1. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Nešto mi nije bilo dobro

    Dobar dan, There is a sentence in my textbook: "Nešto mi nije bilo dobro," and it is translated as "I wasn`t feeling too well." My question is, what is the function of "nešto" in this sentence? It sounds strange to me. Is it possible to phrase it another way, without the nešto? We learned...
  2. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Studenti polaže ispite dok ih ne polože

    Dobar dan, There is a sentence in my textbook: "Studenti polaže ispite dok ih ne polože," which is translated as: "students take exams until they pass them." My question is, what is the "ne" doing in there? Is it possible to use the sentence without the "ne," and would it mean the same...
  3. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): O čemu se radi u tvojoj knjizi?

    Dobar dan, There is a phrase in my textbook: "O čemu se radi u tvojoj knjizi?," which is translated as "What is your book about?" My question is, why is "your book" in the locative case, and why does it need a preposition? To me, it seems like it should be the subject. Can you say "O čemu...
  4. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): garsonijera

    Zdravo, I'm looking at ads for apartments in Sarajevo; this word comes up a lot and I can't find it in any dictionary: garsonijera Hvala puno!! (Leaving tomorrow morning!!)
  5. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Equivalent of English present perfect tense

    Selam/Zdravo, I was wondering if there is a grammatical equivalent to the English present perfect tense in Bosnian. For example: Simple past: I saw "Scooby Doo." Present Perfect: I have seen "Scooby Doo." In present perfect, the time the event happened, and the number of times it happened...
  6. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Do I have to repeat the "sam" more than once in a sentence?

    Selam/Zdravo, When using two (or more) past tense verbs in a sentence, in which the subject is the same for both, do we have to repeat the "sam," "si," "je," or whichever both times? For example, I'm trying to say: "I found a good map of Zagreb on the internet, and I saw where the train...
  7. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): past conjugation of naći

    Selam/Zdravo, I can’t seem to find the past tense conjugation of naći, or of any other verb that ends in –aći, in my textbooks. Could someone show me how it’s done, please? Also, is this typical of all verbs with that ending? I'm going to Bosnia in two weeks so I'll be on here a lot...
  8. S

    Bosnian (BCS): Forever and ever

    How do I say .. "forever and ever" in bosnian? any takers?
  9. D

    Bosnian (BCS): Upeko minus... mazia pravo.

    Hi All, Would someone explain what this frase means? Many thanks, :D
  10. D

    Bosnian (BCS): to samo Balkan nedeljom

    Hi All: Would you be able to translate these into English... I have not a clue what it means, so my apologies if the sentences are at all offensive. Thank you for all your help. ('',) Ode combe u izlazak iako sutra valja u 6 ustat pa na poso Jos cu se garant i napit. To samo balkan...
  11. D

    Bosnian (BCS): Sredio alija zube

    Hello! Could someone kindly translate these words into English for me. My apologies if they might be offensive.... I don't have a clue if they are! ('',) Sredio alija zube..sad se mogu rahat smijat
  12. M

    Bosnian (BCS): rahmetli

    There's a song by Laka that goes: ... jer ja sada volim vjesticu na metli sve druge zene sad za mene su rahmetli... I get it except for rahmetli? What does it mean? What is its singular form? Thahks to anyone. :D
  13. sokol

    Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian (BCS): name of language in thread titles

    Hello all! For a while we have been considering how to refer in thread titles to the language formerly called "Serbo-Croatian" or "Croato-Serbian" and now called "Bosnian (and/or) Croatian (and/or) Montenegrin (and/or) Serbian". So far we have left thread titles unchanged where only one...
  14. Setwale_Charm

    Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (BCS): međuzbir

    Zivjo!! Invoices again )) What does "medju zbir" mean?
  15. WannaBeMe

    Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS): Tako ti je mala moja kad ljubi ... (SVK)

    Hello, Please help me translate the name of an exYugoslavian popular song to Slovakian: "Tako ti je mala moja kad ljubi Bosanac." and I need also : "Tako ti je mali moj kad ljubi Slovakinja." :D Thanks for your help!
  16. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Dahom ovim što osta iza tebe

    Selam/Zdravo, I'm translating another song by Dah Ljubavi (I think they use "dah" in strange places in their songs because of their name, maybe), called "Dolazim ti ja Resulallah." I just had questions on a couple lines in the following stanza. The "you" in the song refers to the Prophet...
  17. L

    Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (BCS): Pravci (EN)

    Kako se kaže kad je nešto ukoso kao / ili \ ili je ukoso ukršteno, kao slovo X ili je ukršteno kao plus + Google ništa ne pomaže, samo mi je još više zakomplikovao. :S Hvala
  18. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Nek iz daha miris miri

    Well, the song ("Biserna suza") was going well, and I didn't think I'd have to ask any more questions...and then I reached the last stanza, where I found a line I couldn't make sense of. I know the words (I think), but I can't find a way to make them fit together in a way that makes sense in...
  19. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): koja kane rad Allaha

    Selam/Zdravo, I'm working on translating a song called "Biserna Suza," by Latif Moćević and Ansambl Dah Ljubavi. I have a question concerning the word "rad." In the dictionaries, it says it means "action, doing, work, or deed." My question is, since "radost" is "pleasure," "happiness," and...
  20. P

    Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (slang) (BCS): 'ko živ 'ko mrtav

    Does anyone know the English and/or Italian equivalent?
  21. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): difference between znam and znadem?

    Selam/Zdravo, I know that "znam" means "I know" and is from the verb "znati." I have also seen "znadem," and that also seems to mean "I know," although I haven't been able to find anything like "znadati," "znadeti," "znaditi," or "znaći in any dictionaries or my textbooks. I have only seen...
  22. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Meaning and usage of "Aman"

    Selam/Zdravo, Of course, being a big fan of Bosnian music, I've noticed the use of "Aman," in many different kinds of songs, from ilahije to sevdah to pop, with or without something that could be an object (like "Aman Bosna"). I'm wondering about both the literal meaning, and its use (the...
  23. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): ljubiti vs. voljeti

    Selam/Zdravo, Keeping with the romantic-themed threads we seem to have had lately ;), I was wondering about the difference between ljubiti and voljeti. Is one more intense than the other (I'm guessing ljubiti)? In "Moj dilbere," a song all the native speakers must be familiar with, the...
  24. F

    Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS): nemoj zezat

    Hello :) I hear of this phrase quite often in colloquial conversations, may I know what is the meaning and where does the word "zezat" come from? Thank you so much for all your kind replies! P.S. to Moderator: Ahh I forgot to add the language info... this is for Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian...
  25. F

    Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS): mislim da bi pomoglo mnogima

    Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great day :) May I know what does "pomoglo" mean? E.g. "mislim da bi pomoglo mnogima"? Thank you!
  26. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): dati poseban pečat

    Dobro većer; I'm attempting to translate Burhan Šaban's biography off his myspace page, and I had a few questions. 4. "U Zagrebu, 1993. godine, izdaje tzv. ratni album, sa svojim prijateljima na kojem interpretira Latićev tekst "Puhnuće behar", album kojem poseban pečat daje autorski rad...
  27. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): njegova sposobnost da uporedo i sa jednakim žarom radi više poslova

    Dobro većer; I'm attempting to translate Burhan Šaban's biography off his myspace page, and I had a few questions. 3. Ok, in this next sentence, I'm really having a hard time understanding the grammatical structure, and how the words fit together in the sentence. The context is that Burhan...
  28. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): dostiže visoku poziciju u spoljnopolitičkoj redakciji

    I'm attempting to translate Burhan Šaban's biography off his myspace page, and I had a few questions. 2. "Tamo radi u medijima gde dostiže visoku poziciju u spoljnopolitičkoj redakciji TV stanice TGRT (TGRT)." "There (Turkey) he worked in media where he attained a high position as a...
  29. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): s nepunih 14 godina

    Dobro većer; I'm attempting to translate Burhan Šaban's biography off his myspace page, and I had a few questions. 1. "Sa nepunih četrnaest godina postaje hafiz." Does this mean "He became a hafiz when he was fourteen," or "He began to become a hafiz (memorize the Qur'an)when he was...
  30. F

    Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS): ovakve

    Hi everyone, how are you? :) I want to know what does "ovakve" mean please? E.g. "ovakve poruke" My guess is "final message"? Thank you!
  31. F

    Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS): šalješ, šaljem

    Hi all, I heard of these words often, but couldn't find them in the dictionary, are they of the same root, and what do they mean? saljes, saljem, saljnjem Thank you so much!
  32. F

    Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS): niđe veze

    Dear all, May I know what does "nidje veze" mean? Is it like "whatever" or "don't bother"? Thanks a lot!
  33. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): A ja ću kazati da su slabe strehe i oluci

    Hi, I'm trying to translate a beautiful song called "Kišna Dova" ("Rain Prayer," right?) by Burhan Šaban. It's not too difficult, but I'm having some problems with one line in particular in the third verse. (xxx) Below is the verse I'm having trouble with and my tentative translation of it...
  34. sokol

    Bosnian (BCS): de, deder

    Split from here. About the particle 'de' (is this /da/ of standard language used as a relative pronoun? - just out of curiosity), to also give a short summary in English and to check if I've got this one right (and please let me know if I haven't): - pa dobro is clear to me; it is just like...
  35. P

    Bosnian (BCS): pa dobro de sad

    I have a bosnian friend and its on her screen name, I want to know what it means. thank you :)
  36. D

    Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (BCS): I'm at home

    What would be the correct way of saying I'm home in BCS and what would be the most widespread and the most used. I know of two ways you can say this. a) Kući sam. b) Ja sam kod kuće. Although jokingly you could say that if you're kod kuće, that that doesn't mean you're in the house, but that...
  37. F

    Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS): živim?

    Dear all, Can I know what does zivim in "ne das da zivim u miru" means? I tried to look it up in dictionary but couldn't seem to find the root word... Thank you so much! :)
  38. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): dati; daj; nedaj

    In my dictionary, it says that "dati" means "give, provide, supply," and I have seen it used in that way, but does it also mean "to will," especially when used with God as the subject? For example, I have seen "Bog da" (also "Boze da"). Is this from the same verb, or is it a different verb? I...
  39. U

    Bosnian (BCS): Can you understand Bosnian without much difficulty?

    Hey! How would one say "I know already that you speak Russian, but I have a question for you about the language. Can you understand Bosnian without much difficulty?" Here is my attempt: Znam već pošto govoriš ruski jezik, no imam pitanje o ruskiu jeziku. Možeš da razumeti bosanski jezik bez...
  40. U

    Bosnian (BCS): Mutual intelligibility

    Imam pitanje o bosansku jeziku. Hoće li biti težak, makedonski da razumeti, ako netko govori bosanski jezik? Please make corrections to my text! I am still trying to get the hang of the cases and other grammatical components of Bosnian. =]
  41. V

    Bosnian (BCS) - pa potrudit cu se da ne..

    Can someone please tell me wha this means in English? 'Pa potrudit cu se da ne dangubim ali kako je krenulo... sto te nema nikad na msnu?' Hvala :D
  42. D

    Bosnian, Serbian, Crotian (BCS): I wished

    Which forms have you heard or are familiar with and which you are most likely to use and where have you heard these forms most often. a) htjeo b) stjeo c) šćeo d) ćeo e) hteo f) tija g) hotio h) hteo i) htio j) štel
  43. sokol

    Status of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS) Standard Language

    To not go off-topic in this thread I'll open a new one for which the question should be: What is the Status of Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian standard language (let us use the abbreviation coined by Athaulf, that is BCS, for convenience) and how did it change in the last two decades? Additional...
  44. I

    Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian (BCS): Juče, jučer

    Hi guys, My Serbian friends and I have had this discussion many times, and I was wondering whether you could help out. The word "jučer" - does it exist in any Serbian, Croation or Bosnian dictionaries? I have lived in all 3 countries and have never heard it before!!
  45. K

    Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian (BCS): citizen of Bosnia of Serbian ethnicity

    Context - read this thread, please. Just a question: how would you call a native Serbian woman, citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for example, who conserves her Serbian identity and language living there? On the other hand, I remember that we used to say чехословацкий спортсмен, чехословак...
  46. D

    Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian (BCS): Week

    What are you more accustomed to use in your everyday speech. It concerns BCS. a) tjedan b) sedmica c) nedelja d) hefta If you don't use some of these forms are you acquainted with them and where roughly are they mostly in use?
  47. D

    Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (BCS): Zaspem vs. zaspim

    What is the difference between zaspem and zaspim and what is its distribution for example which areas of dialects are most likely to use these forms?
  48. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): pusa

    hi, What does pusa mean? I see it on chat forums often, usually at the end of the post. Sometimes used with velika, and sometimes with more a's at the end. I'm guessing it's short for something? I didn't find it in the dictionary. Hvala
  49. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): nafuran/ufuran

    Hi all, What do nafuran and ufuran mean? I am guessing they are related, of course. Do they come from a verb, and are there other related words? I have some questions about other Bosnian slang words that aren't in the online dictionaries I've found. Is there a resource online for Bosnian...
  50. D

    Slovenian; Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian (BCS): Free word order vs. SVO

    Is there a way to explain why is Slovene for example SVO and why are Serbian,Bosnian and Croatian free word order? As I understand Proto Slavic was SVO, then how come SBC are free word order?