1. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Is "li" only used in questions?

    Hi, I've seen "li" in sentences that don't look like questions to me. I apologize for my lack of examples; I was going to give some, but forgot to bring the paper with me that has them. So, if I see "li," should I assume that the sentence is, indeed, a question even if it has no question...
  2. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Does "i" always mean "and?"

    I've been noticing a lot of sentences that have "i" and it doesn't seem to mean "and." It seems almost like a filler to me, kind of how "keh" is used in Farsi sometimes. Are there any rules for this? Here is an example from a thread on this forum, where "i" is used twice: "nije lose moze i...
  3. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): perfective/imperfective verbs

    Hi, I’m trying to learn the different verb tenses, and I keep coming across stuff about “perfective” and “imperfective” verbs. It seems that perfective verbs denote a finished action, while imperfectives denote a continuous one, but I don’t understand how they are used differently. On this...
  4. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): ašk

    Hi, I can’t find the word “ašk” in the online dictionaries. I see it mostly in Sufi music and poetry, such as in “Allah Allah ašk me ponese.” (Leptir by Hor Hazreti Hamza) Maybe it is a Turkish word, or an Arabic or Persian word (possibly via Turkish)? I thought it might come from Arabic...
  5. musicalchef

    Bosnian (BCS): Trebati and učiti; opposite meanings?

    Hi all; Sorry if this should be two separate threads, but I have basically the same question about both verbs. I knew that “trebati” means “to need” but Alt & Browne also says it means “to be necessary.” Aren’t these opposites? How do you know which one a person means; do the objects take...
  6. musicalchef

    Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS): Svaka C/ć/čast?

    Hi, I see this phrase "svaka cast" often on a Bosnian chat forum and it seems to be a compliment. Since they don't usually put in the diacritical marks, I'm not even sure which "c" it is. Anyone know? I think "svaka" means "any," and čast has a lot of different meanings in the online...
  7. V

    Bosnian (BCS): ma boli me briga

    1) Can some one help me translate this Bosnian phrase: ma boli me briga. It was said "grrrrrrrr... ma boli me briga." I am guessing that ma is just short of mama and that briga- brigati= to care for? xxx Thanks.
  8. avok

    Bosnian (BCS): Yes / No

    Hi, In Turkey, Turks of Bosnian origin use "yes" and "no" for "yes" and "no" ! But some websites say that "yes:da" and "no:ne" in Croatian. So, it must/should be "da" and "ne" in Bosnian too. But we know that it may be de jure da/ne in Bosnian too like in Croatian but de facto every Bosnian...
  9. K

    Serbian/Bosnian (BCS): What happens to "I"

    In english we say I am happy, I am sad, I am this and I am that.I've noticed in serbian that it becomes Srecen sam, Tuzan sam etc. If you are talking about yourself, do you not say I, or my?
  10. K

    Bosnian (BCS): Valentine's day wishes

    Split from here. Hi, I'm Katie and I'm just in the beginnings of learning Serbian. I came to this thread via google search engine and found this subject quite interesting, especially the last transcribed song. Also I think this forum will help me learn more Serbian. The reason I want to...
  11. F

    Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCS): "listati" derived words

    Dear all, I'm a newbie in the language(s), please kindly help me :) "Listati" is the word for leaf, am I right? How about "listi", is this used in certain cases? Also, I'm trying to learn how to produce derived word forms, may I please know what are the words for these: - leafy (covered...
  12. Setwale_Charm

    Serbo-Croat-Bosnian (BCS): li vs da li

    Zdravo! When I was studying Serbo-Croat, years ago, we were told that there are two constructions to use in questions: da li .(verb). and (verb)... li We were told that they are more or less equally common and we can use either withoyt any detriment to either meaning or style. However, I...
  13. V

    Bosnian (BCS): words of Turkish origin

    Do any of you know? Anyone have a clue? Or where can I find a list of it? The current prime minister of Serbia is responsible for my curiousity and opening this thread. In his visit to Turkey to hopelessly gain help for the Kosovo issue, he mentioned that there are 3.000 Turkish-rooted words in...
  14. F

    Bosnian / Croatian (BCS): Engaged

    Dear all, May I know how to say "I am officially engaged" in Bosnian / Croatian? I'd really appreciate all your help. Hvala ;)
  15. mikasa_90

    Bosnian (BCS): verb to have

    Can you help me for this?(only infinitive verb and present simple) Thank you!
  16. mikasa_90

    Bosnian (BCS): verb to be

    What is in bosnian the verb to be?(present simple)
  17. A

    Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian (BCS): Jesi li video moju jelku

    Can anyone translate this for me? The girl that wrote it is Serbian, but as I understand these three languages are pretty similar, so I don't know if it makes a difference... It should be something about a christmas tree :-) Thanks in advance!
  18. U

    Serbian or Bosnian (BCS): ja volim

    If anyone could translate this phrase for me that would be great! Thanks a lot. Ja volim da budem stobom ti si smjensna trebamo nesta radit zajedno mozda i kino? Thanks again
  19. L

    Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian (BCS): vamos mejorando

    hello everybody! In Spanish we use the idiom "vamos mejorando" when a situation is improving. Literally translated means "we are improving" but it doesn't refer to "us" but to the general situation. How could express this in Srpski ili Hrvatski ili Bosanski ili Crnogorski... ;) hvala vam...
  20. F

    Croatian/Bosnian (BCS): nismo culi ovih

    May I know what does this phrase "nismo culi ovih" mean, please? Read it as part of a letter, unfortunately I'm not sure of the context... I would be very thankful for any help!
  21. V

    Language in Yugoslavia: Slovenian; Macedonian; Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (BCS)

    Hey everyone, can anyone tell me what language is spoken in Yugoslavia? Like in 'Ulcijn'??
  22. E

    Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian (BCS): Gd(j)e si?

    May be it`s an another "untranslatable" expression ;), I just don`t know , but what is the proper answer to this simple question? What people really wait to hear from me in this case?
  23. E

    Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian (BCS): ne sme se

    Is there any difference between :"ne sme se","nemoj","ne(cini nesto)"?Are some of these words/expressions more formal or spoken? Thank you,it`s very important for me.
  24. S

    Russian, Ukrainian, Bosnian (BCS): "union steward"

    I am trying to translate the phrase "union steward" [also sometimes called "shop steward" in English]. It means a worker elected by his/her co-workers to represent workers in grievances, arbitrations, negotiations with management, to resolve on-the-job issues, etc. I need to translate to...
  25. Setwale_Charm

    Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian (BCS): Christmas greetings

    Hi!:) Now I want to compare the same phrases in Serbian with what I earlier had in Macedonian. Can anybody help with translation? Have a blessed and joyful Christmas!! Hope this coming year will bring you and your family a lot of joy, peace and luck!!!
  26. I

    Bosnian (BCS): to miss

    Can someone please help me? I know this is Bosnian. How do say mali man nedostajaces?
  27. übermönch

    Bosnian(?) (BCS):nicam ja kliv

    what does it mean? It's on :)
  28. robbie_SWE

    Bosnian (BCS): bori se za sebe

    What does this mean?? "bori se za sebe" Thanks in advance! :) robbie
  29. b_fly

    Bosnian (BCS): I miss you

    I missed you. - Nedostajao si mi. (If he's a male, if it's a woman - nedostajala si mi.) Are you in love with Bosnian, or what??:D
  30. P

    Bosnian (BCS): Tips for learning

    Hi everybody, I french & I wanna learn bosnian but I don't find any commercial method? Does it exist in french? Moreover, how do you say "I missed you"? Thanks in advance
  31. T

    Bosnian/Serbian (BCS): A sta bi to trece bilo

    Hi Could some-one please translate the following? "A sta bi to trece bilo?" I'm not sure if it is complimentary! Thanks
  32. martinemussies

    Bosnian (BCS): Sevdah (or Sevdalinka)

    Hi everybody! I'm working on an article about Edward Huws Jones. One of his books is called "Sevdah" and I understood that "Sevdah" is the traditional music of the towns and cities of Bosnia. But does the word sevdah (of sevdalinka) also means something? (Like "klezmer", the word for the music...
  33. I

    Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian (BCS): Sreća u nesreći

    Hey all. I know this is just the place to ask, so thanks in advance. Anyone know what "sreći u nesreći" means? Also, which language is it? I have absolutely no idea. Thanks again. Stu
  34. S

    Bosnian (BCS): garni

    do you know what is a "Garni". it has to be a kind of accomodation in bosnia and herzegovina...silviaxx
  35. S

    Bosnian (BCS): prenociste - doss-hous

    hiya! i've found in a bosnian- english dictionary that the translation for the bosnian word "prenociste is " doss- house". anyway, i really don't know what does mean so i hope someone of you can help me. it has to be akind of accomodation. thanks in advance. silviaxx
  36. J

    Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian (BCS): One language?

    From wikipedia I gather that Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian are all essentially the same language. Bosnian and Serbian use both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, while Croatian only uses the Latin alphabet. I have numerous questions: 1 .Are Bosnian and Serbian spelled the same way when written...