1. E

    Belarusian: Consonant elision

    Hello, In Belarusian, are there any words in which some consonants are dropped to make the consonant clusters easier to pronounce (even in standard pronunciation)? I'm talking about something like the words здра(в)ствуйте and чу(в)ство in Russian. Thank you in advance.
  2. bearded

    Belarusian - Lukashenko: correct pronunciation of final vowel

    Hello everyone I don't know any Slavic language. For a few weeks, in Italian TV the name of the Belarussian dictator has been pronounced 'Lukashenka'. I would like to know if this pronunciation is correct - and complies with a phonological rule in that language. Many thanks in advance.
  3. K

    Ukrainian/Belarusian повиминають

    Hello, everybody! I want to translate a text from the oral tradition of the Kiev region, published by Виноградова, Людмила Николаевна, и Левкиевская, Елена Евгеньевна, 2012: Народная демонология Полесья, том 2, Москва, Рукописные Памятники Древней Руси, стр. 535, нр. 283. I think that the...
  4. K

    Belarusian: у завиту завитку забивали колок

    Hello, again! I am conducting a research about the rusalki, and I want to translate and interpret a text from the oral tradition of the Homel' region in Belarus. It has been published by Виноградова, Людмила Николаевна, и Левкиевская, Елена Евгеньевна, 2012: Народная демонология Полесья, Москва...
  5. K

    Belarusian: попадеють

    Hello, I am conducting a research about the rusalki, and I must translate and interpret a short text from the oral tradition of the Homel' region in Belarus. It has been published by Виноградова, Людмила Николаевна, и Левкиевская, Елена Евгеньевна, 2012: Народная демонология Полесья, Москва...
  6. Jagorr

    Belarusian : корань

    "Одна преподавательница, видимо, решила, что с белорусским языком все просто – "как слышится, так и пишется". И "корень солодки" перевела на лекции как "корань салодкі". Аудитория просто легла от смеха, потому что "корань" на белорусском языке значит "пенис"."...
  7. Frostpunk

    Belarusian: не-ня без-бяз

    Hello I’m not super familiar with Belarusian but as a global language enthusiast and lover of learning songs by heart in foreign languages I came across this in Belarusian and fail to easily find much information about it and particularly its pronounciation. As the title gives away what’s the...
  8. S

    Belarusian: бекон 'bacon'

    Hi everyone, How do you pronounce the Belarusian word бекон? Is it pronounced бе-КÓН or БÉ-кон?
  9. ryba

    Belarusian: Таму што (вымаўленае як «таму шта»)

    Дзень добры. Таму што часам вымаўляецца як «таму шта», праўда? Напэўна пад уплывам націску на склад -му. Учора пачуў такое вымаўленне (перад кароценькай паўзаю) ды зацікавіўся. :) Дзякуй загадзя!
  10. T

    прывастраючую (Belarusian)

    Hi! I'm translating an archaeological text from Belarusian to English for my research - this is my first time translating from Belarusian but I have a good knowledge of Russian. I'm stuck on the word прывастраючую - unfortunately its meaning is quite crucial to me! This is the sentence: У...
  11. V

    Belarusian: What's the difference between Нішто сабе and Нічога сабе?

    I'm trying to learn some basic Belarusian and see the phrase "Нішто сабе", which means "Ничего, Нормально" according to the textbook I use. But I also see elsewhere the phrase "Нічога сабе". What's the difference between these two phrases in terms of meaning and also in terms of usage?
  12. T

    Belarusian: "Hello, how are you?" in different regions

    Hi! How do you say "Hello, how are you?" in the different regions of Belarus? Thanks!!!
  13. M

    Belarusian: З Новым Годам! З Божым нараджэннем!

    Hallo everybody! Please check whether it is correct: З Новым Годам! З Божым нараджэннем! Thank you!
  14. birder

    Belarusian: Belarusian

    I need the Belarusian word for the language "Belarusian" This will be used stand-alone at the head of a column, so should be in simple "dictionary" form (probably masculine nominative singular). Thank you.
  15. A

    Belarusian: крама (word stress, confirmation)

    Please advise, which syllable is stressed in the Belarusian "крама" (shop), also called "магазін". It's also a rock group name. I think it's крама. Поставьте пожалуйста ударение в белорусском слове "крама" (магазин), есть также слово "магазін".
  16. M

    How endangered is Belarusian?

    How endangered is Belarusian actually? Is it true that even in Belarus less and less people get the chance to speak it (like in the cities?) even though they have a decent command of it? Groetjes
  17. C

    Belarusian: life in black/darkness

    I am trying to figure out how life in black (la vie en noir) is said. If it sounds weird, it is possible to change it to make it work. For example: Life in darkness or life is full of darkness. I know that corny is black, zyccio is the life but zyccio corny seems weird. I am trying...
  18. Setwale_Charm

    Belarusian: Knowing you has been a blessing for us.

    Дзень добры!!! Could you please help me translate the following phrase into беларуску: Knowing you (fml) has been a blessing for us. Thank you for your courage and all the patience and love that you have offered us.
  19. R

    Belarusian: днi без тлуму i маны

    Как перевести следующую фразу на русский язык с белорусского языка: "Даставай Язэп гармонiк! Вецер сцеле туманы.Заiграй, а мы успомнiм днi без тлуму i маны." Как эту белорусскую фразу поточнее перевести на русский язык?
  20. R

    Ukrainian, Belarusian: differences

    В чем отличия украинского языка от белорусского языка? What are basic differences between Ukrainian and Belarussian languages?
  21. C

    Belarusian: please mind the gap

    Hi everyone, I am looking for the typical sentence that you can hear on the underground in Minsk. In London this would be "please mind the gap", but in other countries it is usually "please step back, doors are closing. The next station is ...". Could someone type it out for me ? (I can read...
  22. M

    Distinguishing Ukrainian & Belarusian from Russian (upon hearing)

    Hello! I think almost everybody can easily distinguish Ukrainian from Russian in writing due to some different letters, yet do you have any tips how to distinguish Ukrainian from Russian when you hear them? How about Belarusian? Does it have some different letters than Russian too? Is it...
  23. E

    Ukrainian/Belarusian: verb agreement

    I have a question about verb agreement when the subject is modified by a numeral. In Russian, agreement tends to be optional in such a situation, so you can say: Пять человек пришли (five people arrived-PL) or Пять человек пришло (five people arrived-NEUTER.SG) I was wondering if this was...
  24. Setwale_Charm

    Belarusian: гульня

    Если не ошибаюсь, это слово означает "игра"? А где в нем ударение? Спасибо.
  25. Setwale_Charm

    Belarusian: varieties of Belarusian

    Dabry dzen'! I was wondering whether anybody might have an idea about this.. When I listen to Радыё Свабода па бэларуску I understand almost everything but when I listen to the 1st Channel of the Belarussian State Radio, I understand much less. May it be possible that they are using some...
  26. Setwale_Charm

    Belarusian: profuse thanks

    How can the following be said in Belarussian: I am so obliged to Pan, thank you for all your help. May you have health and success. Dzyakuy.
  27. Setwale_Charm

    Belarusian: Who are you waiting for?

    Which is correct for "Who are you waiting for?" for example: Каго чакаеш? or На каго чакаешь? It is the preposition I am interested in.
  28. Setwale_Charm

    Belarusian: pronunciation

    Дабры дзень!! I am wondering whether in Belarusian г is pronounced with a glottal roll similarly to Ukrainian? And also whether Belarussians tend to have blurred a and o when unstressed like in Russian? Дзякуй!!
  29. F

    Belarusian: You're welcome

    Hello! Does anyone know how to say you're welcome (as an answer to "thank you") in Belarusian (with Belarusian caracters)? Thanks. I know "thank you" is "Дзякую" but I don't know the answer.
  30. Setwale_Charm

    Belarusian: greetings to

    How do I say in Belarussian "greetings to Bat`ka Lukashenko"?
  31. M

    Belarusian: Dual

    Could someone please explain the Belarusian dual grammatical number and it's relation to South Slavic languages (particularly Macedonian)? For example, compare these: Дзьве назе and дзьве нагі (Belarusian) vs Две нозе (Macedonian) Дзьве руцэ and дзьве рукі (Belarusian) vs Две раце...
  32. Setwale_Charm

    Belarusian: I have heard a lot about you

    Can somebody help me translate this into Belarussian? I also need to say: How is life in Belarus these days with Bat`ka Lukashenko?
  33. Marijka

    Russian/Belarusian/Ukrainian: Comparison

    Split from here. Thanks, Etcetera, I was just curious to know point of view of Russian native speaker. Maybe we should make an experiment here and try to compare Polish to Ukrainian to Russian :)
  34. Marijka

    Belarusian: You can't govern forever

    Hi, it's quite urgent so i'll be grateful for the quick response. Could somebody please help me to translate this frase into Belarussian : You can't govern forever or You won't govern forever ( or You can't rule forever... I think you've got the point ) Is "to rule" , "to govern" - валадаць...