1. M

    Berber: G igherdh ish'ed our illi

    The words are at page 310, Chapter 27, of The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles. The context: Kit's life dragged on, day after day, in her 'prison' at top of the house. Eventually, one day the three wives of Belqassim burst into the room to beat her. The noise brought Belgassim to stop the fight...
  2. M

    Berber: taguella

    Hi! How do you write the word "taguella" in Berber, and how is it pronounced?
  3. panjabigator

    Berber languages: the Magrib

    How important is it to know a Berber language in the magrib? Was the Arabization of this region recent or has Arabic been spoken there for a while?