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bengali (bangla)

  1. Md. Saiful Alam

    Bangla: A projection in the middle of each side from the top of the central hill

    Dear Sirs and Madams, "He discovered the ruins of a square tower of 22 feet side with a projection in the middle of each side from the top of the central hill." I collected the line from 'English for Today' a book for class ten in Bangladesh but it is very hard for me to get the Bangla meaning...
  2. M

    Bengali: water

    Is there a common, everyday word for water used by all Bengalis? The author of this Bengali dictionary says "pani" is mainly used by the Muslim community. Is that true? It's surprising if there really is a difference for such a basic word.
  3. S

    Bengali: কক

    Good evening everyone, Does anybody know what কক (followed by a number) could mean in an official document? It looks like কক [number] []DOCUMENT TITLE] Looks like it could be easily replaced with 'No.'. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!
  4. J

    Bengali: এই যে

    এই যে I am pronouncing it [eɪ̯ ʤℯ]. Please confirm or refute if I have the correct pronunciation (to the best of your ability, I realize you are looking at the IPA and not actually listening to the pronunciation of the phrase). What is the literal meaning এই যে ? (what does it mean...
  5. S

    Bengali: চালান as a noun

    Good evening, One more question about Bengali. What could চালান mean if used as a noun? Example: চালান বই নম্বর, ইস্যুকৃত চালান. Looks like it's some document but I don't understand which exactly. Thank you.
  6. S

    Bengali: আদর্শ কর তফসিল

    Good morning to everyone. I am translating a document where a license number 'according to the আদর্শ কর তফসিল" is mentioned a few times. তফসিল is also spelled as তফশীল and তফসীল, but I guess it doesn't change the meaning. I guess the meaning could be 'the number in the model cadastre" or...
  7. Y

    Bengali: কিমেরিয়া

    Hi everyone, Im not Bengali nor Indian but I appreciate the written script of Bengali. I would really appreciate if someone could translate the word "কিমেরিয়া" for me if at all possible. Thanks
  8. I

    Bengali - little marks above and below letters when typing

    When I type in Bengali certain keyboard automatically add marks above and below the letters. The book I am using to study Bengali does not seem to mention them. Can anyone tell me what they are and whether I should be including them in words or not? And if not, how to type without them (I am on...
  9. M

    Bengali:Karo jonno mon kharp kore dukhkkho nia boshe thakle tar kichu ashbe jabe naa

    Please Help me translate these Bengoai. Much appreciated. Cheers if you can do this ASAP. "Karo jonno mon kharp kore dukhkkho nia boshe thakle tar kichu ashbe jabe naa... Nijeree khoti....r keu karo shathe chirokal thake naa... Ekaee cholte hoy.." Thanks in advance!
  10. vinayakdamodarsavarkar

    Bangla: Transliteration of Sharnika or Sharanika

    Hello. I would like to translate this name into Bengali.
  11. Q

    Bangla Hindi intelligibility

    Hi, May I know how you think about the intelligibility between Bangla and Hindi? Once I asked a guy from Bangladesh when the people sitting next to us were speaking Hindi. He told me that he didn't understand their conversation, but his wife would probably understand them since she was into...
  12. lambdakneit

    Bengali: Feeling overwhelmed

    Namaste ya assalamu 3alaykum, I have heard that in Hindi-Urdu you use the following expression हाथ पैर फुलना اتھ پیر پھلنا to mean something like feeling overwhelm or stressed out. I would like to know, if this expression is indeed correct, what its equivalent in Bangla would be. Would it be...
  13. Q

    Bengali: Mazumdar

    The title or surname "Mazumdar" appears to be used by both Muslims and Hindus of Bengal and in this way it is probably not different from Chaudhary, Patel or several other such names used in the Subcontinent.. What are the origins of this name?
  14. ayed

    Bengali: ছাগলের বাচ্চা

    Salamu 3alikum What is the etymology and pronunciation of the Bengali word ( ছাগলের বাচ্চা) which means " a goat baby". Is it pronounced as "sagol"? Thanks
  15. quesuerte

    Bengali: gooma, fosa, gonda, mata

    Hello all! I have a romanized Bengali verb list and these words (gooma, fosa, gonda, mata) appear on it. I was wondering if anyone has any idea what they might mean. It is possible that they are Sylheti. It is also highly likely that they have been romanized in a rather haphazard way. Many...
  16. Q

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: Melons

    Muskmelon is called "Kharbuuzah" in Urdu. In Punjabi it is "khakhRii". The watermelon is known by two names, tarbuuz and hindvaanah. Kharbuuzah, tarbuuz/hindvaanah are from Persian. Are there seperate Hindi words for these two fruits?
  17. rahulbemba

    Hindi / Bengali: Vivekananda (विवेकानन्द / বিবেকানন্দ)

    I think many of us would know the word "Vivekananda" (विवेकानन्द in Hindi and বিবেকানন্দ in Bengali) by the name of Swami Vivekananda. I am curious to know what does this name / word "Vivekananda" signify. Vivek I think means budhdhi, gyaan or conscience. Ananda means joy or happiness. But...
  18. S

    Bengali: TIN and করদাতা সনাক্তকরণ​

    Good morning to everyone! Does anyone know what's the difference between TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) and করদাতা সনাক্তকরণ​ in Bengali? The Bangladeshi webpage that tells about mandatory registration documents (http://www.eprocure.gov.bd/MandRegDoc.jsp?lang=bn_IN) says it's one and the...
  19. M

    Bengali: Legal adviser

    Hi everyone, I need your help for a translation from english to bangla (bengalese) about law for a business card. I'd like to get bengalese-speaking people living here (Italy) to know what kind of services I can offer. In italian, my position is "Praticante avvocato abilitato al patrocinio"...
  20. T

    Bengali: Amar Shonar Bangla

    Amar Shonar Bangla is the national anthem of Bangladesh. I just want to know if a normal illiterate bengali can understand the lyrics easily or no? Also, is there any accurate English translation of this anthem.
  21. G

    Bengali: help to translate

    can anybody translate this to english, please? সমাজ মানবিক কমিটমেন্টর ধার ধারে না । সম্ভবত নারীরাও না ।
  22. S

    Bengali: Channels and frequency range

    The last question for tonight... Sorry for posting so much at once. How would you say "to broadcast many channels at one frequency range"? I haven't found Bengali equivalents for any of the words. Will it be better to leave it in English? Thank you!
  23. S

    Bengali: noise immunity

    Dear Bengali speakers, please help me with the term "noise immunity" (if it goes about TV or radio channels). The phrase: "(our technology provides) an increase of noise immunity". Will "golmale brihottor onakrommota" sound fine? Thank you!
  24. S

    Bengali: to clarify some details

    The full phrase: "we want to clarify some details regarding offered technologies". Do "dopha" for "details" and "pranjol kora" for "clarify" look appropriate? Thank you!
  25. S

    Bengali: Interactive services

    Is there any word for "interactive services" in Bengali? Such as TV chat, TV mail, etc. Thank you!
  26. S

    Bengali: say no to piracy and illegal viewing

    Good morning everyone, tried to translate "say no to piracy and illegal viewing" into Bengali. In the end it turned into "gronthadir svotver ainlonghon totha oboidh poridorshon rodh korar jonno podokhep nin". Is there any more natural way to say this? Would "gronthadir svotver ain" ("(book)...
  27. B

    Khmer/Chinese/Bengali/Spanish/Thai: solidarity

    Hi, I want to make some banners for an event with solidarity messages to workers in places where there've been recent strikes or other labour rights issues going on. I'm trying to avoid having to turn to online dictionaries because I'd like to find the messages with the right connotations...
  28. L

    Hindi/Bengali-This is the day of my life

    hi I going to meet my old friend, i want to surprise him by talking in his mother language ."This is the day of my life" can translate in Hindi or Bengali with pronunciation
  29. J

    Bengali: arrive

    For eg. "we will arrive in Kolkatta tomorrow morning". thx
  30. M

    Bangla vs Hindi Grammar

    Hi, I'm taking the (somewhat painful) plunge at learning Bangla. My husband is a native speaker, but definitely not an innate teacher ;) So we muddle along, but come to find out, he didn't pay much attention in Bangla class. Thus, trying to explain grammar to me is pretty tedious. To both of...
  31. J

    Oriya-Bengali: Why do Oriya and Bengali people pronounce V as Bh

    I have ever been to Orissa and West Bengal for work. I hear that the local people pronounce V as Bh (भ). This is very interesting, because I know that there is no व in Bangla Bhasha (I don't know Oriya, I guess this doesn't exist in Oriya either.) And व in Hindi is pronounced as ब in Bangla. But...
  32. M

    Bengali writing on a government letterhead

    Hey everyone! I would quite urgently need to know the meaning of some Bengali writing on what I think is an official letterhead of Bangladesh government. Since I only have the writing on an old document, I am not able to copy/paste it (in order to search it on the net), nor can I speak or...
  33. F

    Hindi, Bengali, Tamil: Extraordinary People

    Namaste / Nomoskar / Vanakkam! I am trying to translate the title of a TV Feature series "Extraordinary People" into Hindi, Bengali and Tamil. Examples of "Extraordinary People": - People who have outstanding abilities/achievements (e.g. able to speak many languages/ having photographic...
  34. B

    Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali: Bashir

    Hello everyone I want to ask you a favour ,,, could anyone of you please write me my name in these languages Tamil Gujarati Bengali I really want to know how it looks.. ..my name is Bashir Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks
  35. F

    Bengali: I can write Bengali

    নমস্কার! Seems like Bengali has almost never been discussed in this forum... Could anybody help me translate "I can write Bengali" into Bengali please? ধন্যবাদ!
  36. N

    Bengali: Meros

    Hi once more, In the following sentences, I've found that Marwari are a people in India that came from Marwar, in Rajasthan. But I cannot find what Meros are. Please, could somebody help me? Baba had been more than associates with him, yes, with the same P.J. whose two buildings in Hazra...
  37. N

    Bengali: familiar terms

    Hello again, :) In my text in English, I've already found some Bengali words adressed to relatives, like baba, dada, kakima, kaku... Now I find mashima and boudi. Could somebody tell me please what these words mean? :) The sentence is as follows: He referred to them as aunts and uncles...
  38. N

    Bengali: basti

    Hello, :) I have another of those nice words in Bengali ;) (or in Hindi) that appears now and again in my text in English: He [the owner of the taxi] had hired two other drivers for a month, but after the day of the incident they disappeared. They didn't even garage the cab that night; it...
  39. N

    Bengali: khunti

    Hello, Here I am with another of my words in Bengali, from a text in English set in Calcutta: My mother was in the kitchen with her khunti making luchis. Please, I've found what luchis are, but I don't know what khunti means. Thank you very much in advance, if someone could help me, :) N
  40. N

    Bengali: relatives (achcha, dadu, ajiteshkaku)

    Good evening, Could anybody please tell me what the following words in Hindi mean? Achcha Dadu Ajiteshkaku They appear in a text in English, with other words about relatives: Baba (I guess it's "daddy"); Kaku ("uncle"); Kakima ("aunt", I think). Thank you very much in advance, N :)
  41. N

    Bengali: para

    Hello, I have a text in English, but set in India (Kolkata), and sometimes the author introduces some words in Hindi, that I of course don't understand (unfortunately). Could anyone please tell me what para means in this sentence? Robi (narrator's cousin) had no friends in the para because...
  42. M

    Bengali: diciphering alphabet

    I am researching the signature on what I believe to be a piece of Mughal art and can't find anything matching the characters. There are three characters stacked in a column followed by what resembles a mathmatical "divided by" sign. Top character looks like a 5 w/ a connected "v" and a little...
  43. S

    Bengali: Variant pronunciations for 20, 1000, 100000

    I'm studying pronunciation of numbers in Bengali and see that there are a few variant pronunciations: 20 = bish / kuri 1000 = hajar / shahasra 100000 = lakkho / lakh 10000000 = koti / krora Are there certain contexts in which one form is preferred over the other? Or if not, is one form more...
  44. P

    Bengali: demonstratives

    Cuold someone give me the difference between EI, OI, SHEI and ETA, OTA, SHETA. I also want to know the corresponding therms for the plurals forms: EGULO, OGULO and SHEGULO. Thanks.
  45. L

    Bengali: Can you read Bengali?

    How do you say the following in Bengali please?: Can you read Bengali? I can read Bengali but I don't understand it. I can read Bengali because it's similar to Hindi. I don't speak Bengali. If possible, can you write it in Devanagari so I know exactly how to pronounce it? (transliterations...
  46. D

    Bengali: hirushisho

    Me gustaría saber qué significa "shisho" (pronunciado) en Bangla. -no sé si estoy en el foro correcto-:confused: "Hirushisho" : "Hiru" es el diminutivo de un nombre propio, pero... "shisho" ¿qué significado tiene añadir esto al nombre? ¿afectivo quizá? ¿es una palabra que no va unida al nombre...
  47. suslik

    Bengali: what's this text about?

    Can you tell me what this text is about? I don't want it to be complitely translated, but just to know what is it about. It's quite small but maybe you can make it bigger so you can read it... Thanks to all who help
  48. R

    Bengali: keho

    Hello, My name is Can, I'm from Turkey. I am learning Bengali but, I didn't find anywhere the meaning of the word; "keho" (কেহ). It was passing in the sentence; Keho jeno porhe naahi thaaki piche, keho naai kaa(n)de shomaajer nice, shobar shonge eki toronge; gaai jiboneri gaan. If any Bengali...
  49. VenusEnvy

    Bengali/Chinese: Do you understand?

    Hello to all! Thanks to all of you who helped me with my previous question regarding Bengali and Chinese translations. I have another favor. :) Can you translate the following phrases for me? I am sorry that I cannot provide an attempt as I have absolutely no knowledge of these languages. I am...
  50. VenusEnvy

    Bengali/Chinese: See you next class!

    Hello to all! Thanks to all of you who helped me with my previous question regarding Bengali and Chinese translations. I have another favor. :) Can you translate the following phrases for me? I am sorry that I cannot provide an attempt as I have absolutely no knowledge of these languages. I am...