1. E

    acciones de apoyo empresarial.

    Could someone please tell me what the phrase in red means? A lo menos al tercer año se hayan ejecutado 900 acciones de apoyo empresarial. Mi intento: By the third year we will have executed at least 900_________________ Thanks!!
  2. C

    barriere douaniere

    Hello. How can I say "barrieres douaniere" in english? In the context of globalization, trades and economy. Thanks!
  3. H

    Service Specialist

    Hi I am trying to translate this for my business card that I will be distributing in the french market. My English card says: Service Specialist, GoProud (GoProud is the specific area i work for within the company and is a proper name so translates to GoProud). my best guess is...
  4. M

    Il Centro Congressi verrà costruito su di un area ceduta dal privato

    Dear all, I have to transalte this sentence from Italian to English: "Il Centro Congressi verrà costruito su di un area ceduta dal privato e con contributo del privato stesso e spesa di completamento a carico del Comune" Please someone coul help me !?!? Many Thanks Michele
  5. S

    economies of scale

    Hello everyone, J'aimerai savoir s'il vous plaît s'il y a une expression en Français pour traduire le terme "economies of scale". "Despite the huge numbers of subscribers, and thus the economies of scale, of BSkyB and DirecTV, MultiChoice has so far kept the subscription price of its Premium...
  6. X

    DNI titular de la misma......

    FALTA AUTORIZACION FDA El fax que envío para autorizar el cobro de su reserva con localizador 000, es incompleto .Por favor, reenvíe toda la documentacion nuevamente al fax 902 500 666 o al mail, le recordamos debe adjuntar copia de la tarjeta de crédito y DNI del titular de...
  7. warla

    Trading down

    Hi Everybody! I am looking for the most suitable translation to these words: TRADING DOWN. Here is the context: "...There is no TRADING DOWN in buying the same quality product, you are just TRADING DOWN in price" As far as I know, I could translate these into spanish like: "...No hay...
  8. P

    Employee Emergency Relief Fund

    How would I say this in Spanish?
  9. Santiago Jorge

    pool of qualified applicants

    I am struggling with how to translate the word "pool" in this context. Original: "Interviews will be conducted from a pool of qualified applicants at a later date." Mi inteno: «Se harán entevistas del grupo de aspirantes calificados más adelante».
  10. M

    File Folder

    Please translate " File Folder" in German. Thank you very much.
  11. F

    Legal expenses

    Hello, this is my first post. I found this as the heading of a term in a confidentiality agreement. My attempt: Gastos legales. But I feel this is vague, aren't all expenses legal? The clause talks about either party paying for their own costs of litigation. Cheers!:)
  12. P

    Nous pourrons ainsi

    Hello, Could someone help me with the translation of the following: "Nous pourrons ainsi exercer sereinement notre profession" I tried and came up with this: "In so doing we will be enabled to practice our profession serenely" or "We will thus be able to practice our profession serenely "...
  13. N

    vintage subprime

    Hi everyone ! translating is a hard task isn't it ?? how would you translate : " Moody’s first took rating action on 2006 vintage subprime loans in November 2006."
  14. I

    Control de pedimentos virtuales

    Hi, everybody!!!!! I´m transalting some activities related to International Business in Mexico. I hope you can tell me if my translation is accurate so far. Thank you very much. Control de pedimentos virtuales (exportación e importación) desde su modulación, validación, hasta la facturación...
  15. L

    travail "en solo"

    Bonjour, Je dois traduire l'expression travail "en solo". Le contexte : Un freelance qui peut travailler soit directement, "en solo", employé et payé par le client final (contrat de travail). Par opposition à : il peut aussi travailler via un intermédiaire, une agence en l'occurrence qui...
  16. E

    manière représentative

    représentants choisis de manière représentative can anyone suggest anything? Representatives selected in a representative manner doesn't make much sense. Thanks
  17. L

    silo [in business jargon]

    I would like an english definition of the word silo in abusiness context. Here is the original sentence: "His aim is to have people work across many silos and experience a variety of specific jobs needed to creat a truly integrated supply chain." Any help is welcome :)
  18. M

    Attività formative

    Come tradurreste "attività formative" nell'ambito accademico? Le mie proposta sarebbero "training activities", "educational activities" oppure semplicemente "courses". Attività formative di base = Basic educational activities Attività formative caratterizzanti = Core educational activities...
  19. J

    Employee Warning Notice

    Need Help! Can anyone translate this for me. "Employee Warning Notice" Thanks.
  20. Jeremy33

    el juicio y la experiencia indican"

    Hola: Estoy tratando de traducir un documento del español al inglés con una redacción un poco "recargada". ¿Me podrían ayudar a traducir al inglés la siguiente frase (en rojo)?: un incumplimiento de los requisitos del sistema que el juicio y la experiencia indican que no es probable que...
  21. P

    Junto con saludarle muy cordialmente

    Hola quisiera saber como dirían ustedes: Junto con saludarle muy cordialmente o un saludo formal similar
  22. AsunR

    equal sharing factor

    " proportion to their population, land area, and equal sharing factors" Se refiere a un reparto de ganancias de impuestos. ¿en partes iguales? ¡Gracias!
  23. P

    Experiencing a movement

    I need to translate this extract from a Business English book:"On the contrary, many countries are currently experiencing a movement from primary to secondary production with a consequent increase in industrialisation". My attempt is:"Al contrario, molti paesi stanno attualmente sperimentando...
  24. D

    Did anyone ask about me?

    Example: A manager says to the secretary when he enters his office: did anyone ask about me? Thanks in advance to everybody. I find hard to come with a french equivalent. My attempts: -Est ce que quelqu'un m'a cherché? -Est ce que quelqu'un a posé des question sur moi? -Est ce que...
  25. C

    equipe de passionné

    Bonjour, Voila phrase que je dois traduire: "En 1999 Pick Up Production est créée et s’entoure d’une petite équipe de passionnés." c'est la partie "s'entoure d'une petite equipe de passionnés" qui me pose problème. Il s'agit d'une boîte d'evenemementiel, j'avais pensé mettre "In 1999 Pick...
  26. M

    work on a file

    Est-ce qu'on peut "travailler sur un dossier" en français? Je voudrais dire "work on a file", mais je pense que ça pourrait être un idiom anglais. Merci en avance!
  27. M

    the key risk areas identified

    Salut! J'ai une petite question - qu'est-ce que c'est le mot français pour "risk area"? Je l'ai traduit comme "régione de risque", mais je ne sais pas... Le contexte: un document de comptabilité, mais j'ai vu les mots anglais dans les autres domaines d'affaires.
  28. M

    outcome document

    I am thinking: Document Bilan or Dossier de Cloture du congrès mondial Each of the papers will contain recommendations which will provide a reference and input for the World congress Outcome Document. but they still don't make much sense to me... > thank you
  29. M

    Preparatory Process

    I am not sure if this would be: Processus de Préparation Procédés de Préparation Processus préparatoire Niveaux de préparation The context is: For this purpose, in this period, MEMO International has been involved in mobilizing and supporting the input and participation of our Network in...
  30. O

    Dilution of an investment

    Amigos de nuevo por solicitar su ayuda, el texto como sigue es: "The second round, generally the same parties who invested in the first round, will be influenced in their pricing decision ( in turn driving the founder´s dilution ) by the founder´s record" Disculpas si el texto es muy...
  31. O

    rosy forecast

    Hola con todos, Un texto de dificil traducción literal he encontrado, por favor ayudenme. "Experienced investors are accustomed to confronting the founder with his rosy forecast, agreeing to a valuation based thereupon, and insisting that..." El contexto es el presupuestos financieros para...
  32. O

    business talk

    Come tradurreste "business talk"? "Linguaggio commerciale"? Penso si traduca in modo diverso.
  33. I

    service offering - oferta/ofrenda?

    Hola, Si quiero hablar de la gama de servicios ofrecida por una empresa, que en inglés se llama "service offering", ¿puedo usar alguna de las palabras oferta o ofrenda? Gracias
  34. K

    Rates and availability are not guaranteed past this date

    Please help with suggestions for " Rates and availability are not guaranteed past this date." I am talking about rates and availability for a hotel room. Can i say "La disponibilite et le taux des chambres ne sont pas garantis apres cette date" ??
  35. B

    Avec ma fidèle amitié

    Hello - I was just wondering how we could translate this to English for use to sign off an email? I often use "with kindest regards" when it is a business email but written between two people whom are also friends. Here, the President of my company wants my to translate his email and he has...
  36. O

    Business plan negotiation

    Hola a todos, Encontre un texto que dice: "Give the plan a once-over-lightly" El contexto es el de asuntos que debe contener un buen plan de negocios, este texto es uno de los items. Saludos a todos y gracias por su colaboración,
  37. E

    Full-length Trade

    Hola a todos. En un contrato de edición dice: "...if the Publishers’ full-length trade edition, is not available through trade retail channels for 6 months...". mi problema aquí es cómo asimilar la idea de full-length con trade. ¿Quizás "edición comercial ínegra"? Gracias de antemano.
  38. Y

    Documentos relacionados

    Hola, me gustaría saber como debo poner en inglés "documentos relacionados", es decir documentos a los que se hace referencia en alguna parte de documento.
  39. M

    release of liability

    cuál sería la traducción correcta en español para "release of liability" Gracias :)
  40. M

    full-scope audit

    Hi! Je travaille dans un cabinet comptabilité (en France), mais je peux pas trouver le mot français qui signifie "full-scope audit". C'est-à-dire un audit complet. Est-ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider? Merci en avance (encore une fois!) -Kael
  41. J

    Wage boards

    Bonjour Quelle serait la traduction française de "wage boards"??? Merci Julie
  42. Revontuli

    order revision

    Hello, In this sentence, what does ''order revision'' mean exactly? ''We have a very bad taste of XXX Co. not only because of your frequent order revision but also your reluctant payment process so far'' X company ordered some products and still hasn't done the payment to the other side...
  43. G

    hypes and bubbles

    Hello, I would like to know what the expression hypes and bubbles means in the following sentence. If anyone has a suggestion in French... Thanks "In the absence of a shared risk management language and risk management system, chances are that companies will fall prey once and again to hypes...
  44. V

    hacer una previsión de pedidos

    quisiera saber como se dice hacer una prevision de pedidos
  45. O

    En regroupant les compétences et en les gérant mieux.

    Hi everybody, I would like to translate this sentence: -en regroupant les compétences et en les gérant mieux. I propose: -by bringing together the skills and better managing it. Thanks a lot for your help.
  46. A

    makes a dark horse an even bet

    What does it means "makes a dark horse an even bet"? Thank you. Andrea
  47. C

    Designated Market Area (DMA)

    Bonjour, Est ce que quelqu'un pourrait me donner l'équivalent de cette expression en français : Designated Market Area. Voici ma tentative de traduction. Designated Market Area = Marché Désigné? Merci!
  48. A


    He buscado el significado de "handicapper" y veo que significa "funcionario" o algo así, cosa que no acaba de concordar con la siguiente frase: "[...]Brandon Lang’s transition from college football star to exceptional sports handicapper." ¿Podrían indicarme qué sentido tiene en esta frase?
  49. A

    gin player

    Hi! I don't know how to translate to spanish "gin". Here's the whole sentence: "The life of pro poker and gin player Stu Ungar is a great story." Could you healp me, please??
  50. R

    permanent factor endowments

    Bonjour, J'ai un travail à faire en éco et une phrase de mon sujet que je ne comprend pas. c'est dans le contexte d'une application de la théorie du commerce international "consider how far this relates to permanent factor endowments" Voila, merci beaucoup Razole