1. Grefsen

    Bulgarian: Bulgarian

    Today is my first day attempting to learn Bulgarian and I thought I should start by at least making sure that I know the correct spelling of Bulgarian in Bulgarian Cyrillic. :) I just used the English to Bulgarian translation site http://sa.dir.bg/f and this was the translation I received...
  2. T

    Bulgarian: Да ти кажа...?

    Can someone kindly please translate this for me? I would try my attempt, but I really have no clue about Russian. In fact, I do hope it's Russian. Haha. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it! Да ти кажа честно апсолютно нищо не успях да разбера, но ако искаш можем да си пишем и така :)...
  3. L

    Bulgarian: Nedej me Mrako

    Hi, I've got lyrics of a (I suppose) bulgarian song (a traditional dance). Can anyone confirm that these words are bulgarian? Nedej me Mrako Sâs kogo Radke zamrâkvas sas kogo Radke osâmna Mračo na Radka dumaše Reče i Radke, reče i For the moment it's enought. But there are other...
  4. cucu

    Bulgarian: Ivan Na Rada Dumashe

    Hi guys, I was listening one of the Eva Quartet's song and I liked it so much. But I don't know the meaning of the name of the song. It is Ivan Na Rada Dumashe. Does anyone know the meaning of this? Thanks in advance cucu :)
  5. vikicka

    Bulgarian: I have to improve my Bulgarian

    I need help writing this phrase in Bulgarian I have to improve my Bulgarian. My attempt: Tриябва повeke да cиyпрaзниaвaм българскиjaт I know that I have made some mistakes since it's very different from the Macedonian, (the letters я, ъ), so that's why I need your help Thank you
  6. dudasd

    Bulgarian: Booking a hotel room

    As my Bulgarian is still extremely bad concerning grammar, I will be very thankful if our Bulgarian members help me translate this short letter: "Dear Mrs XXX, Last year we spent beautiful twenty days in your hotel, and we are hoping to come again this year. We would like to book it and pay...
  7. Christo Tamarin

    Bulgarian, Macedonian: non-witness mood

    The current thread is to continue a discussion which started in this thread. In my post there, I have listed some features of the balkanic languages. In the current thread, the feature marked as {Balkan-a4} "non-witness mood" is to be discussed. As far as I know, this feature exists in...
  8. D

    Bulgarian, Macedonian: genitive case

    If cases are lost in both languages, why is it possible to find this (apparently) genitive forms in this text? (Gospel - Matthew 10:21): BG Брат брата ще предаде на смърт, и баща чадо; MK А братот ќе го предаде брата си на смрт, и таткото - детето, Are they just archaic forms, kept only as...
  9. K

    Slavic languages (Bulgarian?): мягкий знак

    Привет всем! :) Я слушал в песне рок-ансамбля "Elio e le Storie tese" выражение "мягкий знак": певец задает несколько вопросов болгарину, который неизменно отвечает "мягкий знак". Это слэнг за "нет" или это просто изобретение ансамбля?
  10. Setwale_Charm

    Bulgarian: greetings to Sofia

    Can somebody help me translate this simple phrase? I am absolutely ignorant as to anything concerning cases in Bulgarian. Thank you.
  11. SerinusCanaria3075

    Bulgarian: Happy Mother's Day

    Добър вечер: How do you say "Happy Mother's Day" in Bulgarian? [щастлив, честит, добър] ден на майката! I do not know which adjective to use, or if the phrase is even correct at all. Благодаря ви.
  12. R

    Bulgarian: Двоеточие

    Може ли някой да обясни (от гл. т. на българската граматика) защо "двоеточие" се пише с "о", а не с "у". "Двуеточие" е доста често срещана грешка. Благодаря! :)
  13. G

    Bulgarian: answer bail

    Hi there, I am trying to find the legal translation in Bulgarian of the above term. Here are some example sentences: I am writing to you with regard to your requirement to answer bail at ... Police station on [date] Since our investigations have not been finalized, you are required to...
  14. M

    Bulgarian: с/със

    When is с used and when is със used (in the meaning of "with")?
  15. M

    Bulgarian: в/във

    A simple question. When is в used and when is във used (in the meaning of "in")?
  16. C

    Bulgarian: Thanks for always brigthening my day with your smile

    Can anyone help me check the Bulgarian translation below? I used a web translator and don't know how accurate it was. English: Thanks for always brigthening my day with your smile. Keep your head in the clouds. Bulgarian Благодаря ви за правене на моите дни, слънчеви, с вашата усмивка...
  17. N

    Bulgarian: the bear mother!

    Hello Old reminiscence here: about 12 years ago, with my school, we went to Sofia. A Bulgarian boy with whom I played tennis used to curse when he missed a shot, and I asked him what the curse words meant. He told me it was something like "the mother of a bear". Does it ring a bell to anyone...
  18. T

    Bulgarian: Search by word or part of word

    I wonder what the translation of this expression (found in a computer interface) would be in Bulgarian. Thanks for your help.
  19. H

    Bulgarian: хващам здраво някого

    Hi. what does "хващам здраво някого" mean?
  20. B

    Bulgarian: Рег. No, ДВ/год

    HI, I have come across a table listing medicines, their names and some of their properties. One of the columns is labelled "Рег. No". It is a number. Could it be an authorisation number? Another column is labelled ДВ/год. The second seems to be the year but I have no idea what the first is...
  21. B

    Bulgarian: Държава

    Hi, I just wanted to know what "Държава" means in english? Basically it's from a website that details the marketing status of a medicine. Държава : Bulgaria Thanks if anybody can help!
  22. J

    Bulgarian: cases

    From what I've read, Bulgarian does not have cases. My question is whether cases have never existed in the language or if they were dropped some time ago. A related question is: aren't there any declension remnants, similar to the vocative and the masculine accusative, which are sometimes used...
  23. Rodopea

    Bulgarian: съгласуване ед./мн.ч.

    Здравейте! Как е правилно да се съгласува: "Там се намира/т и сградата на Операта, както и множество концертни зали."? Благодаря предварително:).
  24. H

    Bulgarian(?): лично се явявам пред съд

    Necesito traducir esto: лично се явявам пред съд участвам като страна Creo que está en búlgaro... a ver si alguien me echa un cable aunque lo veo difícil. ------- I want to translate it: лично се явявам пред съд участвам като страна I think it's Bulgarian...
  25. Rodopea

    Bulgarian: словоред

    Здравейте, Как ви звучат следните варианти: 1. Той принуждава турската армия, оглавявана от султан Мехмед ІІ, която била нахлула в земите на воеводството, да отстъпи. 2. Той принуждава оглавяваната от султан Мехмед ІІ турска армия, която била нахлула в земите на воеводството, да отстъпи...
  26. Encolpius

    Bulgarian: Saint Giles

    Helllo, can anyone tell me how is SAINT GILES in Bulgarian??? Thanks a lot. I couldnt find the translation on the net.
  27. Encolpius

    Bulgarian: четвах

    Hello, what kind of tense is this:::: четвах, четваше... it must be some past tense, thanks a lot.
  28. P

    Bulgarian: За първи път Вие плащате определена сум&#

    Ahoj, Bylo to nekonečný blaho. Užasný dobrodružství, balon bez běsů. Je to idiomatický výraz? Co to znamená? Kontext: efekt drogy Diky
  29. Rodopea

    Bulgarian: "критично" като причастие

    Здравейте, Не звучи ли малко странно използването на критично като причастие? Напр.: Тогава критично не достигаха ресурси. От руски: Тогда критически не хватало ресурсов. Като че ли повече сме свикнали да го употребяваме като прилагателно: критична ситуация, критичен момент,... или...
  30. Rodopea

    Bulgarian: преодоля / е преодоляла

    Здравейте, Смятате ли, че единият от вариантите е по-добър? Сега страната не само преодоля / е преодоляла напълно продължителния спад в производството, но и...
  31. T

    Bulgarian: polite speaking

    Is the word вие used the same way as вы in Russian, to address a single person politely? And then, is the verb used in the plural?
  32. T

    Bulgarian: ако искаше това, щеше бъдеш с мен

    Those are lyrics from some song... I have to listen to something in Bulgarian to learn the language. :P So I was wondering.. why is the expression щеше бъдеш used? Wouldn't the meaning stay the same if the sentence was ако искаше това, щеше да си с мен? What's the difference between...
  33. T

    Bulgarian: Враца, дето гарга на каца

    1. Враца, дето гарга на каца. What could this mean? :p
  34. M

    Bulgarian (and other): цафара

    Hi, I was looking for the source of a Greek word τσαφάρι (tsafari), which is some kind of flute, and with some help of others I discovered the word цафара in Bulgarian, which seems to have a similar meaning. So I was wondering if anyone here knew about the origin of the Bulgarian word. And...
  35. Setwale_Charm

    Bulgarian: I have forgotten almost all of the language since then

    I have just realised that my Bulgarian has been completely ousted by my Serbian and by time. I am trying to say: I lived in Bulgaria as a child, in Shiroka-Lyka, those happy childhood years. But I have forgotten almost all of the language since then. Can anybody translate for me so that I...
  36. B

    Bulgarian: Nut allergy

    I am off to Bulgaria skiing and thought that i should have some grasp of this before i go. Can someone translate this text for me? "I have a very serious allergy to all nuts (peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, nut oil etc). Please can you make sure that whoever is preparing my food is aware...
  37. wildkitte3

    Bulgarian: Julia

    What would джауия be translated into? I'm trying to get my name, Julia, but I'm not sure exactly if it is correct.:confused: by the way the language is Bulgarian...
  38. E

    Bulgarian: do we go to your school?

    This is how I translated it. Is it correct? --sorry for not writing in cyrillic Na tboe uchilishte li otivame? Thanks! PLEASE, HELP... It's kind of urgent
  39. K

    Bulgarian: i dumai zlato

    Hi! Need again a translation for a song, a Bulgarian one. Here's the lyric: I dumai, Zlato, du I mori, dumai na makya si I teb na men da da I mori teb na men da davat The rest deleted - please read rule 17! Thanks in advance! kumquat
  40. E

    Bulgarian: better

    What's the difference between po-dober and po-golya? And... I want to say, "are you feeling better?", so I'm guessing the best one would be po-dober (po-dober li ci?) but I'm not sure. Thanks a lot!
  41. E

    Bulgarian: On the phone

    Hello, How would you say the following in Bulgarian (it's a phone conversation)? -Hello? -Hello. Is Anna there, please? -Who's this/who's calling? -This is Vladimir. -Hold on. -Thank you. The bold are the ones I need to be able to say; the rest are the ones I need to be able to understand...
  42. 3

    Bulgarian: Prez gorite

    "Prez gorite" I don't know what language is this but Ladytron is coming to town and if im gonna sing their songs at least i should know which language is this. The phrase goes "Prez gorite Prez poliata" and there is a whole song but i'm afraid of asking for the whole song to be...
  43. E

    Bulgarian: This time I got it right

    How would you translate into Bulgarian the following? "This time I got it right. And hey, please don't be sad anymore" It's a bit urgent... many thanks
  44. antonia2240

    Bulgarian: dress/undress

    I would like to translate from bulgarian an advertisement for fashion clothes, which have the meaning - " garments that are suitable to be take off ". Please help me with your advise if these are correct DRESS FOR UNDRESS! DRESS TO UNDRESS! DRESS TO GET UNDRESSED! and give me some suggestions...
  45. E

    Bulgarian: How do you say?

    How do I say 'how do you say' in Bulgarian? For instance, 'how do you say 'to speak' in Bulgarian'?
  46. E

    Bulgarian: Happy Birthday

    How do you say Happy Birthday in Bulgarian? (could you please write in Cyrillic letters?) Thank you very much!!
  47. G

    Bulgarian: Tesi izglejdat maloumni

    Hi all, I need some help with a text in Bulgarian. Could you translate it into English for me? Thanks in advance This is the text (Bulgarian written in latin characters):Tesi izglejdat maloumni Da im objasnjavame li? I understand there could be a mistake in the first word (not 'tesi' but...
  48. ronanpoirier

    Bulgarian: Изпращане на SMS

    I am searching for a website where I can send free SMS to Hungary and I found this one but it is Bulgarian. Could anyone help me translating the following words: Изпращане на SMS Държава Оператор Абонат От Въведете съобщение Съобщението се изпраща, моля изчакайте малко и кликнете Статус на...
  49. S

    Bulgarian: Dilmano, Dilbero

    Hallo everybody! Is there someone who can translate for me these Bulgarian words in English? "Dilmano dilbero kazhi mi kak se sadi pipero. Da tsafti da varzhe da beresh ka sakash Pomunigo, pobutsnigo, pomunigo, pobutsnigo Teta kak se sadi pipero" Thank you in advance!! :-)
  50. S

    Bulgarian: How to say 21000 leva, 21001 leva?

    My thought, based on the excellent Bulgarian grammar resource at http://www.hf.uio.no/ilos/studier/studenttjenester/Nettressurser/bulg/mat/gram/index.html is that the following should be correct: 21000 leva: dvadeset i edna hiliadi leva 21001 leva: dvadeset i edna hiliadi i edin leva based on...