1. A

    anarbeiten [concrete]

    "Der Beton ist sorgfältig an den Plattenrand angearbeitet." Sounds to me as though what they're talking about is smoothing the concrete right up to the edge of the plate and making sure it fills in any gaps/crevices. Does anyone know what we'd call this in English, please? Many thanks!
  2. entrapta

    concrete infill

    concrete infill Si parla di "riempimento in cemento"? Il contesto è "the kit allows to vary the thickness of the insulation and of the loadbearing elements (concrete infill)". ANy thoughts?
  3. N

    Proyecto habitacional

    Hola, En terminos de construccion, empresa constructura, ¿como traduzco proyecto habitacional? Gracias!
  4. B

    double metal studs at jambs

    Hola, alguyien podria ayudarme a traducir "studs" el contexto es "double metal studs at jambs" es terminología de puertas de acero prefabricadas. Gracias anticipadas.
  5. E

    silicati e silossani

    Please can someone help me to translate "silicati" and "silossani"? They should be minerals. In italian I use them about the chemical composition of some building products as plasters and paints. The sentence to translate is the following: "Pittura in polvere a base di silicati e silossani"...
  6. ?

    Projet de villa individuelle

    Hi, I'd like to know how do you translate "villa individuelle" in english? I need the technical term, not a trial translation. Thanks in advance! ps: what I need to say it's "projet de villa individuelle" in architecture area.
  7. M

    construction énergivore

    Bonjour, Je rédige une thèse en anglais sur les impacts du réchauffement climatique sur le secteur du batiment. Je voudrais traduire l'expression : "construction énergivore" I tried "building with high energy consumption", but I'm not happy with it. Any idea? Thank you
  8. M

    des rapports argumentés

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to find a good translation for "rapports argumentés" in the context of the sentence "... mission qui consiste à ... établir des rapports argumentés aux bailleurs de fonds suivant le développement du projet." I feel that it should be something like "substantial reports...
  9. J

    Shear lag

    I am looking for the translation of "shear lag" in the field of the buildings, skyscrapers construction.
  10. A

    faisceaux de lumières chaudes

    Hello, I'm translating something about various lighting projects that enhance monuments/areas in Toulouse. I'm stuck on the following: L’élancement des arbres en bordure a été accentué par des faisceaux de lumières chaudes à partir de mâts de faible hauteur (appareil IM150W, 3000°K)...
  11. H

    Building completion

    How could I translate Building completion? It is part of a Eurostat report, talkin' about Construction industry subsectors: site preparation, general construction, building installation, building completion and renting of construction or demolition equipment with operator. 'Finalización de...
  12. L


    Hola a todos: Estoy traduciendo la documentación para presentar un proyecto de Arquitectura y necesito saber la traducción exacta al inglés de "Anteproyecto". La frase completa es "Memoria de Anteproyecto". Yo he intentado "Preliminary Plan Specifications" o "Blueprint Report", pero no me...