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building construction

  1. S

    English to Greek stirrup

    Συνδετήρας οπλισμού δοκού (Επιστημονικά) Τσέρκι Δοκαριού(Μη επιστημονικά)
  2. L

    French base reprendre

    en génie civil, on dit qu'un élément de structure reprend des forces de poussée par exemple, quel serait le terme adéquat?
  3. A

    anarbeiten [concrete]

    "Der Beton ist sorgfältig an den Plattenrand angearbeitet." Sounds to me as though what they're talking about is smoothing the concrete right up to the edge of the plate and making sure it fills in any gaps/crevices. Does anyone know what we'd call this in English, please? Many thanks!
  4. S

    brick load-bearing wall

    Hi guys. I found this sentence in a text concerning engineering. "The new building features a steel frame rather than a brick load-bearing wall". Il nuovo edificio è caratterizzato da un telaio in acciaio piuttosto che mura in mattoni ...... Load means "carico, peso" and bearing in this...
  5. F

    Concio di un ponte

    Problema: nel caso di un ponte, 'conci' e 'tronchi' come si traducono??? Un gentile utente suggeriva 'segments' per 'conci', ma ho trovato anche questa definizione di 'casting', ma non so se corrisponda all'italiano 'conci': a structural unit made from precast concrete. Generally, casting these...
  6. **SABRY**

    Dragon beam

    what is the exact Italian translation?? bye and thanks for your help! Sabrina Dragon beam or dragging beam GRAZIE SABRINA
  7. Z


    S'il vous plaît, je cherche la définition du mot retrofit dans la phrase suivante The Card Reader shall be retrofit installed by others who shall be responsible for terminating all cable supplied by the contractor to wire in series to the lift Call station buttons.
  8. Kelimutu

    en staff

    Hi there; I am translating an architectural document and have the following phrase: faux plafonds - corniches réalisés en staff dans les zones nécessitant de dévoiment de réseaux ou dans les emprises téchniques de climatisation here is my attempt, although have no idea how to translate en...
  9. Kelimutu

    portage capitalisé

    Hi, Bonjour, Voici le phrase que j'essaye de traduire: les travaux de construction; honoraires et frais de portage capitalisé, représentant un volume d'investissement de xx M€ bon, on parle du coût pour un projet d'investissement dans l'immobilier - pour moi 'portage d'un titre' - c'est 'to...
  10. R

    Bricklaying - stretcher, header, closer

    Hi everyone, I need some French terms used in Bricklaying, please. A brick laid in a wall that shows its long side is called in English a STRETCHER A brick laid in a wall that shows its short end is called in English a HEADER A brick cut down its length to make it narrower is called in...