basket ball

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    Flare screen (basketball)

    Esta es para los amantes del básquet. ¿Cómo podríamos traducir la acción en el juego del básquet denominada: FLARE SCREEN?
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    breakaway rim (basket ball)

    Hi ! I have a translation about basket ball: I don't know much about the game. a guy talks about a breakaway ram(at least that's what I hear...) what is it? thank you!
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    Basket Ball

    Hi, I recently started a forum which contanied a phrase with the word "basket ball". I translated it to "ballon panier," which others said was not correct. These people were from France though, and French natives and called it simply "basket." Does anyone have other translations? Have you heard...
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    basket-ball game

    hi everyone, this is part of a school diary that we were supposed to translate but i dont know what it means it is something about winning a basketball game. here it is: Mon equipe de basket-ball a gagne contre celle de l'ecole Marguerite-Bourgeois.