for "beanball" in Spanish? If...
  6. ElGato

    Dropped third strikes, infield dribblers to the hole (béisbol)

    Hola! Necesito ayuda con la traducción de estos términos de béisbol. No sé lo que son en inglés y por lo tanto no sé como traducirlos. No encuentro éstos en ninguna parte. CONTEXTO: Walks. Dropped third strikes. Infield dribblers through the hole. In baseball, it’s important to get to...
  7. x3xleggedxninja

    Clutch (play)

    Hola, Esperaba que alguien me pudiera dar la definición de "clutch". Por ejemplo (en beísbol): "He picked up a clutch hit in the bottom of the ninth inning. ¿Cómo se diría "clutch"? ¿Y cómo se diría "clutch play" o "clutch hit" en ese sentido? ¡Muchas gracias!
  8. SallySinclair

    bobbled out (baseball)

    On a radio broadcaster of a baseball match it says: "The ball is bobbled out in center" Does someone know what it means? :S I'm getting lost Thanks in advice (Y corregidme ^^)
  9. E


    Hi, can anyone help me with a specialized baseball term. It's from an article in the El Sentinel newspaper in West Palm Beach, Florida. It's about the 600th homerun that was hit by Alex Rodriguez and caught by a security guard named Babilonia. It's as follows: "Babilonia candido trabajador de...
  10. R

    on deck circle (Béisbol)

    Hola: La verdad es que no entiendo mucho de este deporte, y no estoy segura de cómo se dicen los términos específicos del mismo. Gracias. A major league baseball player stands in the on-deck circle, swinging a bat... Then he makes his way to the plate where he will swing the bat... Mi...
  11. amic77

    runners on base (baseball)

    Hola foreros: ¿Me podrían ayudar a traducir esto? Mi intento: corredores en base Gracias.
  12. Carolina V.

    4-for-4 (béisbol)

    Hola, Por favor necesito que me ayuden a entender qué quiere decir 4-for-4. Tengo esta oración que se origina en un contexto de béisbol: Mike Rous struck out 12 to earn the win while also going 4-for-4 with two home runs and five RBIs at the plate. Mi intento: Mike Rous ponchó a doce...
  13. M

    right fielder

    Hola, ¿alguién sabe cómo se diría esto en español? Creo que es una posición en el baseball, pero no sé cómo se dice en español. Encontré que fielder es fildeador, ¿sería entonces algo como "fildeador derecho"? El contexto es el siguiente: The greatest right fielder in the game of...
  14. raffavita


    Ciao a tutti, ;) C'è una traduzione del termine "bullpen" nel baseball? Non la trovo da nessuna parte. Qualche esperto? Grazieeee! :) EDIT: forse "la panchina dei lanciatori?" Che cos'è, by the way? :D
  15. S

    good hit

    I am a high school Spanish teacher, and I speak only Spanish to my children at home, but there is vocabulary I'm missing. How would you say "good hit", after your son hits the ball? I know you can say "bien pegada", to say "well hit", but if you want to say the word as a noun, which word...
  16. Quantz

    runs (base-ball)

    Context is (bloody) base-ball again… He, of course, was on a team that was undefeated, and he’d driven in the most runs so far. driven in the most runs ?? Comment traduire ça ??
  17. D

    swing and miss

    I guess that "swing and miss" is a baseball metaphor, which means attempted but failed. Could you please provide me some contexts in which I could use it? Does it carry a negative connotation? Could I say the following sentence? Hillary Clinton swung and missed her pusuit of the democratic...
  18. D

    curve or curveball

    I guess that curve/curveball means pitching a ball with enough spin to cause it to travel in a hook trajectory rather than a staright line, but I am not sure about how to use it outside baseball. Is it idiomatic to use this term the following way? Politicians often try curve/curveball...
  19. D


    I guess that bush-league is a baseball metaphor, which means minor leagues or a training team not for quite mature. I am wondering if I could utilize this in a non-sport context. Could you suggest some contexts or common collocations in which I could use it? Could I use it this way? John...
  20. J

    base hit / ball four

    I am a big baseball fan and I am wondering how the expression used in baseballl base hit ball for is said in Spanish.