1. N

    per diffusione e volume d'affari

    "XXX is the world’s largest insurance group per diffusione e volume d'affari." I'd say: "XXX is the world's largest insurance group in terms of widespread presence and business volume", but I'd like to avoid the word "presence" since it crops up further on in the same sentence and then in the...
  2. G

    N'hésitez pas à me contacter

    Bonjour, COmment traduire en anglais "Nh'ésitez pas à me contacter"? Puis-je dire "Don't avoid to contact me?" ça me paraît faux... Merci
  3. E

    give feedback

    hola a todos, en este contexto dejaríais la palabra feedback en inglés? People learn how to hang out with other people by being with friends who give them feedback and model appropiate behavior, skills and appearance. grácias.
  4. K

    joint venture agreement

    Ciao all I hate this legal stuff but... can anyone help me out??? I'm not sure the English is that proper, but that's not my main problem : I have to translate into Italian the following sentence "The Parties are desirous of entering into an arrangement by which to mutually undertake the...
  5. N

    costituzioni di società di diritto bulgaro a totale controllo italiano

    any ideas folks? It's 'diritto' that gets me...
  6. B

    Immettere sul mercato

    Come posso tradurre "immettere sul mercato"? Mi riferisco a un prototipo d'auto che deve essere immesso sul mercato. Grazie!:)
  7. C


    Hi all, This is my first question on this forum. I am currently translating a text from Italian into French and I'm wondering if the word "realtà" can mean "entity" in the following sentence: xxx è una realtà operante nel mercato italiano da 25 anni. Your help will be appreciated! Chris
  8. T


    What do you think is the best Italian translation for "spin-off" :confused: meaning "something derived from an earlier work, such as a television show starring a character who had a popular minor role in another show"? Is there a proper term? Thanks :)
  9. Gioppino

    Follow up on

    Mi aiutate con questa frase? Tasks are your outstanding work activities that you can track and follow up on. Ho provato a tradurla così: I compiti sono le attività lavorative che possono essere seguite e ....???? ma non ho la minima idea di come possa tradurre follow up.
  10. Cubista


    Bom dia a todos! Como poderia expressar essa idéia de 'participar unidamente em alguma atividade' sem indicar se há um vínculo legal ou não, em español? Ex.: A companhia, em parceria com seus colaboradores, espera alcançar... Optei por 'en asociación' ou 'en conjunto', mas parece que...
  11. C


    Buenos días, Agradecería mucho una ayuda, como se traduce "equipmentier" en francés? ¿Puede ser fabricantes de maquinaria o equipos? En el diccionario no viene. Muchas gracias.
  12. Jaén


    Boa noite! Estou traduzindo um contrato, e estou sofrendo com uma frase que não sei como traduzir: "Licitação, na modalidade Pregão" Como seria aqui o 'Pregão? "Outrcry"? Alguém me pode ajudar? Agradeço! Alberto. Hei! Achei algo parecido, que é "auction". Alguém poderia confirmar...
  13. Johanne

    turnaround time (loan application)

    Bonjour! Que veut dire turnaround times dans la phrase ci-dessous? Comme on parle de finance, veut-il dire les moments où la banque nous refuse un prêt? Working to achieve the industry's leading loan approval turnaround times. Merci! Johanne Moderator note: Multiple threads merged to...
  14. Hlias

    Costos FOB

    buenos dias a todos... ¿como puedo traducir el siguiente?: "No obstante lo anterior, la factura comercial deberá detallar los costos FOB... " Muchísimas Gracias...
  15. noddy


    hello does "ponctuel" only mean "punctual" in the sense of being on time or can it also mean occasional as in "le personnel bénéficie de formations ponctuelles" thanks as ever Moderator note: multiple threads merged to create this one
  16. K

    esercizio sociale

    This is from a legal document, a charter for a stock company: L’esercizio social si chiude il 31. dicember di ogni anno. Social exercise does not work in English. Thanks.
  17. K

    società per azioni

    e constituita una societa per azioni action society doesn't really make sense perhaps it is stock society but i really don't get that either
  18. Y

    unificar criterios

    Hola ¿Cómo traducir en inglés? "El objetivo principal es unificar criterios" Gracias
  19. G

    ownership interest

    Hola muy buenos dias, me podrian ayudar con esta frase por favor "For the purpose of this article, any and all persons o entities with an ownership interest in such residential lot shall constitute a single property owner." Yo lo estoy traduciendo asi" Para propositos de este articulo...
  20. G

    Disponibilità a trasferirsi

    ciao, sto preparando il mio cv in inglese, potete dirmi come si dice dosponibilitá a viaggiare? cioè sono disponibile ad un trasferimento? grazie ah, ed `vero che nei cv in inglese non si specificano etá e sesso? che grandi!
  21. I

    Enumere los quórum [cuórum]

    Hola buenos dias a todos. Does anyone how to translate "Enumere los quorum". Thank you! Enumere los quórum de constitución de la Junta General establecidos en los estatutos.
  22. S

    Spin-out, spinout

    no entiendo "spin-outs" no se como traducirlo exactamente; la frase entera es: "In the uk, the development of smart textiles market has been affected by academia's relatively poor track record for truly market-driven research, the relatively small number of successful spin-outs" gracias! si...
  23. T

    cahier des charges

    Pouvez vous me donner la traduction de cahier des charges ? merci d'avance Guillaume
  24. M


    Hi, Necesito saber la diferencia entre wage y salary. Gracias Magg
  25. V


    Hi, could someone please tell me what is the English word for SONDERPOSTEN????? For example, the customer cancels the order and then you have the items of this order ready for somebody else to take them for a lower price. Like a special offer. Thank you in advance.
  26. R


    Hi, I need help to translate "dégriffé" from French to English. This is a French word specifying an item (cloth or perfume or any mode related product) being sold without its original trade mark at cheaper price. Thank you in advance, Raphyel Moderator note: multiple threads merged to create...
  27. S

    buen provecho

    ¿Cómo puedo expresar en inglés "buen provecho"? Gracias.