1. H

    cresta tirada hacia atrás

    in a news about dinosaurs in Peru, when describing a pterosaurus they say "de enorme pico, una cresta tirada hacia atrás casi del mismo tamaño que su cuerpo" how could I translate that??? thanks
  2. L

    buona capacità di

    Ciao ragazzi. Mi chiamo Fabio,ho 25 anni. Sono laureato (3+2) in biologia cellulare e molecolare,ho finito un assegno di ricerca e ora vorrei andare a fare un dottorato all'estero. Sto quindi traducendo il mio cv per mandarlo in una serie di lab che ho trovato su internet. Volevo inserire...
  3. G


    Hi folks, I´m writing a thesis about recycling, I don´t know how to translate PERCOLATO, it´s a phenomena that sees rainwater flowing through garbage dumps, getting intoxicated and reaching waterflows underneath. I´m not 100% sure it has to reach a flow but the matter is about water passing...
  4. L

    Différents degrés de qualité selon la zone de prélèvement

    Hello everybody, I'm looking for a correct expression for this sentence. I'm talking about make-up brushes, and in particular about the hair quality. It comes from pony or goat, and the quality and softness depend on the area on the body of the animal where it has been taken (please, don't...
  5. A


    what the meaning of "bouts"? when is used in ethology, ethology, ethology
  6. M

    Duotang folder

    Ça veut dire quoi duo tang folder ? :confused::rolleyes: merci d avance
  7. CarolMamkny

    Maintenance in living things

    Hola foreros,Bueno ya que los chicos entraron a la escuela estoy aqui traduciendo un plan de estudios de la clase de biología y no se como traducir el nombre de esta unidad:"Maintenance in living things"la verdad no les puedo dar más contexto. Espero y me puedan ayudar.¡Gracias de antemano!
  8. Danz

    performance (of cells in an experiment)

    performance (of cells in an experiment) Come si dice questo in italiano... parlando dei risultati di un esperimento in laboratorio? "Com'é la prestazione/rendimento delle cellule?" Quale andrebbe meglio?
  9. A


    Hola, estoy traduciendo un texto de una investigación y me gustaría ver si alguien conoce en inglés el termino gametogénesis, yo la vdd no lo he encontrado. Espero me puedan ayudar El enunciado es el siguiente: Identificación de moléculas que participan en la gametogénesis de Plasmodium...
  10. C

    wire rack

    dear all, please could you translate in french this phrase : wire rack and styrofoam tray ..... in the context of lab tubes processing thanks a million
  11. H

    washes (noun)/cattle were grazing on the washes

    Hello everybody, I need some help with the word washes. I found it in a magazine about wetlands. The whole sentence is: "In July the reserve was drying out nicely and cattle were grazing on the washes" I understand the sentence, but I am totally lost with that word. I guess it refers to some...
  12. Q


    type of food?
  13. B

    microbiological media

    How do you translate media in the context of microbiology, like agar in petri dishes? The bacteria turned the media red. Les bactéries ont causé les milieux à devenir rouge?
  14. B


    Quiero conocer el sentido semántico del termino azaroso, no en su significado de "peligroso", sino el que se debe al azar.
  15. C

    democratizaciòn del arte

    Hola, esperome puedan ayudar. Estoy traduciento al Inglès un ensayo sobre un artista, la terminologìa es complicada y confusa. Aqui mi intento:Picnic, his more recent floor, stretched at INOVA's open spaces and, then build in the museum, it takes to the end the democratization of art, and at...
  16. P

    cellular fate (in biology)

    Hi / Bonjour, How would you translate cellular fate, as in: Biological signals can dictate cellular fate. Sort cellulaire doesn't seem right.... Neither does destin cellulaire....
  17. K

    The mechanistic underpinning of ecomorphology

    Hola a todos.... alguien puede ayudarme a traducir "underpinning" en este contexto: "The mechanistic underpinning of ecomorphology is that some aspects of interindividual morphological variation will lead to functional and performance differences..." Gracias a todos...
  18. M


    Bonjour je voudrais savoir ce que veu dire "propagules". Je comprends que c'est une partie d'une plante mais je ne sais pas ce que c'est. Voici un bout de la phrase leaves, reproductive propagules, roots and bark Merci de me répondre
  19. M

    poor motor control

    I need help translating, "as a result of poor motor control." Here's the complete phrase, "Injury to other residents as a result of poor motor control." Here's my translation, Heridas a otros residentes como resultado del control malo de los musculos. The context is a document on motorized...
  20. B


    I'm translating a technical document and need to know how to translate "oversampling". For example, if you are surveying women and men but only 1/4 of the population are women, you would oversample the women to get a higher representation instead of random sampling where you may or may not get a...
  21. A

    muestreo de vegetación

    je voudrais traduire l'expression "muestreo de vegetación", et je sais que "muestreo" c'est échantillonage, mais le mot me fait penser qu'on préléve des choses et dans c'est cas on ne ramene pas les vegetaux, seulment on les observe et on prend des notes j'ai pensé a "prospection de la...
  22. R

    crossed fiber

    Hi, there. I'm translating a text about the use of a compound microscope. There's a list of materials that are needed. One of them is: - prepared slide of crossed fibers My attempt is: - portaobjetos preparado con fibras cruzadas :confused: I appreciate your help and your suggestions...
  23. P

    "Faites" et "La verites physiques" in Buffon

    Bon Soir! Ma femme est une etudiante de la philosophie. Elle ne parle pas francaise, mais au devoirs elle trouve des citations en francaise. L'auteur, qui a ecrite ce texte en anglaise - a cite un ecravain francaise (Mnsr Georges Louis Leclerc de Buffon) mais il n'a pas lui traduire. J'ai...
  24. J

    Inspector de campo (agricultura)

    hola a todos los grandiosos usuarios que nos ayudan. EL día de hoy me gustaria que me ayudaran a traducir la siguiente palabra en Inglés. La palabra es''Inspector de campo. Es un puesto que se utiliza aquí en México para denominar a cierta persona que supervisa e inspecciona campos( agricultura)
  25. B


    Bonjour, "Midge" est souvent traduit par "moucheron" dans les dictionnaires mais les moucherons ne piquent normalement pas alors qu'un "midge" semble se nourrir de sang humain. Est-ce que quelqu'un connaîtrait un autre nom plus adapté pour cet insecte ? Merci d'avance pour vos réponses ...
  26. W


    Hello could anybody help me to translate into the official spanish term the word "increaser" in this sentence?? Lack of sleep suppresses our natural appetite-depressants, while fueling appetite-increasers, often leading to weight gain.
  27. X

    Fôret jardinisée

    It is included in a listing of several natural areas! The word "jardinisée" doesn't even exist in french but it could be some kind of neologism to say that the forrest is laid out that way, to look like a garden. I don't really know how to translate it! Could a "garden-laid-out forrest"...
  28. E

    striking phenotypes

    En este texto sobre clonación, qué significa cuando dice: leads to a number of striking phenotypes. Gracias
  29. ozon

    entremaliadura - degut a les seves entremaliadures

    Hola, estic escrivint sobre las cabres salvatges i la traduccio que he trobat per entremaliada es 'mischievous'. · We also found that goats is an animal which sometimes is not as appreciated as could be the deer for example, perhaps because its mischievousness. Doncs el que voldria dir es: El...
  30. G

    pantalla vegetal

    Hola a todos: Estoy traduciendo un informe sobre ambiente y no se como se dice pantalla vegetal en inglés, vegetal screen me parece demasiado literal para el siguiente contexto: Las pantallas vegetales se están sembrando, y dado mantenimiento, como barreras visuales para enmascarar las futuras...
  31. S

    cell or cellular

    what's the best choice: cell growth or cellular growth? cell adhesion or cellular adhesion? etc. grtz, Stakie
  32. P

    valores obtenidos

    i want to transalte this into english valors obtenidos the context is: al analizar los valores obtenidos en la relacion niños mujeres se debe tener en cuenta....this belongs to the results of an investigation... i was trying: the amounts obtained.... thanks
  33. P

    hermandades completadas

    hi there ...again... i'm translating a text of genetic demography, and there is one term that I can`t transalte from spainsh to english.. mujeres con hermandades completadas... it refers to women who are like 50 years old and can not have more children thanks a lot!! ... in advance
  34. GalBalc

    Foal, Colt and Filly

    Saludos a todos ¿Alguien sabe si en español hay términos específicos para diferenciar entre potro, potra, potrillo, potrilla, potranco y potranca? Entiendo el significado de cada palabra pero no sé si alguno de los términos sólo se ocupa para un determinado sexo del equino. Hi to everyone...
  35. P

    autosomico [autosómico]

    hi there! i'm translating a text from spanish to english and there is that word that i can´t translate it is: autosomico. the text is about genetic demography i found the meaning of the word : any chromosome that is no sexual, the context is this: en el valle calchaqui se han realizados...
  36. M


    Bonjour, Je cherche à traduire "revégétalisation" en anglais. Merci
  37. N

    air-breathing organs and are obligate air breathers

    Hello! I 'm student and I write a thesis on the pangas, a Vietnamese fish. but I did not understand the exact meaning of this sentence: "P. hypophtalumus have air-breathing organs and are obligate air breathers" Please could you help me to find the best translation ? thank you
  38. E

    Cuando está...

    Necesito traducir: "When is the river not the river? ¿Cuándo está el río no el río? Gracias!
  39. O

    I see everyone lives with malt on the walls

    Hello everybody! I would like to know what "malt" could mean. I'm afraid it's a piece of a conversation between two spanish bussines women trying to write in English.I'll be very grateful to have some posts because it's part of a work I've been told to do. The sentence it appears are "I...
  40. J


    Hello, how can i say "subespecie" in english?
  41. M

    Zona de amortiguamiento

    Hola, Cómo se traduce "zona de amortiguamiento" al inglés? Me refiero a la zona vecina a una reserva natural o area protegida. El trabajo de conservacion en la zona de amortiguamiento es difrerente al trabajo en el area protegida. Espero haber sido clara respecto al contexto. Gracias,
  42. M


    Existe una mejor forma en español para definir un "coculture" yo traduzco: co-cultivo pero no sé si se usa . . . la frase: A prolonged survival may be required for its inhibition, as it has been shown in coculture experiments that the inhibitory effect of L. acidophilus on H. pylori...
  43. D


    Can some explain to me what a "brinsal" is? It's a word being used by a Peruvian. The phrase is "Se ha comprado 11,000 brinsales de semilleros de Aliso..." Thanks.
  44. M


    Existe una mejor palabra en español para describir las: substancias parecidas a los antibióticos (producidas por microorganismos), conocidas como bacteriocinas ? :o gracias
  45. M

    Cag-positive/negative strain - Cag pathogenicity island

    Hola Todos ! alguien me sabría explicar a qué se refiere lo siguiente y como se dice en español?: "Cag-positive strain" "Cag-negative strain" "Cag pathogenicity island" Las frases dicen asi: "... a Cag positive strain isolated from a patient with erosive gastritis and a Cag-negative strain...
  46. rodrahz

    research pipeline

    Necesito una ayuda con esta expresión. El texto es de una presentación de un laboratorio farmacéutico que desarrolla nuevas drogas, etc. y dice así: "II molecules comprise the New Drug Discovery and Research pipeline" Es todo lo que tengo. Desde ya, muchas gracias.
  47. J

    neurons' morphological phenotypes

    Hello! How would you translate this? Thank you!
  48. J

    fresh neuronal cells

    Hello! What could be the exact translation for it? The context: Could it mean, "de toutes jeunes"? Thanks again!
  49. L


    I have never been able to find a word for the animal Steinbock in English. I don't mean the Zodiac sign Capricorn, but the actual animal living in the mountains. I can't attempt to translate it because I have nothing to go from, but I do know there are animals in the Rocky Mountains called...
  50. M

    The used seed material

    bonjour, je ne cherche pas une traduction exacte mais juste a comprendre ce bout de phrase : "The used seed material..." ceci concerne un article scientifique a propos d'agriculture... si quelqu'un peut m'aider a comprendre, ce serait tres gentil...merci