1. L

    Bosnian (BCS): evidence

    Hello everyone, I need to know if there is a suitable word, in Bosnian language, or so, to translate evidence that would mean, in this context, trace, and not proof. Even when it is a recent enough past for someone to remember, historians' questions about it are rarely the sort that can be...
  2. C

    Bosnian (BCS): Segmedina

    Zdravo I would like to know where does this female name come from, I've never found information about it. One famous bearer is Bosnian journalist and TV presenter Segmedina Srna. Pozdravi Carlos
  3. R

    Bosnian (BCS): cooked meat product

    Hello, I have two possible translations of cooked meat product in Bosnian and would like to know which one is correct: Proizvod kuhan na bazi mesa Kuhani proizvod od mesa Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Y

    Bosnian (BCS): Židov or Jevrej?

    MOD EDIT: Moved from HERE. Please do open a dedicated thread for each new question. Thank you! I was interested specifically in Bosnian. And a quick one (it's not worth opening a dedicated topic) - again in Bosnian: is it correct to say Židov or Jevrej? Or both? (they are actually both correct...
  5. Y

    Bosnian (BCS): januarski or siječanjski

    Hi all, I believe that both Slavic (and Croatian) and international (or Serbian) names of the months are used in the standartd Bosnian language, but in the spoken language they are both commonly replaced by numbers (Januar/Siječanj = prvi, Februar/Veljača = drugi, etc.). But what about the...
  6. E

    Bosnian (BCS): prslo [prsnuti]

    "Žene, u očima vašim sja ulomak jednog ljepšeg neba koje je sjalo nad srećnijim stvorovima no što smo mi i za neke strahovite kataklizme prslo u parčad." (Ivo Andrić) Molim Vas, koji je infinitiv od "prslo"? Hvala Vam lepo! :)
  7. A

    Bosnian (BCS): Allah manet [allahimanet, alahemanet]

    Hi I was wondering what does the expression ''Allah manet'' really mean? I guess it comes from Turkish but literally can someone tell me what does ''manet'' mean? Thanks :)
  8. Necsus

    Bosnian (BCS): što nas je mimoišlo

    Good morning, Slavic forum! Another question about this to me unknown language. It's about a saying (I suppose), whose meaning it's not so clear to me, maybe you can help me to understand it. The lines in Bosnian are: AMAR: I da se mi ovako sretnemo. BAHRIJA: A nije ovo slučajno. Znaš kako...
  9. xpictianoc

    Bosnian (BCS): ama uzaman

    Čitajući jedan članak, naišao sam na frazu "ama uzaman", pretpostavljam da znači to nešto kao "ali uzalud". unapred hvala
  10. xpictianoc

    Bosnian: arebica (arabica)

    Ćao! U zadnje vrijeme zanima me bosanska arebika i radosnao sam da li postoji neke forum ili barem blog gdje se još uvijek piše arebikom. Napravio sam čak i tipkovnicu pomoću kojoj može se pisati arebikom. neki primjer: پۉزدرآو سويمآ! آقۉ نهقۉ ۉد وآس زنآ آرهبيقۆ وهرۉوآتنۉ يه ۆ مۉغۆچنۉستي دآ...
  11. I

    Bosnian (BCS): elision of intervocalic consonants

    A Bosniak man I met in Skopje would say ša rajš?. Is that pronunciation common in Bosnia or did he perhaps just "calque" the Macedonian expression?
  12. L

    Bosnian (BCS): subjunctive

    I've been learning about the subjunctive in French and Spanish and wondered do they have it in Bosnian? I tried to think of exmaples but I wasn't sure. Is this maybe one: bilo bi dobro da bude toplo na moru And are there other examples without the verb 'biti'?
  13. B

    Bosnian (BCS): auto (rod?)

    Zdravo svima, Kojeg je roda reč "auto" u bosanskom jeziku? Koliko ja znam, u spskom, muškog, a u hrvatskom srednjeg. Unapred hvala.
  14. A

    Bosnian (BCS): htjeti

    How do you differentiate between "I want to...." and "I will...."?
  15. R

    Bosnian (BCS): cooking time

    Hello: I was wondering if it is possible to use the phrase "Vrijeme kuhanja" in a recipe in Bosnian language. Does a better translation exist for this phrase in Bosnian? Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. A

    Bosnian(BCS): je potpisalo

    Taj dokument je potpisalo 188 zemalja i on je najvažniji multilateralni sporazum o kontroli naoružanja u istoriji Translation: This document was signed by 188 countries and on the most important multilateral arms control agreement in history Question: Why 'je potpisalo' when it is passive?
  17. S

    Bosnian (BCS): development fee

    Zna li iko kako se kaze na srpsko hrvatskom bosanskom kako se prevodi developemnt fee. Nism sigurna sta je to ni kako bi prevela. Hvala puna za pomoc
  18. A

    Bosnian (BCS): numbers 7 and 30 (declension)

    Sorry, last time I forgot to mention which language. To get my point across, I'll use some examples: 1. Dative: I give the woman a gift. = Dajem ženi poklon. I give a gift to 7 (or 30) women. = ? 2. Locative: We travel by car. = Putujemo autom. We travel by 7 (or 30) cars. = ? 3...
  19. A

    Bosnian (BCS): Prepositions

    Dobra noć! I know that in learning foreign languages, one of the trickiest parts is learning to use prepositions. For example in German, the prepositions, even though have close cognates with English(ex. bei-by, mit-with, auf-of) have different uses and meanings. Sometimes they can cover even...
  20. A

    Bosnian (BCS): Allah (declension)

    How do Bosnians decline the word 'Allah'?
  21. A

    Bosnian (BCS): Optuženim komunistima.......

    Hi, I found this sentence on the Deutsche-Welle website in Bosnian and I found the Google translation to this sentence: Quote: Optuženim komunistima izrečene su visoke zatvorske kazne. as this: Quote: The accused communists imposed high prison sentences What I want to ask is: 1. Why...
  22. L

    Bosnian (BCS): Two things rule the world -- reward and punishment (proverb; is there a Bosnian version?)

    "Two things rule the world -- reward and punishment." This is a very common proverb in Bosnia apparently. Maybe Croatia and Serbia have a similar saying? Anyway, I was wondering if someone could tell me how this proverb is actually said in the Bosnian language, as well as give a situation in...
  23. Bosta

    Bosnian (BCS): 7 things you never knew about

    How would you say? = - 7 things you never knew about Ivan. - (7 stvari koje niste znali o Ivanu.)??? Hvala.
  24. P

    Bosnian (BCS): bosanski standardni jezik

    Dobar dan, Ova diskusija me je podsetila da je meni ostalo nejasno koje telo se bavi bošnjačkim standardnim jezikom, da li je sačinjen rečnik i pravopis i koliko je taj standard realno zastupljen. Da li mi neko može reći gde bih o svemu tome mogao više saznati? Hvala unapred.
  25. M

    Bosnian (BCS): If you're still going

    ", if you're still going" .. Kako se kaže ovo? As in "We'll see each other there, if you're still going."
  26. M

    Bosnian (BCS): I'll see you there!

    Kako se kaže "I'll see you there"? Ja ću te vidjeti ovdje... ?
  27. M

    Bosnian (BCS): You're such a good friend

    ... "You're such a good friend, really know how to cheer me up!" in Bosnian or Croatian? I would give it a try myself, but I'm not very familiar with the mechanics of the language, as I have only just begun learning it a week ago... :) Your help would be greatly appreciated...
  28. E

    Bosnian (BCS): Please hold (telephone)

    If I get a call from a Bosnian speaker, and I want to tell them to hold the line while I get an interpreter, what is the easiest, clearest thing to say? Something like "please hold" or "I'll get an interpreter" or "don't hang up", that an English-speaking receptionist could pronounce without...
  29. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Kako si mi ti?

    I've been asked that twice today. What is the function of the "mi?" Hvala!
  30. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Tradicijski i tradicionalni

    Dobar dan, Chapter heading: "Tradicijski i tradicionalni oblik ilahije u bih" What is the difference between "tradicijski" and "tradicionalni?"
  31. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): došlo je do značajnih formalno...

    I'm trying to translate an article about the transformation of ilahije from their traditional form, in which they were performed in Sufi lodges without instruments, to their modern form, in which they are performed with instruments onstage. I'm having some problems with the following sentence...
  32. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): I would be honored if...

    Dobar dan, I'm trying to contact some people to interview for my research, and I want to say something along the lines of "I would be honored if you would share your opinions with me on this topic." I can't figure out how to convey the meaning of "honored;" perhaps "drago" is just used in this...
  33. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Kajmak, pavlaka, and vrhnje

    Dobar dan, If this question doesn't belong on the forum, I apologize. What is the difference between kajmak (I've also seen stariji kajmak), pavlaka, and vrhnje (I've also seen kiselo vrhnje)? Seems they are all some form of cream. I know what pavlaka is - a thick cream that is tasty with...
  34. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): L-participle for 2nd person feminine formal

    Zdravo, My book says that the L-participle for "vi," as 2nd person plural, can be feminine plural when speaking to a group of all females (eg. "bile ste"). But what about when speaking formally to one female, using "vi?" Shouldn't that also be the same? That's what I thought it would be...
  35. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): prijatno (usage)

    Dobar dan, I hear people saying "prijatno" when leaving. I know it is an adverb meaning "comfortably," but what is the meaning here, and what are the proper contexts in which it is used? (rather, are there any contexts in which it should not be used?) I often hear it as a response to...
  36. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Rado bih malo kolača. (Missing L-participle?)

    I am learning conditional mood and its uses, including polite speech. Here is part of a conversation at the beginning of the chapter: a. Preporučila bih i ovaj kolač. Da li smijem da vas poslužim? b. Hvala, gospođo, rado bih malo kolača. And the translation they give: a. I would...
  37. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): "Five apples were yellow" (agreement)

    Zdravo, This may be a dumb question, sorry! I learned that nouns modified by a number other than (or ending in other than) 1-4 should be in the genitive plural. Would a predicative adjective also be in the genitive plural or would it agree with the noun's nominative case? I know that the...
  38. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): used to, accustomed to

    Dobar dan, What is the most common way (or some of the most common ways) to say you are used to (or accustomed to) something? I found "navići se," and "naviknut" in the online dictionaries, but I'm not sure how to use them, or if you need a preposition for what you are used to, or if it is...
  39. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Proper response to "izvolite" (in shops, etc)

    Zdravo, What do you say when you enter a shop and someone says "izvolite" (or sometimes "bujrum"), especially if you're just looking around and not ready to buy anything? Do I say "hvala," say nothing and just smile, or something else? I figured after a month of being nervous about going into...
  40. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Get well soon, and when someone sneezes

    Selam, I apologize if these two things belong in separate threads; I thought they may be related, and the expressions used may be similar. 1. What do you say when someone is sick, like an equivalent to "Get well soon?" "Ozdravi" means get well, right? But is it used in this way? 2. What...
  41. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Proper response to "Šta ima?"

    Dobar dan, What is the proper response to "Šta ima?," or what are some common responses? I asked a friend here (Sarajevo) and she said the usual response is "ništa više" (I think that's what she said, it was a few days ago now and I'm not 100% sure I remember correctly) but that it would sound...
  42. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Samo mi stvara probleme

    Zdravo, Here's a sentence in the textbook I just can't figure out. I'll also give the sentence before it to add context: Meni novac nije važan. Samo mi stvara probleme! Is it something like "Only things give me problems?" First of all, there is no verb in the sentence, so that's throwing me...
  43. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Svako smatra svoje pitanje najzanimljivijim

    Dobar Dan, I have this sentence in my book: "Svako smatra svoje pitanje najzanimljivijim" (each one considers his/her own question the most interesting). Why is "najzanimljivijim" in the instrumental case? Is this even correct? (I keep finding more and more mistakes in this textbook, and...
  44. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Još vs. još uvijek

    Dobar dan, I have heard both "još uvijek" and "još" alone to mean "still." Is there a difference in meaning between them? Or maybe the "uvijek" is used to emphasize the meaning of "still" in a context where "još" alone could have other meanings? Hvala!
  45. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Drago mi je (when to use)

    Selam, I know you can say "drago mi je" when you first meet someone, but what about when you are leaving someone, or a group of people, you had just met and spent time with? Do you (or can you) also say it when saying goodbye? If so, would it make more sense to use the full form then (Drago...
  46. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Voditi or nositi for mixed objects?

    Dobar dan, We learned to use "voditi" when one is bringing objects that can move on their own (even if carrying them), and "nositi" for objects one has to carry. My question is, what if you have more than one object, one from each category? Which verb is used then? For example: Vodi/nosi mi...
  47. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Zar nemaš sa kim ići u grad?

    Selam, We're studying instrumental case now in the book, and were given the following conversation as practice: Zar nemaš sa kim ići u grad? Nemam Onda hajde sa mnom! I wasn't sure about the first sentence. It is not translated, but I'm guessing from the other sentences that it is something...
  48. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Akcija!

    I see this on signs in shop windows here (Sarajevo), sometimes followed by a price, sometimes alone. The dictionary says it means "action," but that doesn't make much sense here. Does the word have other meanings? Perhaps it means "take ACTION and get it while we've got it" or something like...
  49. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Kako je Elvisu danas?

    Dobar dan, Another question about the textbook. We are learning how to express feelings or states using the dative case. My question is, in the sentence "Kako je Elvisu danas?," does "Elvisu" have to be in the dative case, or can one choose between the nominative and dative? If so, does it...
  50. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Koja ti se jela sviđaju? (word order)

    This question is also in my book: Koja ti se jela sviđaju? I understand that the clitics are supposed to come second place in the sentence, but my question is whether the noun phrase has to be split in this way or not. Can the entire noun phrase be taken as one unit (and be first place in the...