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  1. K

    Bengali: to find out

    For example how would you translate the sentence: "Did you find out where he is from?" Or "I found out yesterday that he's from Bangladesh" I know in Hindi/Urdu this would be translated as "Tumne Kya pata lagaya woh Kahan se Hai?" And "Mujhe Kal para Chala ke woh Bangladesh se Hai" If that...
  2. swatshak

    Bengali: Negation

    Hey everyone, In the related Hindi/Urdu language, negation is a rather simple affair - the word नहीं typically does the job. For the purposes of this thread, consider the following sentences: 1) I am not married. 2) There are no books 3) Don't you know? In Hindi then, their translations would...
  3. swatshak

    Bengali: Pronunciation of য়

    The letter য় is typically described as a semi-vowel that takes the yô (/e̯ɔ/) sound, according to Wikipedia. But in Hanne-Ruth Thompson's "Beginner's Bengali", the author states that য় may be pronounced as y (as in layer), w as in (away), or at the end of syllables as e. I can't seem to find...
  4. L'irlandais

    Bengali : Banglatown

    Hello, My attempt with online translation বাংলা টাউন How can this be written correctly in either Sadhubhaṣa (সাধুভাষা - "elegant language") or in Chôlitôbhasha (চলিতভাষা "current language")? Any tips on its pronunciation welcome too. Background: There are well over a quarter of a million...
  5. S

    Bengali: if বলানো 'to make speak' can be used as a reflexive

    Hi everyone, In Middle Bangla বলানো (balaano) can be used both as a transitive verb with causative meaning ('to make speak', 'to make tell') and as a reflexive ('to be called'). I was wondering if it can still be used as a reflexive in modern Bangla. Haven't found any examples yet so I hope for...
  6. E

    Bengali: etymology of the city name বরিশাল (Barishal)

    Hello, Could anyone please explain me the meaning of the city name বরিশাল (Barishal)? I think শাল might have the meaning of "hall" or "house" like śālā in Sanskrit, but for বরি, I have looked up dictionaries online but can't find what it means nor which language it comes from. Thank you in...
  7. marrish

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: aspirated consonants mʱ nʱ lʱ [*rʱ *yʱ *ʋʱ *ɳʱ]?

    In the phonetic inventories of most of Indo-Aryan languages (like Urdu, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali etc.) there is a class of aspirated, "breathy" consonants. An apt example of these aspirated consonants is from Devanagari script for Sanskrit: ख /kʱ/ घ /gʱ/ छ /t͡ʃʱ/ झ /d͡ʒʱ/ थ /t̪ʱ/ ध /d̪ʱ/ ठ...
  8. Psi-Lord

    Hindi & Bengali: transliteration of foreign names into their scripts

    Straightforward question – would the five proper names transcribed below be acceptable to native speakers of Hindi and Bengali? HI: नेउज़ा, मार्सेल, लेतिसिया, मिगेल, दानियेल / दानिएल. BN: নেউজা, মার্সেল, লেতিসিয়া, মিগেল, দানিয়েল / দানিএল. If not, why? Reasoning behind it: Are there rules of...
  9. aevynn

    Sanskrit, Bengali: tadā nāśaṁsē maraṇāya sañjaya

    Hello! I was reading Tagore's Gora, in a Hindi translation by Devraj. Not too far in, there's a line where the eponymous Gora mentions the hands of Binoy's love interest, Binoy finds the conversation is headed in an uncomfortable direction and tries to redirect the conversation, and then Gora...
  10. aevynn

    Bengali: দেখা হয় নাই চক্ষু মেলিয়া, ঘর হতে শুধু দুই পা ফেলিয়া

    Hello, friends! Here's a (supposedly famous?) little poem that Rabindranath Tagore wrote for Satyajit Ray in an autograph book when the latter was a child. বহু দিন ধ'রে বহু ক্রোশ দূরে বহু ব্যয় করি বহু দেশ ঘুরে দেখিতে গিয়েছি পর্বতমালা, দেখিতে গিয়েছি সিন্ধু। দেখা হয় নাই চক্ষু মেলিয়া ঘর হতে শুধু...
  11. Andrew1980

    Bengali: DBCHC (in Diploma of Bangladesh)

    Hi, I have searched all over the net, however failed to find the meaning of the acronym DBCHC # DBCHC higher certificate examination bangladesh - Google Search: cna this be Dhaka Board Center of Higher Certification? I need this to translate into Russian to certify for one of the students...
  12. S

    Bengali: karNadAtA (কর্ণদাতা)

    Hi everyone, The word কর্ণদাতা appears in Rupram's "Dharmamangala" several times in phrases like "কলিযুগে তুমি কর্ণদাতা" 'You are the karnadata of the dark age', "কলিযুগে নতুবা বলাব কর্ণদাতা" 'I will once again be called the karnadata of the dark age'. It doesn't seem to be the name of a...
  13. S

    Bengali, Sylheti: teu (তেউ)

    Hi everyone, I am translating a phrase from the New Testament in Sylheti (the resurrection of Lazarus): তেউ মানসে কয়বরর মুখর পাথরটা হরাইলা teu manose koyboror mukhor pathorTa horaila Could "teu" mean something like "and" or "then" ("And then the people removed the stone from the entrance of...
  14. C

    Bengali: ফণী

    Hello, ফণী is a cyclone name in the Indian Ocean. I looked up an online Bengali dictionary and it said that ফণী means 'snake'. I'd like to know if it's true. I searched the word for the pictures on Google and no snake pictures but people pictures appeared.
  15. D

    Bengali: Name Abbreviation Mahd. Allum.

    Hello Everybody: I am doing some research about fisherfolk/mariners in India during the time of the Raj. I came across a chap whose name has been written (in a UK-based source, about the time of the Great War) as "Dewan Mahd. Allum." My questions: 1. Is "Mahd." an abbreviation for...
  16. P

    Bengali: गाहे

    Hello,everyone.In the national anthem of India there is गाहे तव जय गाथा जन गण मंगल दायक जय हे I wonder what the word गाहे means here. Thank you in advance.
  17. Hemza

    Bengali: Howrah হাওড়া

    Hello everyone, What does Howrah/হাওড়া means? I guess it's Bengali but I'm not sure. It's the name of a train station in Kolkata. Thank you
  18. Rani_Author

    Hindi-Urdu-Bengali: The changes of structure in a poem

    A few days ago, I wrote a simple poem in Bengali. Bangladeshis appreciated so much the poem. They could understand the changes of structure in a poem I made. Example this simple sentence in Bengali: Ami prem a porcilam. We could change it become: Prem a porcilam, ami. Then, porcilam, prem a...
  19. I

    Hindi/Bengali: Jayashree

    What does Jayashree mean? Is it Hindi or Bengali? Is it the name of a goddess? And what does the name mean?
  20. SagirAhmed

    Bangla-Assamese script

    The Assamese-Bengali script came from Kamrupi script(also know as Ancient Assamese script) of Kamarupa kingdom (modern Assam). Which script was used by Bengali people at that time ? And why Assamese and Bengali people pronounce same characters differently?
  21. W

    Bengali, Bihari, Assamese, Oriya: babu

    I've noticed some around here use babu (baabuu?) as a term of respect. To confirm, is this eastern (Bengali, Bihari, Assamese, Oriya) usage? Is the meaning father also prevalent in eastern areas? Thank you
  22. D

    Bengali: সকল খেলায় করবে খেলা এই আমি

    অন্যতম জনপ্রিয় রবীন্দ্রসঙ্গীত "যখন পড়বে না মোর পায়ের চিহ্ন এই বাটে"-র চতুর্থ স্তবকের শুরুর চার পংক্তি এই রকম: "তখন কে বলে গো সেই প্রভাতে নেই আমি। সকল খেলায় করবে খেলা এই আমি-- আহা, নতুন নামে ডাকবে মোরে, বাঁধবে নতুন বাহু-ডোরে, আসব যাব চিরদিনের সেই আমি।" TagoreWeb এখানে কবি একদিকে বলছেন...
  23. L

    Bengali: হিন্দু or হিন্দূ

    Hi all. First of all, I do not wish to offend anyone's religious sensitivities (this being a controversial topic at best) by specifically using this religious word. This is simply an example to demonstrate something that I came across. Hope you all understand this. Thanks. :) In Sanskrit, the...
  24. L

    Bengali: Pronunciation of dirgho "I" and dirgho "U"

    Hi. I have started learning Bengali. I have the script memorised and can write reasonably well for my level. I can also read some very basic texts. I have some doubts regarding the pronunciation of dirgho I (ঈ) as well as dirgho U (ঊ). All the resources that I have used to learn this language...
  25. P

    Bengali: যে, সে নাকি

    Can someone help me parse the following sentence, from Kumar Prasad Mukherjee's book "Kudrat Rangi Birangi"? I am confused by the overall meaning and in particular by the words "যে, সে নাকি" here. Is যে being used as a relative pronoun referring to the সাহিত্যিক? পঞ্চাশের দশকে আমাদের কফি...
  26. T

    Bengali: Modeer

    There a lot of rumors broadcasts that the word modeer which is in Arabic مدير means manager and used in colloquial dialect to mean something similar to boss. The ruomrs claims that modeer in Bengali means donkey. I know that donkey in Bengali is just like in Hindi and Urdu Gadha. I found...
  27. HZKhan

    Bengali: যেন

    "আমাদের ঈশ্বর ও পিতার ইচ্ছামত খ্রীষ্ট আমাদের পাপের জন্য নিজের জীবন দিয়েছিলেন, যেন তিনি এখনকার এই মন্দ জগতের হাত থেকে আমাদের রক্ষা করতে পারেন।" Is Bengali's যেন eqvuivalent to Hindi's ताकि?
  28. HZKhan

    Bengali: করিয়া থাকিলাম vs. করিতে থাকিলাম

    গত রাত্রি আমি শয়ন করিয়া থাকিলাম। গত রাত্রি আমি শয়ন করিতে থাকিলাম। What is the semantic difference between these two sentences? If possible, please also tell how they both would be translated into Hindi.
  29. HZKhan

    Bengali: ফুরিয়ে আসছে

    "পাকিস্তানের প্রধানমন্ত্রী নওয়াজ শরীফ বলেছেন, সন্ত্রাসীদের দিন ফুরিয়ে আসছে এবং তাদেরকে কঠিন হাতে দমন করা হবে।" कृपया बताइये कि उपर्युक्त लाल-वर्णी बंगाली शब्दों का हिंदी में क्या अनुवाद होगा? इस के अतिरिक्त, यदी हो सके तो इन शब्दों का व्याकरणिक विश्लेषण भी कर दीजिये ताकि भविष्य में इस जैसे किसी...
  30. S

    Bengali: শ্যামল মাটির বনছায়

    Hi guys! Had a Bengali question here. It's pretty basic but I had difficulty finding a definition for it anywhere. It's from a song that I'm guessing most Bengalis have probably heard, jare uRe jare pakhi. The line specifically is: আকাশে আকাশ ফিরে, যা ফিরে আপন নীড়ে, শ্যামল মাটির বনছায় akashe...
  31. Md. Saiful Alam

    Bangla: A projection in the middle of each side from the top of the central hill

    Dear Sirs and Madams, "He discovered the ruins of a square tower of 22 feet side with a projection in the middle of each side from the top of the central hill." I collected the line from 'English for Today' a book for class ten in Bangladesh but it is very hard for me to get the Bangla meaning...
  32. M

    Bengali: water

    Is there a common, everyday word for water used by all Bengalis? The author of this Bengali dictionary says "pani" is mainly used by the Muslim community. Is that true? It's surprising if there really is a difference for such a basic word.
  33. S

    Bengali: কক

    Good evening everyone, Does anybody know what কক (followed by a number) could mean in an official document? It looks like কক [number] []DOCUMENT TITLE] Looks like it could be easily replaced with 'No.'. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!
  34. J

    Bengali: এই যে

    এই যে I am pronouncing it [eɪ̯ ʤℯ]. Please confirm or refute if I have the correct pronunciation (to the best of your ability, I realize you are looking at the IPA and not actually listening to the pronunciation of the phrase). What is the literal meaning এই যে ? (what does it mean...
  35. S

    Bengali: চালান as a noun

    Good evening, One more question about Bengali. What could চালান mean if used as a noun? Example: চালান বই নম্বর, ইস্যুকৃত চালান. Looks like it's some document but I don't understand which exactly. Thank you.
  36. S

    Bengali: আদর্শ কর তফসিল

    Good morning to everyone. I am translating a document where a license number 'according to the আদর্শ কর তফসিল" is mentioned a few times. তফসিল is also spelled as তফশীল and তফসীল, but I guess it doesn't change the meaning. I guess the meaning could be 'the number in the model cadastre" or...
  37. Y

    Bengali: কিমেরিয়া

    Hi everyone, Im not Bengali nor Indian but I appreciate the written script of Bengali. I would really appreciate if someone could translate the word "কিমেরিয়া" for me if at all possible. Thanks
  38. I

    Bengali - little marks above and below letters when typing

    When I type in Bengali certain keyboard automatically add marks above and below the letters. The book I am using to study Bengali does not seem to mention them. Can anyone tell me what they are and whether I should be including them in words or not? And if not, how to type without them (I am on...
  39. M

    Bengali:Karo jonno mon kharp kore dukhkkho nia boshe thakle tar kichu ashbe jabe naa

    Please Help me translate these Bengoai. Much appreciated. Cheers if you can do this ASAP. "Karo jonno mon kharp kore dukhkkho nia boshe thakle tar kichu ashbe jabe naa... Nijeree khoti....r keu karo shathe chirokal thake naa... Ekaee cholte hoy.." Thanks in advance!
  40. vinayakdamodarsavarkar

    Bangla: Transliteration of Sharnika or Sharanika

    Hello. I would like to translate this name into Bengali.
  41. Q

    Bangla Hindi intelligibility

    Hi, May I know how you think about the intelligibility between Bangla and Hindi? Once I asked a guy from Bangladesh when the people sitting next to us were speaking Hindi. He told me that he didn't understand their conversation, but his wife would probably understand them since she was into...
  42. lambdakneit

    Bengali: Feeling overwhelmed

    Namaste ya assalamu 3alaykum, I have heard that in Hindi-Urdu you use the following expression हाथ पैर फुलना اتھ پیر پھلنا to mean something like feeling overwhelm or stressed out. I would like to know, if this expression is indeed correct, what its equivalent in Bangla would be. Would it be...
  43. Q

    Bengali: Mazumdar

    The title or surname "Mazumdar" appears to be used by both Muslims and Hindus of Bengal and in this way it is probably not different from Chaudhary, Patel or several other such names used in the Subcontinent.. What are the origins of this name?
  44. ayed

    Bengali: ছাগলের বাচ্চা

    Salamu 3alikum What is the etymology and pronunciation of the Bengali word ( ছাগলের বাচ্চা) which means " a goat baby". Is it pronounced as "sagol"? Thanks
  45. quesuerte

    Bengali: gooma, fosa, gonda, mata

    Hello all! I have a romanized Bengali verb list and these words (gooma, fosa, gonda, mata) appear on it. I was wondering if anyone has any idea what they might mean. It is possible that they are Sylheti. It is also highly likely that they have been romanized in a rather haphazard way. Many...
  46. Q

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: Melons

    Muskmelon is called "Kharbuuzah" in Urdu. In Punjabi it is "khakhRii". The watermelon is known by two names, tarbuuz and hindvaanah. Kharbuuzah, tarbuuz/hindvaanah are from Persian. Are there seperate Hindi words for these two fruits?
  47. rahulbemba

    Hindi / Bengali: Vivekananda (विवेकानन्द / বিবেকানন্দ)

    I think many of us would know the word "Vivekananda" (विवेकानन्द in Hindi and বিবেকানন্দ in Bengali) by the name of Swami Vivekananda. I am curious to know what does this name / word "Vivekananda" signify. Vivek I think means budhdhi, gyaan or conscience. Ananda means joy or happiness. But...
  48. S

    Bengali: TIN and করদাতা সনাক্তকরণ​

    Good morning to everyone! Does anyone know what's the difference between TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) and করদাতা সনাক্তকরণ​ in Bengali? The Bangladeshi webpage that tells about mandatory registration documents ( says it's one and the...
  49. M

    Bengali: Legal adviser

    Hi everyone, I need your help for a translation from english to bangla (bengalese) about law for a business card. I'd like to get bengalese-speaking people living here (Italy) to know what kind of services I can offer. In italian, my position is "Praticante avvocato abilitato al patrocinio"...
  50. T

    Bengali: Amar Shonar Bangla

    Amar Shonar Bangla is the national anthem of Bangladesh. I just want to know if a normal illiterate bengali can understand the lyrics easily or no? Also, is there any accurate English translation of this anthem.