1. WestFevalia

    Welsh: Cinderella

    Hello all, I've read that the Breton form of Cinderella is Luduennig (from ludu, ash + -enn, singulative suffix + -ig, diminutive suffix). I wonder what the corresponding Welsh form would be. Could something like lludwenig (lludw + -en + -ig) work?
  2. M

    Proto-Celtic: -edo, -eda

    Hello, I remember I read somewhere that the proto-Celtic suffixes -edo and -eda would be respectively masculine and feminine, that is, the one terminated in o would be masculine and the one in a, feminine. I wonder if anybody can confirm this information and guide me to sources of it. Any help...
  3. AndrasBP

    Breton: Pronunciation of final -z

    Hello! I've been listening to different versions of the popular Breton song Tri Martolod, and noticed that the word nevez (new) is pronounced /neve/ by some performers, and /nevez/ by others. Most of them are young, so probably they are not native speakers (see version by Nolwenn Leroy). Is it...
  4. 5jellys

    Breton: Catwalon

    [...] how is this old name Catwalon pronounced and does anyone know the meaning? Thanks
  5. 5jellys

    Breton: Pronunciation of Judikael

    I've read the name Judikael is pronounced zhoo-dee-ka-EL in French, is it pronounced the same in Breton? [...] Thanks
  6. WestFevalia

    Breton: Pronunciation of the letter r

    Hello all! I am wondering how the letter r should be pronounced in Breton. When I started learning the language, I had an "Assimil" book. The author explained the R's shouble be rolled but this pronunciation is less and less used because of the influence of French. However, I have heard that...
  7. D

    Breton: Goude mà vezer skuizh, ec'h aer c'hoazh pell.

    Hey, everyone, I'd like to ask some help with the Breton sentence "goude mà vezer skuizh, ec'h aer c'hoazh pell". I want to have it tattooed on my skin so I can't have any doubts about its meaning and all. So, first of all, I'd like to know its exact meaning! I've researched and found some...
  8. C

    Breton: Penaos oc’h deuet

    Can anybody translate Breton phrase Penaos oc’h deuet? Or is it some other language?
  9. WestFevalia

    Welsh/Breton: Leuferin

    Hello, I was talking about Celtic given names with a friend who lives in Brittany and we disagreed about the (very uncommon) name Leuferin. She said it was a male name, while I said it was a female name. We both had arguments of course: Male name: Related to Welsh lleufer, light, with masculine...
  10. T

    Celtic: Breton vs other Celtic languages

    I'm wondering if people who speak Breton can communicate with the speakers of Cornish (although I know there are very few Cornish speakers) and Welsh? Or is it simply that there are some common threads that connect the languages. Trugarez!
  11. E

    Breton: The impossible we do overnight

    Can anyone help me with translation into Breton: 'The impossible we do overnight; miracles take a bit longer.' Any offers? Thank you. - edwardtheconfessor
  12. L

    Breton: I miss you

    Does anyone know how to say 'I miss you' in Breton?
  13. C

    Breton: ''I am blue my eyes''

    Hi everyone, :) I am looking for the origin of the following structure in the Breton language to express the idea : I have blue eyes. In Breton, the most common and eloquent way of saying it, is: Me 'zo (= a zo) glas va daoulagad. I am blue my two-eyes. What is...
  14. Linnets

    Breton: Peñse

    Hi all, I would like to know the exact meaning of peñse, since I can't read this page. does it refer to the act of sinking or to a sunk ship? Thanks in advance. Salut à tous, je voudrais connaître la signification exacte de peñse; je ne peux pas lire cette page. Le mot ne se référer à un...
  15. V

    Breton: Werewolf

    In my French class, we read a few of the lays of Marie de France. One of them was called "Bisclavret," which she claims is the Breton word for "werewolf." Does that look familiar to any Breton-speakers out there? If not, what's the word currently in use? Thanks, Hannah
  16. E

    Breton: I love you

    Can anyone give me the translation of 'I love you' in the Bretagne language please? Yes I know is not French but as Brittany is now part of France, I thought I would 'chance my luck' here. Thanks, entropycity
  17. L

    Breton: qu'il veut dire?

    Saluts que je voudrais savoir ce qu'il veut dire clam en breton. Ce mot spécifique un type de danse breton: le hanterdro clam. Remerciements
  18. L

    Breton: Kost Ar C'Hoat

    What's the meaning of this words? It's the name of a dance from Brittany. Thank you
  19. C

    Breton: Ur misi / un truez

    Hello, I wanted to ask about this two words: I know their use in the following expression: Un druez eo : it is a pity Ur misi eo : same... (?) However, I was confused, because I was thinking that the meaning of misi was also something like : pleasure... (as about good food: lip-e-bav)...